Top 10 Best Adjustable Benches of 2017 – Reviews


Most people simply cannot go through their workouts unless they have the proper equipment on hand, which is why most people with a home gym are very strict about the gym equipment they purchase. This is precisely the case with adjustable benches, because once you experience the efficiency and comfort provided by such a bench, you’ll hardly even consider using a regular bench.

After browsing the market far and wide, we seem to have determined what the best adjustable benches are and what exact features make them so special to begin with. So if you’ll join us over the next few minutes, we’ll go through the ten best adjustable benches money can buy.

10Weider L Slant Board

amazon buttonWith this adjustable bench, you can use weights to exercise your body and build strength and muscle. The seat can be adjusted within a range of 90 degrees, which is part of the reason this bench is one of the most versatile you can find on the market at the time. In fact, this is a professional grade bench, which means the workout quality you can expect from this bench is unlike what the garden variety version can offer. Durability is also something you will love about this bench.

9Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench

amazon buttonThis bench can help you during a whole range of workouts. So, if you need a truly versatile adjustable bench that can help you exercise your chest, shoulders, back, abs, and any other part of your physique for that matter, you should be happy that you bought this Marcy adjustable bench. In fact, you should consider getting it even if you’re not overly enthusiastic about working out, just for the great comfort it provides.

8CAP Barbell Utility Bench

amazon buttonWhen you are looking for the best adjustable benches you can find, this is one of the choices you will meet. With its large dimensions of 53 by 27 by 45 inches, you will get to try several kinds of workouts and enjoy them immensely as well. This bench is made using high-quality steel and is, therefore, ideal for shoppers who need a bench that will be put to regular use without glitches.

7Universal 5 Position Adjustable Bench

amazon buttonThis bench can be adjusted to 5 very useful positions. For this reason, this bench is well-regarded for its flexibility. This also means you can work both your upper and lower body on this bench comfortably. To make it even more suited to your workout needs, the bench has 5-inch foam rollers and a contoured profile for better ergonomics. The high-quality materials used in its construction also mean that this bench will give you several years of regular use.

6Body Solid Adjustable Bench GFID225

amazon buttonThe adjustability of this bench makes it uniquely versatile as a workout companion. In total, you will get a selection of 7 positions when you buy this bench. Assembly will also not be an issue after you purchase this bench. So, it is, in fact, no huge surprise that this bench has a very high rating when it comes to quality and performance. You can also get a lifetime warranty on this bench, and then you would never have to worry about having to pay for spares or repairs for the bench all its life.

5Xmark Fitness Adjustable Bench

amazon buttonThe high-quality construction that this bench represents should be apparent just from its bold look. Once you try it out, you will even be more impressed by what it can do. The bench measures 53 x 23 x 51 inches. The bench features heavy-duty construction so that it can last much longer that most pieces of gym equipment. To make your work even easier, the bench uses a design profile that makes it very easy to assemble. And with the assistance of the accompanying instructional manual, this should be even easier.

4Power Block Sport Bench

amazon buttonThis adjustable bench can assume five different positions as per your needs. Capable of supporting up to 550 pounds, this adjustable bench is also quite strong. Furthermore, it comes with an optional dip attachment. So, this bench should prove to be an indispensable gym accessory to have, particularly if you need to use it on a regular basis. Many reviewers have also had plenty of good things to say about it, which goes to show just how good it is at delivering the expected results.

3Powerline Folding Bench

amazon buttonThis bench is not only adjustable – which is a major selling point – but also foldable. What this means is that you can move this bench very easily from one location to another. Furthermore, if space is an issue in your home gym, this bench will be perfect for you since it can be folded and put away until your next workout session. The bench can be used with several kinds of workouts, including crunches, chest presses and a host of other workouts.

2IronMaster Super Bench

amazon buttonThis bench offers lots of great features. Therefore, it should be a very important accessory in your home gym. For an especially broad level of versatility, this bench can be adjusted to 11 different angles. Secondly, the bench can handle up to 1,000 pounds, which means that worrying that you are using very heavy weights while working out on your bench will now be the least of your problems. The bench is also made of very high-quality materials, and this translates to a prolonged life of service.

1Bowflex Adjustable Bench

amazon buttonThis bench goes beyond offering the benefits of an adjustable workout bench. It also comes with some interesting and critical functional features. For instance, the bench has a removable leg hold-down brace for firmer support during various decline positions. Other reasons why this bench is top on this list include the fact that it can help you do more than 30 exercises. The ergonomics have also been precisely tweaked to ensure you do not end up ruining your posture over time.