Top 10 Best Alarm Clocks of 2017 – Reviews


Everybody has an alarm clock inside their home nowadays and understandably so given how useful these devices are. A good way to ensure that you always wake up on time is to put your trust in a reliable alarm clock. While some people prefer to rely on their smartphones for the job, these devices haven’t really been designed to handle suck tasks, meaning that they are either too quiet or unreliable due to their battery running out during the night. Having said that, finding a good alarm clock is no easy task, especially with so many out there to choose from. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best alarm clocks the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Alarm Clocks Reviews 2017

10iHome iBT29BC

amazon buttonAside from a characteristically powerful design with a standard dual alarm provision, this alarm clock also boasts a futuristic design that perfectly blends in your home and a dual system allowing simultaneous usage by different users. This is an ideal product for all sorts of environments particularly because of its archetypal powerful speakerphones. Additionally, it is equipped with USB high-speed charging ports which are compatible with most smartphones not to forget an inbuilt FM radio all for your entertainment. If you love streaming music through your phone, this is the ideal item for you. The aura of your home will not feel any better than with this item as an accessory. Why? Aside from a stylish design, it comes with a translucent casing and a typical cool outlook which augers well with household items.

9DreamSky Alarm Clock

amazon buttonDreamSky is an alarm clock having a typically large display outlook and unlike other models is quite simple to read. This dual alarm comes handy even for you that has trouble getting up early. How? Its dual alarm that is not just loud but also quite accurate not to mention adjustable. Entertainment is no longer farfetched since, with this model, the inbuilt FM radio together with a long lasting battery gives you enough entertainment. Even with its alarm button being fussy, it has a dual system of power (backup battery and AC adapter) not to forget a durable design.

8ECVISION Wood Clock

amazon buttonThis device from ECVISION is a handmade accessory which has been carved out of beech wood. It boasts a stylish and warm design which superbly augers well with homes. Its outlook is both rounded and compact and conveniently space-efficient. It comes equipped with an analog clock which is precisely accurate and needs no constant maintenance. Moreover, its quiet hands function well without disruption of sleep patterns. Although somewhat over-priced and having a coarse workmanship, it comes with a loud alarm and a programmed timer which ensure you are always punctual. Finally, its backlit screen (simple to read) and its 1.5v AA battery-powered design make it a wonderful home accessory to have.

7Emerson CKS1708

amazon buttonEmerson CKS1708 is a 2-IN-1 smart clock with a surprisingly affordable price tag. Aside from being striking, this clock with a display provision of 1.4 inches coupled by an elegant blue backlighting is properly visible even during the night times. And if you need it to be bright or dimmer, you can well customize your settings. Its alarm boasts 3 modes that are customizable all with a simple button touch. In addition, its digital audio not only gives you the option of saving approximate 10 channels, but it comes with an auto setting provision that boosts accuracy. Moreover, even with a small look, its recharging convenience, such as allowing you to charge your phone from its USB (5-volt) port makes it a must have.

6ZHPUAT Morning Clock

amazon buttonBoasting a properly operational smart sensor provision even under low light settings, ZHPUAT is a popular alarm clock choice for individuals of all selections. Even with a characteristic backlight, you can sleep undeterred because it has a dimmable screen. Get treated to a loud and progressive alarm and an ensuing 5-minute snooze. Despite most individuals purchasing it majorly for the alarm, it also has a desirably enhanced clock function not to mention the adjustable date and time formats. You can also amazingly track your body temperature with its characteristic thermometer and even get entertainment from its built-in radio (AM/FM).

5Sony ICFC1

amazon buttonGet yourself the Sony ICFC1 and completely eradicate any late arrivals at school or at work. Aside from its loud buzzer, this clock also boasts a typically gradual alarm usable on demand. When it comes to style, only a handful rival this high-end model. It has a stylish black case that blends superbly with numerous home or office equipment not to mention convenience since it is AC powered. Moreover, for outdoor use, it utilizes the backup battery that is quite long lasting. Surprisingly, the model is a source of entertainment boasting a powerful AM/FM powerful tuner which functions effectively notwithstanding the environment. Likewise, the music experience gets better with its premium speakers which are a source of immersive sound every time you need entertainment.

4Electrohome EAAC475

amazon buttonElectrohome EAAC475 makes the list with an archetypal feature-rich design accentuated by its elegant black casing supported by a fairly stable base which neither rolls over or trips on tables. It boasts an enhanced projection feature which clearly beams on ceilings and walls and convenient blue LEDs that pop during the dark. It features an exclusive SelfSet automated technology that makes time and date settings ever accurate. Combine this with a 1.2-inch big LED display and an accompanying powerful radio (digital) and you have the best accessory around. It also works conveniently by allowing you to charge some of your accessories like phones as enabled by its USB interface (high-speed) and USB port (universal).

3RCA Alarm Clock

amazon buttonReputed for both reliability and accuracy, with this digital RCA alarm clock, lateness will no longer exist in your vocabulary. Its single alarm characteristic is not only sufficiently loud but also boasts a nightlight and an on/off switching button. It has a large 7-inch exceptionally bright screen that enhances both its functionality and charm allowing easy time checking during the night. Although with a basic outlook, its functionality speaks volumes such as its non-glare screen that regulates brightness to allow you undisturbed night sleep. Moreover, it not only gives you a full-width snooze button, it also has an alarm indicator that is visibly clear.

2Sonic Alert SBB500ss

amazon buttonThe SBB500ss Sonic Alert is a turbocharged loud clock with a momentous waking power compared to typical alarm clocks. It comprises a properly working powerful dual system not to mention its accompanying bed shaker and pulsating exclusive alert light which enhances its efficiency. Moreover, it has adjustable volume and tone, an inbuilt snooze diffuser, efficient technology for a better battery backup and explosive red accessories all which boost its functionality and overall popularity.

1Electrohome Alarm Clock

amazon buttonTopping the list is the Electrohome Alarm Clock, a feature-packed projection accessory that is equipped with a typical audio input that allows music streaming. Besides this, it has a large LCD 3.6-inch dimmable and clear display screen. Moreover, its battery backup allows its effective operation whether outdoors or during blackouts. It is a source of captivating light shows both on walls and ceilings as inspired by its time and temperature projector not to mention an automatic set and resetting system that boosts its accuracy. Despite having static concerns, it functions perfectly as a countertop radio as well, thanks to its quality AM/FM tuner.