Top 10 Best Ankle Support Braces of 2017 – Reviews


A good way to prevent injuries when working out is to wear a support brace. These braces are designed to be both comfortable and useful without restricting your freedom of movement or flexibility in any way. Lightweight and easy to put on, ankle support braces will have you running up and down the court/field/gym without the fear of damaging your ankles when making a sudden turn. With this in mind, let us remind ourselves that not all sports gear is designed to meet the same standards, which is also applicable to ankle support braces. In this respect, here are the ten best ankle support braces money can buy.

10Pro-Tec Athletics Ankle Sleeve

amazon buttonThe Gel Force ankle sleeve from Pro-Tec offers optimum ankle support using its high-quality gel-like fabric that is tough, breathable and flexible enough for comfort. The ankle brace support offers a full range of movement while preventing ankle injuries. It is suitable for high impact sports such as football, rugby and athletic running. Also, it is designed to provide unmatchable levels of comfort to the wearer without impeding their flexibility in any way.

9Futuro Sport Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer

amazon buttonThe highly adjustable Futuro Sport Deluxe ankle stabilizer is a tool for professionals. It is made of comfortably soft and supportive fabrics that also come with the perfect breathability to prevent excessive perspiration. The ankle brace is made to provide optimum support to injured or weak ankle joints during athletic or strenuous events. It features very handy stabilizers that have been reinforced in addition to having an adjustable design that makes them universally compatible with most people.

8Shock Doctor Lace Ankle Support Brace

amazon buttonMade using a combination of Ultra Gel material and lace, the Shock Doctor ankle brace is a deluxe support gear that ensures comfort and adequate reinforcement to weak or injured ankle joints. The base material is a combination of PU leather, polyester, nylon, and latex, making it extra durable, breathable and flexible enough to allow unrestricted movement. For extra comfort, the ankle support brace features a pre-curved tongue and a non-slip footbed for extra traction and grip.

7MUELLER Ankle Stabilizer

amazon buttonThe very affordable MUELLER ankle support brace is great value for money simply because it is highly adjustable. The ankle stabilizer lacks nothing in terms of comfort since it is made from soft neoprene fabric that will ensure your ankle stays warm in cold weather. Its lightweight build makes it perfect for wearing with shoes. The ankle stabilizer is also adjustable, meaning it can fit a wide range of ankle and foot sizes. Furthermore, this support brace provides the extra stability and strength any injured or weak ankle joints require.

6ACE Deluxe Ankle Support Brace

amazon buttonThe easy-sleeve design of the ACE Deluxe ankle brace gives it an edge over the competition since it makes it extra easy to put on. It fits comfortably with shoes and/or socks on and is very breathable. It is also made of a moisture-wicking material which prevents perspiration and odors. Its reinforced design provides optimum ankle support and pain relief while still being extremely comfortable to wear.

5Zensah Ankle Stabilizer

amazon buttonThis ankle support brace is made of a high-quality combination of materials that features 75% nylon and 25% flexible spandex. This makes it extra durable and comfortable while allowing you to retain your natural range of movement thanks to its flexibility. The ankle stabilizer’s fabric has moisture-wicking properties, meaning it will keep your ankle joint cool, dry and odorless. It features a high-quality build that is suited to providing an adequate ankle joint support while relieving pain and discomfort.

4Copper Joint Compression Ankle Brace

amazon buttonThis is a top-notch ankle support brace that is just as useful for professionals as it is when it comes to providing everyday ankle support. The form-fitting ankle brace is made from tough, durable and flexible moisture-wicking fabric that will prevent excessive perspiration. Active copper granules have been embedded into the fabric of the ankle brace to prevent bad odors and to enhance comfort and support.

3Bracoo Neoprene Ankle Support Brace

amazon buttonThe highlight of the Bracoo neoprene ankle stabilizer is without a doubt its moisture-wicking capabilities, which make it very suitable for wearing with shoes. The ankle support brace comes in a form-fitting design that is reinforced for extra ankle support. Its breathable fabric makes it comfortable to wear even with clothes. The criss-cross supports are especially effective in offering pain relief and support to injured ankles.

2McDavid Ankle Support Brace with Strap

amazon buttonThe addition of a strap on the design of this McDavid ankle support brace makes it extra useful when it comes to consolidating weak or injured ankle joints. The brace is extra durable and perfectly lightweight. It is made from a premium combination of vinyl fabric with nylon for durability, flex, and comfort. It also features support cushions around the ankle and ankle straps that ensure added comfort and a firm fit.

1ASO Ankle Support Brace

amazon buttonThis is a top-quality ankle support brace with an eight-point system that ensures your injured or weak ankle remains protected and is given adequate support. The ankle brace is made of tough, rip-resistant material that has been fashioned into a bilateral form for extra comfort and support. Straps allow the user to wear it as tightly as they please while keeping it low profile. Not only that but they’re also much easier to put on than most other ankle support braces out there, a flexibility that makes them some of the very best on the market today.