Top 10 Best Archery Sets of 2017 – Reviews


If you think that your children will love to start or develop an already existing archery hobby, then you should encourage them to learn how to use a bow properly. The best way to do that nowadays is by getting them an archery set. Although not as dangerous as real bows, these archery sets are perfect for familiarizing your kids with what it means to have a bow, how to use one, and how to properly look after one so that it’s in peak condition at all times. To give you a little perspective on what the market has to offer in this regard, we put together a list
of the ten best archery sets money can buy.

10Barnett Banshee Junior Archery Set

amazon buttonThe Barnett Banshee Junior Archery Set is one among the many superb high-quality archery sets manufactured by Barnett. Recommended for young aged archers and those who have are just beginning to learn archery, this set has all the necessary features to help optimize your skills. With a draw weight of 25 pounds and a draw length of 24 to 26 inches this bow comes equipped with an excellent grip and a soft touch reinforced handle for added comfort. Suitable for both left and right handed archers, this is not a toy archery set and must be used only with adult supervision.

9Maxx Action Hunting Series Toy Hunting Bow

amazon buttonIdeal for young aspiring archers, the Maxx Action Hunting Series Toy Hunting Bow comprises of all the functionalities and features that are required to improve your precision and accuracy. Equipped with a strong ergonomic grip, and constructed from durable carbon-fiber composites, this set comes with 3 suction cup safety arrows, a strapped quiver for easy storage and a target with bulls-eye, making the set almost realistic. It also features a unique LED laser light that can be used as a pretend site light.

8Bear Archery Wizard Bow Set

amazon buttonAlmost resembling a traditional toy archery set, this Bear Archery Wizard Bow Set is not recommended to be used without parental advisory and supervision. Equipped with all the necessary professional features, this set includes safety glass arrows, a quiver for storage, an arm guard, a target as well as a finger tab. The 44-inch bow comes with long-lasting composite limbs and is suitable for both right and left handed archers. With a draw weight of 10-18 pounds, this archery set has a draw length of 17 inches to 24 inches respectively.

7Barnett Lil’ Sioux Archery Set Yellow 1071

amazon buttonThe Barnett Lil’ Sioux Archery Set is the perfect choice for your child or anyone who would like to master the art of archery. Equipped with the necessary tools and features, this set improves one’s accuracy and precision. Its main features include an ambidextrous riser soft touch, a recurve bow for beginners, and a specially reinforced handle with an excellent grip for better handling. Its draw weight is 15 pounds and its draw length is 18 inches to 22 inches approximately. It comes with 2 target arrows, pin sight and finger rollers and a quiver for storage.

6Barnett Sportflight Recurve Archery Set

amazon buttonAn ideal gift for a child passionate about outdoor sports, the Barnett Sportflight Recurve Archery Set would by far be one of the best choices. This archery set for children comes with everything you possibly need to start your journey with this thrilling sport. The set comes with 2 spotlight arrows and a secured finger tab, an ambidextrous riser, a soft touch reinforced grip, and a special adjustable pin sight. Being versatile, this set can be used by both left and right handed archers and assures users top-notch performance levels.

5Bear Scout Youth Bow Set

amazon buttonOwing to its lightweight and convenient design and high quality, the Bear Scout Youth Bow Set aims at giving your child the support and help they need to boost their skills at archery. Suitable for right and left handed archers, this set is made of carbon fiber material ensuring a long-lasting lifespan. The compact design is perfect for young aged archers between 4 and 7. With a draw weight of just 8 to 13 pounds and a draw length of 16 to 24 inches, this 33-inch bow comes with durable composite limbs and a brilliant sturdy framework. Exceeding expectations at all levels, this archery set would make the perfect gift for your child.

4Crosman Archery Sentinel Youth Recurve Bow, Right Hand

amazon buttonConstructed with professional, high-quality components the Crossman Archery Sentinel Youth Recurve Bow is specially tested and approved for its high-end performance and quality. This archery set is pre-assembled, making it easier for users to utilize and start practicing as soon as the shipment is received. Measuring 45 inches from one tip to the other, it has a draw weight of 20 pounds and a draw height of 25 inches. This archery set is suitable only for right handed archers and can shoot with the bow in the left hand and the string pulled with the right hand. The robust sturdy composite limbs come with a custom string mechanism suitable for all types of weather.

3Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

amazon buttonImprove your accuracy and aim with this brilliant archery set from Crossman Archery. Exclusively designed for top-level performance, the Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow is suitable for ambitious archers. Equipped with a superior set of features, this youth compound bow can function just as well as an adult bow. Featuring 2 composite arrows, a finger tab, a dual-set quiver, an arrow rest as well as an arm guard and sights, this archery set is extremely durable and efficient. It also comes with composite long-lasting limbs with an integrated center shot riser and an enhanced cam system supported by a robust all-weather string.

2Bear Archery First Shot Youth Bow Set

amazon buttonThe Bear Archery First Shot Youth Bow Set is one among the best sets to aid in accuracy and aim and ideal for children. Featuring two safety glass arrows, a quiver, and an armguard, this is the perfect beginners set. The set includes a 36-inch bow with durable, lightweight composite limbs and a 14in to 16in draw length with an 8lb to 12lb draw weight, making it extremely easy to handle. The sturdy bow is designed for both left and right handed archers.

1Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set

amazon buttonThe Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set is one among the most efficient and versatile sports equipment available especially for young archers and beginners. Available in an assortment of vibrant colors, this bow set comes with an ambidextrous riser soft touch, a draw weight of 18 pounds and a draw height of 18 to 22 inches. It also features an ambidextrous handle with excellent soft grip for optimized handling. This archery set also comes with 2 arrows, finger rollers, an adjustable pin sight and a conventional carry case for easy mobility and storage.