Top 10 Best Aroma Diffusers of 2017 – Reviews


We all know about the many benefits of essential oils and how pleasant their aroma may be inside a room. It is for these reasons that some people keep aroma diffusers around the house and understandably so. These diffusers help diffuse the oil so as to neutralize any odor-releasing airborne bacteria that might be hurting a room’s fresh air, along with a multitude of other benefits that essential oils have. To give you a better idea of what to look for if you’re ever in the market for such a device, we put together a list of the ten best aroma diffusers money can buy.

Best Aroma Diffusers Reviews 2017

10Vaslon Foot Sleeves Diffuser

amazon buttonThe Vaslon Foot Sleeves Diffuser helps to humidify the air ensuring it improves the atmosphere and air around you and your family. Thanks to its ultrasonic technology, it also works as an oil diffuser. Constructed with a 100ml tank, it allows the diffuser to go up to 6 hours of work time. Made from premium grade materials this diffuser is top notch, durable and light in weight and is not noisy as it uses heat instead of vibrations. It also comes featuring an automatic shut off function that activates when there is no water. It does not overheat and it also comes with a cool surface touch. The diffuser is also equipped with 7 LED lights that look stunning in the dark and help to accentuate your room.

9Quamii Essential Oil Diffuser

amazon buttonUniquely crafted and designed with an elegant wood grain finish, the Quamii Essential Oil Diffuser accentuates any room and matches well with any kind of home décor. Thanks to its Ultrasonic Technology, this portable diffuser helps to keep the air moist and clean for longer periods of time providing therapeutic and aromatic benefits to you and your family. With a 400ml tank, it can go up 8 hours of work time in high mode and 12 hours in low mode. It also comes with an auto shut down function for when there is no water. Featuring 7 different vibrant LED lights that rotate it works great as a night light for your kid’s bedroom.

8Stadler Form Diffuser

amazon buttonThe Stadler Form is a jasmine aroma diffuser that utilizes the latest ultrasonic mechanism to blend essential oils and water to produce your favorite fragrance. With a total of 21 hours of running time on interval mode with 10 minutes on and 20 minutes off and 8 hours on continuous mode, this diffuser aims at cleaning the air around you making it ideal for your family. It also comes with 6 vibrant LED colors that you can choose from, to match your home décor. When there is no water left in the tank, the diffuser automatically shuts off, thanks to its auto-shut down function.

7MIU Color Diffuser

amazon buttonEquipped with a 500ml water tank, the MIU Color Diffuser can run up to 10 hours, minimum with a humidification area of up to 30 meters. This hefty-sized diffuser can go all night without any refill, humidifying the air and creating a stunning mist and fragrance. With 7 different LED lights to choose from, you can accentuate your room with stunning bright colors to match your décor. This high quality, durable diffuser comes with 5 different timer settings that you can select and control depending on your requirement. When the water level is lower than required, the device automatically shuts off. It works with the latest and most traditional way of heating, including hot and cold fog technology.

6Anjou Aromatherapy Diffuser

amazon buttonThe Anjou Aromatherapy Diffuser is an ultrasonic humidifier that helps to fill the air around you with a beautiful fragrance that would automatically uplift your spirits and relieve all stress. Constructed and designed with the latest contemporary blend, it includes 7 various LED lights that change and blend in well with your home décor. Each light comes with 2 modes, including a dim and bright mode. This portable diffuser is compact in size and extremely efficient ensuring your home space is kept clean and the air is well moisturized. It aims at eliminating germs and prevents dry air and flu from harming your family. It can be used for 8 hours at a stretch with a 300ml storage capacity and features a mist mode, an auto shut off function.

5InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

amazon buttonHigh performing, top quality, and attractive are some of the features that the InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser entails. Ideal for daily use, this affordable product accentuates any room in your home thanks to its unique design. Designed with a wood-like exterior, and made from high-quality robust plastic materials, it comes equipped with a 200ml tank and lasts much longer than other diffusers. This diffuser features 2 mist options – low and high, 4 timer options – 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and steady and an automatic shut down function for when the water level is low. It also comes with assorted LED lights that are changeable and that provide enough soothing light to be used as a night lamp in your bedroom.

4URPOWER Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

amazon buttonThe URPOWER Diffuser is a portable, compact sized, essential oil diffuser and humidifier that is ideal for yoga, office, gym, kid’s room or your bedroom covering 200 square ft. Thanks to its latest advanced ultrasonic technology it helps to produce vibrations at 2.4 million times per second that breaks water. Equipped with a large 300ml storage capacity, this device can run up to 8 hours without refilling. It comes with a special “mist” button and 4 timer options along with an auto shut down function for when the water is below the required level. This stable diffuser helps to improve the overall quality of the air around you, preventing any damage that can be caused by stale air and second-hand smoke.

3URPOWER Aroma Diffuser

amazon buttonThe URPOWER Aroma is an essential oil diffuser that is designed with the latest wood grain exterior to help accentuate the mood and décor of your home. With a water capacity of 300ml, this diffuser can run up to 10 hours at a stretch creating ultrasonic vibrations that blend the oil and water together to form a stunning scented mist that can cover an area of up to 269 square ft. It comes equipped with 7 different lights, 4 various timer settings and an automatic shut down function for when the water is below the required limit. This diffuser, along with its soothing lights, and natural fine scents, helps to create a relaxing and tranquil environment in any room of your choice, be it at home, at the office, or at the gym.

2URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

amazon buttonConsidered as one of the best diffusers out there, the URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser does not only work as a diffuser but also a humidifier as well as a night lamp. Thanks to its ultrasonic diffusing technology, it can produce vibrations of up to 2.4 million times per second breaks water, in turn breaking down the essential oils into tiny particles without using any kind of heat. Equipped with a fairly large sized tank of 500ml capacity, this diffuser can run up o 10 hours without refilling. It includes a mist button, 4 different timer options, and an auto shut down feature for when the water level is low. It not only improves the air quality but also helps to prevent any kind of damage caused by stale air and allergens. It also helps to strengthen the immunity system, improve your breathing, and lift your moods.

1InnoGear 100ml Oil Diffuser

amazon buttonThanks to its compact size, top notch performance levels, and overall high quality construction, the InnoGear 100ml oil diffuser is seen as one of the top essential oil diffuser and humidifier available today. With the ability to mask unpleasant odors, smoking and pet odors, this diffuser can aid in providing stress-free, relaxed surroundings, because of the aromatic fragrance it emits. It is equipped with the latest whisper quiet ultrasonic mechanism that does not create any sounds when in use. Featuring 7 vibrant mood changing LED lights, that can be adjusted to dim or bright mode; you can select the perfect color to match your home décor. It can also be used as a great night lamp. This portable diffuser comes with 3 working modes including intermittent mist, continuous mist and lights only mode, and an auto shut down function for when the water runs out.