Top 10 Best Artificial Grass of 2017 – Reviews


For various reasons, people simply cannot maintain a natural lawn most of the time, especially the ones living in a heavy urbanized area. We all like having a lawn, however, or at least the benefits a lawn brings. So either because you want a comfortable play area for your children or your pets, or if you enjoy the feeling of having a lawn nearby, your best solution is artificial grass.

If you’re patient and you know what you’re looking for, you can very well find artificial grass that looks and feels just like the real deal. To help you even further, we put together a list of the ten best artificial grass types money can buy.

10All Turf Mats Everlast Imperial Fescue Light

amazon buttonDesigned to replicate real grass almost perfectly, the Everlast Imperial Fescue Light from All Turf Mats will fit into almost any environment without letting people know it’s not actually real. For instance, it has a 1.75 inches height, which is pretty much the height you would expect natural grass to have. It also benefits from a uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing intended to provide a much greater seam strength and durability.

9Synturfmats Premium Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Grass Turf

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this is an artificial grass turf that you can install in just a few minutes if you know what you’re doing. Being 100% synthetic, it can be used either inside or outdoors just the same. This being said this turf is eco-friendly by nature, designed not to release any toxic chemicals while still being fade and wear resistant at the same time. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it has drainage holes for you not to worry about water build-ups.

8GREENSCAPES 209107 Grass Rug

amazon buttonDurable and inexpensive, the 209107 green rug from Greenscapes provides the perfect budget choice for anyone who would like a lawn without overspending on a natural one. Easy to install, this artificial grass rug will fit almost any environment without standing out too much or drawing too much attention to the fact that it isn’t natural. Furthermore, it has quite a durable construction to protect it against wearing in the long run.

7Zen Garden Deluxe Premium Synthetic Grass

amazon buttonZen Garden Deluxe is a lush and dense synthetic grass rug equipped with a rubber underside and drainage holes for good measure. Thanks to its 4-tone blades, you can very well mistake it for real grass even when you’re close by, especially if it’s particularly sunny outside. At the same time, the rug comes in multiple sizes, a fact that you would do well to consider because the two or three individual pieces will look less natural than one whole piece when covering an entire area.

6All Turf Mats Premium Synthetic Turf

amazon buttonPerfect for city dwellers with patios or balconies, the Premium Synthetic Turf from All Turf Mats might just be one of the best artificial grasses on the market today. We say this because it is UV protected, weather and fade-resistant, and comes with an 8-year warranty for good measure. It also features perforated drainage holes 2 inches apart to facilitate the passing of water to avoid potential build-ups.

5AllGreen Ultimate Pro-Grass Artificial Grass

amazon buttonDue to its ultra-realistic natural look, this artificial grass will pass as the real thing more often than not. It is also 100% lead-free and eco-friendly at the same time, meaning that you won’t have to worry about any specific odors coming out of it. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it features polyurethane backing with drainage holes to help with its maintenance over long periods of time.

4Zen Garden Grass Rug with Drainage Holes

amazon buttonThe first thing you notice about this particular grass rug is how dense it is when compared to standard synthetic rugs. While most of these rugs have either short or weak density, the Zen Garden Grass Rug is both long enough to pass as real grass and dense at the same time. Furthermore, it features a rubber backside with drainage holes that guarantee its durability and low-maintenance nature, especially given the fact that it requires no care or mowing of any kind.

3Synthetic Turf Artificial Lawn Fake Grass

amazon buttonThis particular turf can be used either indoors or outdoors with no real limitations of any kind. Perfect for pets, it can be also used as an outdoor play area for young children, just as long as you don’t cut it too short. We should also point out that due to its peculiar dense nature, you can very well use it on a patio, a balcony, or next to a swimming pool. Being 100% synthetic, you also won’t have to worry about it getting damaged by humidity.

2All Turf Mats Synthetic Turf – Rubber Backed & Drainage Holes

amazon buttonIf artificial grass mats aren’t enough to do the trick, you can always go for something like this instead. Much larger than regular mats, this synthetic turf gives out the impression that it is genuine many thanks to its dense, thick coverage. Underneath, it is held in place by a rubber underside with drainage holes to protect it against humidity. Not only this but it is also designed not to release any unpleasant chemical odors in the event that it gets wet, which tends to happen with some of the cheaper types of artificial grass.

1Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass

amazon buttonThis is a lush, soft synthetic grass unlike any other out there at this point in time, which recommends it for anyone looking for the benefits of a real lawn without having to deal with the maintenance. Thanks to its 4-tone blades, it looks just like the real thing, with the notion that the illusion fades off whenever you actually touch it. Then again, this is to be expected from all types of artificial grass for obvious reasons.