Top 10 Best Audio Receivers of 2017 – Reviews


Anyone who is enthusiastic about their music will tell you about the importance of owning a reliable sound system and audio receivers are no different. Just like home cinemas, surround systems, or car stereos, a good audio receiver must be easy to use, highly operational, and above all, must be capable of providing you with high-quality acoustics.

Today we’ll talk about the absolute best audio receivers on the market and about the features that make them stand out from the rest. They may not be as expensive as some of the sound systems being sold these days, and yet you must expect them to be of the highest standard nonetheless. So without further ado, let us find out what are the ten best audio receivers money can buy.

10HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver

amazon buttonThis NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver from HomeSpot is designed to deliver superior wireless performance up to 66 feet away. At the same time, it features a tap-and-pair / tap-and-connect technology that allows you to control the audio receiver via almost any type of mobile device. Furthermore, the device comes packing Bluetooth 4.0, A2DP profile support, and the capacity to store 8 paired devices.

9GE 11270 HD Audio Bluetooth Receiver with NFC

amazon buttonSimple and easy to operate, this compact audio receiver from GE enables you to simply plug in the device before using it with little to no extra work to get it running. Among its many features, we find the capacity to stream content through an already existing home stereo system or stand-alone speakers. Also, it features a highly reliable Bluetooth connectivity designed to deliver wireless freedom up to a 30 feet distance.

8Yamaha R-S201BL 2-Channel Stereo Receiver

amazon buttonYamaha R-S201BL has an output power of 100 Watts, which is more than enough for any audio receiver. It also features a simple design intended to make it user-friendly and easy to control, a feature it definitely needs given its many capabilities. Among them, a speaker selector system, speaker terminals for two systems, and a 40-station AM/FM preset tuning for good measure. Overall, it is one of the most technologically advanced audio receivers on the market.

7Denon AVR-S510BT 5.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver

amazon buttonThis particular audio receiver comes packing Dolby TruHD and DTS-HD Master Audio capabilities. At the same time, it has 5.2 channels and an A/V Receiver with 70 Watts of power per each individual channel. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it packs an IP control capability with an HEOS Link, a feature that enables you to transform any stereo system of your choice into a wireless zone if needed.

6Yamaha YBA-11 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver

amazon buttonDesigned to allow you to stream music wirelessly using almost any type of smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, this small yet highly capable audio receiver from Yamaha may prove to be quite useful in the long run. It is also capable of superior sound quality despite its size, many thanks to the aptX audio coding algorithm it uses. Not only that but it also features one of the most reliable Bluetooth connectivities in this price range.

5Sony STRDH550 5.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver

amazon buttonThis audio receiver from Sonly supports high-res file playback via USB, a very useful feature to have considering the possibilities. Systems-wise, we should point out that this receiver benefits from Flexible HDMI connectivity with 4 inputs and 1 output, full control over its features via On-Screen Display, and a streamlined remote that will definitely come in handy in the long run.

4Yamaha RX-V677 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver

amazon buttonWe should point out right from the start that this particular receiver has Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, and vTuner support. At the same time, it comes with a 4k 60p video upscaling and graphic user interface, which when combined with the device’s AirPlay and HTC Connect connectivity, makes it one of the most technologically advanced on the market today. Furthermore, it benefits from an independent Zone 2 speaker function with 105 W of power per channel.

3Sony STR-DH740 7.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver

amazon buttonFew audio receivers have both 3D pass-through and 4k pass-through capabilities, which is what makes the Sony STR-DH740 so special. It also features 4 HDMI inputs, HD Digital Cinema Sound with Front-High speakers, an audio return channel, and a few other equally interesting features. This being said, we should also point out that it can playback music from virtually any type of iPod or iPhone device without the need to install any additional software.

2Yamaha RX-V377 5.1-Channel A/V Home Theater Receiver

amazon buttonThis high-end audio receiver benefits from a powerful surround sound sent out through five 100W channels. As such, you can very well use this particular receiver as a sound system in its own right, even though you have to first connect it to a music source. Apart from that, it has to be mentioned that the RX-V377 features front panel USB digital connectivity for almost any type of mobile device, a virtual Cinema Front designed to provide virtual surround sound through up to five speakers, a multilingual color OSD for greater accessibility, and a lot more.

1Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver

amazon buttonYamaha’s RX-V675 is perhaps the most technologically advanced audio receiver on the market today. It features a 7.2-channel powerful surround system supported through HD Audio decoding, a playback system which is compatible with audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and FLAC/WAV.

Its MHL system also provides perfect connectivity to almost any mobile device out there while its front panel USB facilitates the connection to any type of notebook or personal computer. Last but not least, the RX-V675 features a Yamaha AV Controller App which gives you full control over the receiver’s capabilities via smartphone.