Top 10 Best Baby Slippers of 2017 – Reviews


When it comes to baby slippers, you should look for the ones that will provide the highest possible comfort standards above everything else. Truth be told, it isn’t a matter of style or fashion with baby slippers but rather comfort and durability. Therefore, you want the slippers that are most likely to last your baby a long time without scuffing or showing any signs of permanent damage.

We say this because a baby’s sensitive feet require the utmost standards of protection and comfort, which is why you should always spend money on the slippers that are guaranteed to provide them. In this respect, let us find out what are the ten best baby slippers on the market today.

10Disney Avengers Scuff 203 Slippers

amazon buttonThese one-of-a-kind baby slippers are carefully designed by none other than Marvel (The Comics company) who market and consequently sell them. These top notch sleepers are primarily designed to be warm on the feet, lightweight, and durable. In addition, they have a well-fitting design that that will guarantee that they will grow along with the child. A soft lining is incorporated into them to ensure maximum comfort when worn, while still being very pretty to look at.

9Foamtreads Rocket Slipper for Toddlers

amazon buttonIf you are a fashionista and would like your child to be one, then these are the ideal indoor baby slippers to spend your money on. They are available in an array of sizes for babies who are only a few months old to those aged 12 years. At the same time, the upper section of these adorable slippers are made with material that provides adequate padding support and warmth to enable your baby to comfortably walk on cold floors.

8Toddler Boys’ Doggy Slipper

amazon buttonThis fancy slipper design is meant to support and protect the fragile feet of baby boys as they attempt to take their first steps. The upper section of the shoe is made of linen that is plush and warm, which guarantees not only that they’re comfortable but that they’re lightweight as well. Both the inner and outer layers of these slippers are designed to provide a high level of protective padding and warmth to the young boys’ feet. Also, the rubber sole of the slippers acts as an effective shock absorber to shield against injury on impact while still being extremely comfortable to wear.

7Disney Frozen Favorite Characters Toddler/Little Kid Slippers

amazon buttonThese particular slippers are actually endorsed by Disney, which is very uncommon when it comes to products like these. This indicates the level of authenticity that surrounds this exquisite product along with the quality you can expect. They are manufactured from a synthetic material that makes them lightweight for easy movement and easy transportation. Furthermore, they are fluffy and warm to perfectly protect your baby’s feet while they walk on the cold floor.

6Sesame Street Elmo Little Kids Sock Top Slippers

amazon buttonThese sippers are made purely from synthetic materials and are guaranteed to make your kids feel as comfortable as possible when wearing them. They are also designed to look like the Elmo toy of Sesame Street, which is definitely a big plus. At the same time, it has to be said that the upper shoe section is made of a plush material to guarantee maximum comfort at all times. Not only that but they also have specially designed soles that are enhanced to offer high standards of comfort and slip resistance.

5ACORN Kids Acorn Moc Slipper

amazon buttonWith this pair of slippers, fuzziness meets comfort in a surprisingly stylish blend. These slippers are waterproof, comfortable, durable and look amazing above everything else. The fuzzy polyester material on the upper shoe is what makes them so outstanding, a feature that also makes them lightweight. They are well treaded for better grip, a feature one must always look for in slippers, regardless of age group.

4Thomas & Friends The Tank Engine Blue A-Line Slippers

amazon buttonThis slipper design borrows heavily from the Thomas character of the Tank Engine of the Thomas & Friends cartoon show concept. They are easy to slip-on and guaranteed to evoke feelings of attachment and awe in any kid who is familiar with the cartoon. Not only are these slippers simple to put on due to their slip-in design, but they are also very sturdy and resistant once your baby’s foot is well fitted inside them. They owe their durability to a fleece and foamy material on the upper section of the shoe to provide both shock absorption as well as warmth.

3Kamik Cozy Cabin Slipper

amazon buttonThese baby slippers have soles and upper shoe sections that are made of felt materials to provide both exemplary warmth and protection to the child at all times. Their faux fur lining guards against cold weather while still being surprisingly sturdy and resistant. In addition, they have an insole that is made of cushioned felt material that comprises of foam elements, a construction that will provide additional support to the feet.

2DADAWEN Boy’s Girl’s Closed Toe Outdoor Sandals

amazon buttonThese slippers are actually made of cured and softened cowhide leather, a construction that vastly boosts their durability. Their pigskin leather lining is a bid to eliminate foul smell and provide good cushioning to the feet. Not only that but you will find that these are some of the toughest baby slippers the market has to offer at this point in time. In fact, they are so tough that you can get your baby to wear them outside the house as well.

1Minnetonka Cassie Slipper

amazon buttonThanks to their cow suede leather construction, these slippers are supple, resilient, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. As a matter of fact, resilience and comfort is what these baby slippers are all about. They benefit from rawhide laces that help them fit your baby’s sensible feet without causing any discomfort whatsoever.

At the same time, they have a faux shearing lining designed to be effective in providing both warmth and protection at all times. It also has to be said that their rubber soles are properly treaded for stability and adherence, features one must always look for when buying slippers of any kind.