Top 10 Best Baby Sun Hats of 2017 – Reviews


You surely want nothing but the very best for your baby at all times and this involves a reliable protective gear for your little one to wear every time you leave the house. It is important to remember that UV rays affect babies and toddlers a lot more than adults, mostly because of their fragile, undeveloped skin. To prevent sunburns or any other UV-related afflictions, you should consider investing in a sun hat for your baby sooner rather than later. To give you some pointers on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best baby sun hats money can buy.

Best Baby Sun Hats Reviews 2017

10Flap Happy Baby Girls UPF 50+

amazon buttonThe Baby Girls UPF 50+ Double Ruffle Hat is a playfully designed sun protection hat that is perfect for your little girl. Available in beautiful colors, it is made from 100% cotton materials for maximum comfort and breathability. Light in weight, durable and super easy to store, this hat offers optimum protection from harmful UV rays of the sun thanks to its UPF 50+ fabric. The large brim of the hat covers the face and ears while the elastic headband present on the top of the hat helps to secure it well onto the head. At the same time, its chin straps are durable and comfortable and can be tied as per your child’s needs.

9Zutano Unisex Baby UPF 30+ Sun Protection Hat

amazon buttonUniquely designed with a pull on closure, the Zutano Unisex Baby Sun Protection Hat comes in a wide range of fun colors. Made from 100% premium grade polyester, it comes equipped with a microfiber polyester inner lining ensuring added comfort and softness. The fabric utilized is also known for its protection against the rays of the sun. Unlike other infant hats, this one comes with a larger brim that resembles a baseball cap along with a long neck flap that helps with sun protection at all times.

8i play. Baby & Toddler Boys’ Flap

amazon buttonCrafted with 100% imported polyester materials, the Baby Boys’ Flap Sun Protection Hat comes in an array of colorful prints for you to choose from. Equipped with a convenient pull-on closure with durable chin straps it offers a proper fit and can be adjusted. Providing your child with protection from the sun throughout the day, it ensures the neck is completely covered, along with the eyes, ears, and head. Furthermore, the interior of this particular hat is lined with wicking for added comfort and coziness.

7Twinklebelle Baby Toddler Kids Sun Hat

amazon buttonThe particular item is a durable, lightweight infant hat that offers optimal protection from the harsh rays of the sun. It features a special drawstring adjustment that allows you to secure the cap in place ensuring the child is comfortable and well protected. The chin straps are also equipped with a safety clip and can be easily adjusted to fit the child perfectly. Compact in size, this hat is easy to store and can be carried around while traveling. Ideal for an active kid, this hat also provides protection on a windy day.

6i play. Unisex Baby Solid Flap

amazon buttonSpecially designed for baby boys, this classic baby sun hat offers optimum protection from the sun throughout the day. Free from Formaldehyde and harmful chemicals and dyes, it is made of high-quality polyester with a wicker lining for added comfort. The extra flap at the back of the hat offers proper coverage when exposed to the sun, while the strap is made from quick-drying materials. Extremely light in weight and easy to store, the hat can be washed in a washing machine without damaging the hat long-term.

5i play. Baby Boys’ Flap Sun Protection Print Hat

amazon buttonAvailable in stunning shades including, pink, blue, white and yellow, this particular hat offers 100% protection from the sun’s rays. Made from premium grade cotton, it boasts a wide brim and straps on the crown of the hat that enables you to make necessary adjustments for the best fit for your child. The strap that fastens under the chin is durable and comfortable and ensures the cap does not fly off.

4Twinklebelle Baby Toddler Kids Sun Hat

amazon buttonEquipped with adjustable drawstrings on the head as well as the chin, this Sun Protection Hat can be easily adjusted to fit your child’s head perfectly. Made from 100% breathable high-quality cotton that comes with UPF 50+ it ensures optimum protection and security from the suns harsh rays. The chin strap comes equipped with a clip that can be easily adjusted to comfortably fit your child’s head safely. This hat is available in stunning prints and can be worn on even the sunniest summer days.

3Flap Happy Baby Girls’ UPF 50+ Floppy Hat

amazon buttonMade from 100% high-quality cotton, the Baby Girls’ UPF 50+ Floppy Hat keeps your child protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun by blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays. The special tie up at the chin offers a good fit and secures the hat in place. Thanks to its extra large brim it keeps the eyes, neck, and ears protected at all times. Available in an assortment of beautiful colors and prints, this hat is perfect for outdoor wear especially during water activities or picnics.

2Unisexbaby Infant Solid Brim Sun Protection Hat

amazon buttonMade from 100% high-quality polyester, the Unisexbaby Infant Solid Brim Sun Protection Hat comes with an easy to use pull on closure that can be fastened with a quick tie up. Light in weight, durable, and available in an assortment of vibrant bright colors, this sun protection hat is designed with UPF 50+ fabric and a top quality microfiber lined interior, making it extremely safe and reliable for keeping your baby protected from the harmful rays of the sun throughout the day.

1i play. Unisex Baby & Toddler Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat

amazon buttonAnother great infant hat is the Unisex Baby & Toddler Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat from iplay, a baby sun hat like no other. Available in a variety of adorable colors that are perfect for your baby, it comes with a pull on closure making it easy for you to put it on for your infant and take it off just as quickly. Crafted from 100% polyester materials with a polyester microfiber lining, it comes with a baseball hat like brim at the front with a longer flap at the back of the hat for optimal protection against the harmful sun’s rays.