Top 10 Best Baby Sun Shades of 2017 – Reviews


Seeing how a baby’s skin is almost twice as vulnerable than the skin of an adult, you want your baby as far away from harmful UV rays as possible. A good way to protect your baby from sunlight while driving is to use baby sun shades for the job. These inexpensive yet highly useful items will protect your baby from dangerous UV rays without impeding their visibility too much, nor will they inconvenience the baby in any way. With this in mind, we should perhaps take a look at the ten best baby sun shades the market has to offer at this point in time in our quest to find out the very best.

Best Baby Sun Shades Reviews 2017

10Lictin Pack of 2 Car Window Shades

amazon buttonFlexible, sturdy and the perfect fit on almost every car, the Lictin Pack of 2 Car Window Shades, is a dual sided, anti-mosquito, dust-proof screen protection that provides a shield from the harmful glare and strong rays of the sun. These window sun shades are ideal for safeguarding your babies and children from the sun. It is also perfect for those who like to sleep in their vehicles and those who go for long drives. The installation is easy and it requires no suction cups or clips. Along with this unique set of window shades, you also receive and anti-skid pad for your phone, which is a surprisingly beneficial addition.

9Safety 1st Baby On Board Sunshade

amazon buttonThe Safety 1st Baby On Board Sunshade is a durable, reusable protection for your baby and passengers, shielding them from the harmful rays of the sun while traveling. Made from heavy-duty transparent materials, the driver gets optimal visibility ensuring the passengers are kept cool and protected. These shades can be easily removed and installed thanks to its special cling-on material that is static. Owing to its universal size, these shades fit almost all car windows and do not require any suction cups or brackets or adhesives.

8Homitt Static Cling Car Window Sun Shades

amazon buttonAiming at protecting your children and safeguarding them from the harmful UV rays of the sun, the Homitt Static Cling Car Window Sun Shades help block out 98% of the sun’s rays thanks to its large size. Designed and constructed from robust 600D oxford fabric, these shades are resistant to weather, flames, and any kind of outer damage. Extremely durable, they can withstand any environment and season. Thanks to its compact size and shape, they can be easily folded and stored in the pouch that comes with the set. Furthermore, the set includes 3 sun shades, 6 additional suction cups, and a storage pouch for good measure.

7BRICA Mega White Hot Sun Rollershade

amazon buttonThe BRICA Mega White Hot Sun Rollershade is an extra large sun shade that is perfect for SUVs and minivans. Equipped with the latest technology, these shades come with a white hot heat alert function that indicates when the car gets too hot. Featuring dual attachments, users can choose from suction cups or clips for installation depending on their vehicle. It also features a special one-push button that easily rolls up the shade without any extra effort. The shade is made from premium grade mesh that offers optimum visibility for the driver.

6TFY Car Window Sun Shade Protector Shine Blocker

amazon buttonThe TFY Car Window Sun Shade Protector Shine Blocker is a lightweight, durable window sun shade that can be easily folded or unfolded thanks to its special twirl motion functionality. These shades help to protect your baby and your passengers from heat, glare and harmful rays of the sun. It can be used on both front and rear door windows and offers excellent visibility. Made from special mesh fabric with special suction cups made of silicon that cling to the windows, the shades stay in position at all times offering optimal protection and safeguard from the sun.

5Car Window Shade by CarCoo

amazon buttonPerfect for protecting your baby and passengers from the sun’s glare, this Car window shade by CarCoo is specially designed with 2 layers for optimal protection. The mesh side offers proper visibility, along with additionally keeping the vehicle cool. Featuring a unique static cling-back function, no suction cups are required for installation, making it extremely easy to use. These shades are designed to fit almost all cars and help to block up to 97% of harmful UV rays, protecting your passengers and your baby from skin irritation and harmful glares.

4Car Window Shade for Baby Car Sun Shade Breathable Mesh

amazon buttonOffering protection from harmful rays and glare from the sun, this set of Car Window Shade for Baby helps to keep the car cool by preventing heat from entering and prevents your children from getting burned. Extremely easy to install, this flexible mesh can be pulled down over the rear window of your car and fits almost all cars. Thanks to its breathable mesh, you can roll down the windows and enjoy the fresh breeze as the shades are placed on the outer area of your car door frame. Made from special material that is premium grade and durable, it features a new and advanced dual stitch technology that offers a much longer life for the shade itself.

3BRICA 2 Piece White Hot Sun Safety Shades

amazon buttonThe BRICA 2 Piece White Hot Sun Safety Shades is the perfect protection for your child from the harmful rays of the sun. Not only does it filter the UV-A and UV-B rays but it also provides maximum coverage thanks to the dual shades. It comes with a special indicator that changes its color to white when the car gets too hot. It also comes equipped with a multiple choice of suction cups or adjustable clips, depending on the type of fit you are looking for. It features a retractable push-button to help roll the shade up easily and the mesh is made of premium quality material and extremely safe providing excellent visibility.

2Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shades

amazon buttonDesigned with a unique on and off mechanism enabling easy installation, the Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shades helps to protect and provide shade from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It comes featuring a special UPF 30 sun protection technology that blocks all UV rays. Featuring a durable cling on design with a lightweight, compact frame, these shades can be applied and repositioned with ease. The robust mesh helps to keep your baby and other passengers cool at all times while traveling ensuring the driver gets optimum visibility. Thanks to its size and design, these shades can fit the rear window of almost any car.

1Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade (3px)-80 GSM for Maximum UV Protection

amazon buttonIn comparison to other sun shades, the Kinder fluff car sun shades are fairly bigger in size, thus offering full coverage and protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Fitting almost every car, these shades provide a useful UV shield for your baby when traveling. Interestingly enough, this pack comes with an extra included shade providing optimal value for the money. Constructed of high-quality materials, you will notice one side of the shade to enjoy a premium static material construction that clings onto the window while the other is made from 80 GSM mesh that helps to block 98% of all harmful rays. Thanks to its compact size and design, it comes with a travel pouch and can be carried around with ease.