Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents of 2017 – Reviews


If you’re on the lookout for a reliable yet compact tent that you can fit in your backpack when you’re out camping, then a backpacking tent is what you need. Interestingly enough, backpacking tents are by far the most popular, despite being smaller than many of the other types of tents out there. These tents are build to be highly practical, compact, and surprisingly comfortable despite their size, not to mention how lightweight and easy to carry they are. Over the next few minutes, we’ll try to find out what are the ten best backpacking tents on the market and what to look for when shopping for one.

Best Backpacking Tents Reviews 2017

10Alvantor Travel Backpacking Tent

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for the perfect tent for any outdoor activity such as camping, hiking, beach camping, or park camping, the Alvantor Travel Backpacking Tent is definitely one of the best pieces of equipment you could carry. The D-shaped doors and roof are made from breathable mesh and is covered in rain-proof materials. Although the tent is not waterproof, it can withstand light showers. The frame of the tent is made from fiberglass and is light and can be folded down easily while its walls are made from polyester and the floors are made from polyethylene.

9Mountaintop Outdoor 2-3 Person Backpacking Tent

amazon buttonLooking to get the most out of your trekking trip? Get the Mountaintop Outdoor 2-3 Person Backpacking Tents and enjoy an experience like no other. This spacious tent is made from 210D Oxford material which makes the tent extremely waterproof. The poles are made from automatic glass fiber and keep the tent erect even during heavy winds. The tent is easy to setup and easy to pack up as well and weighs just 2.3 kgs, which makes it great for carrying. The dual door design makes it easy for exiting or entering. It is also tear-proof and washable while keeping enjoying a very breathable construction.

8Weanas 4 Seasons Double Layer Backpacking Tent

amazon buttonMade from durable and high-quality polyester material, the Weanas 4 Seasons Double Layer Backpacking Tent is something every adventure seeker should carry. The imported design and materials make it extremely durable and strong while keeping it very easy to install. The aluminum poles used to keep the tent up can withstand a good amount of wear and tear along with a lot of pressure. The waterproof fabric used for the tent is professional quality and breathable nylon. Furthermore, the tent’s door can be opened from both the inside or the outside just the same.

7Winterial Backpacking 3 Season Tent

amazon buttonWant to enjoy a remarkable outdoor experience with your spouse or your child? The Winterial Backpacking 3 Season Tent is definitely the product for you. It can easily and comfortably house 2 people and is easily one of the best tents available online. The aluminum stakes make the tent lightweight while offering maximum stability and strength. The tent also features strong zippered doors that open and close easily for quick entry and exit. Also worth mentioning is that its construction material is breathable and that it involves high quality, waterproof nylon.

6Archer Outdoor Gear 1 Man Camping & Backpacking Tent

amazon buttonFor all those people who enjoy nature and all it has to offer alone, the Archer Outdoor Gear 1-Man Camping & Backpacking Tent should prove a great carry-on. It is large enough to fit a grown adult comfortably while offering maximum shelter and protection. The tent is made from high-quality nylon which offers great water and wind resistance. The frame of the tent is made from aircraft grade aluminum which is not only lightweight but also sturdy. The tent can be installed in three easy steps and can be done single-handedly.

5Himaget 2 Person Camping Backpacking Tent

amazon buttonHimaget is the go-to brand for affordable and performance based outdoor equipment and the Himaget 2 Person Camping Backpacking Tent is a clear example why. This tent is made from waterproof PU and 190t polyester that keep the users absolutely dry even during a heavy storm. The aluminum poles that make up the frame of the tent ensure it is kept light while providing strength and stability. The tent is also quite spacious as it accommodates 2 people comfortably, much thanks to a double door design that also makes it easier for entry and exit.

4Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Camping Backpacking Tent

amazon buttonStanding out for its performance and high-quality standards, the Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Camping Backpacking Tent is definitely a must have for all campers and adventure seekers. It is made from polyester and has a PU coating that makes it extremely waterproof. It has a rain fly vented roof and comes with durable fiberglass poles along with 4 metal stakes that make the frame. The door opens and closes from both sides with a dual sided zipper. The large mesh allows campers to view the stars at night while keeping bugs and mosquitoes out.

3Weanas Waterproof Double Layer 3 Season Backpacking Tent

amazon buttonMade from high quality and extremely durable polyester, the Weanas Waterproof Double Layer 3 Season Backpacking Tent is by far, one of the best tents available. It can fit from 1 to 4 people comfortably. The doors can be opened from the inside as well as the outside for easy access and exiting. The skylight is great for enjoying the night sky while keeping bugs and mosquitoes out. The tent can be set up and uninstalled easily by a single person. The nylon material used is completely waterproof and will keep you dry at all times.

2Winterial Single Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

amazon buttonTake on anything mother nature throws at you with the Winterial Single Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent. This durable product is made from 210D Oxford material which renders it extremely water-resistant. The tent can be installed and uninstalled easily by a single person. The dual doors ensure that users can enter and exit the tent without disturbing others inside. It can easily house 4 people and is great for all kinds of outdoor activities. The breathable and mesh material is great for keeping you cool and dry in all types of weather.

1Toogh Waterproof Tent 2-3 Person Camping Tent

amazon buttonThis is as good as a backpacking tent can get without costing too much. It fits 2 adults with ease, which is something not many backpacking tents can do. The tent can be installed almost instantly and can be uninstalled and packed within just a few minutes and without using any additional tools. It is also made from high-quality polyester which offers sturdiness and reliability, along with a waterproof 210 D Oxford fabric floor. Given its inexpensive price, we can safely call it one of the very best the market has to offer right now.