Top 10 Best Baseball Gloves of 2017 – Reviews


The best thing about baseball is that it can be played almost anywhere as long as you have the right gear. It represents a great way to spend time with your friends and family whenever you have the time, without mentioning how healthy it can prove to be in the long run. Those of you who have played baseball at least once in your life will know just how important it is to have the right gear on hand.

We are, of course, talking here about quality shots, bats, and gloves. Today we will focus on baseball gloves which are perhaps the most important element of any casual game of catch. This being said, let us find out what are the ten best baseball gloves money can buy.

10Rawlings Players Series Gloves

amazon buttonMade of soft, pliable materials, this quality baseball glove from Rawlings is designed to emulate professional gloves to the letter. As such, whoever has the joy of actually wearing one will undoubtedly testify to its comfort and reliability. It also has to be said that the glove uses a neo-flex conventional back with Velcro strap for a more custom fit, a slanted basket web, and reflective binding.

9Louisville Slugger FG25CR5 125 Series Cream Fielding Glove

amazon buttonThanks to its genuine oil-treated cowhide leather construction, this glove is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Furthermore, its slugger touch finger linings are designed to wick away perspiration from the player’s hand in order to provide better control and comfort at the same time. Not only that but it also features dye-through lacing and pro-inspired patterns for a more authentic feel.

8Rawlings Renegade Series Glove

amazon buttonRawlings is well-known for making quality baseball gloves and the Renegade model is no different. This interesting glove features a 12-inch pattern and a basket web style, a design that surprisingly enough, has a conventional back side. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it is a lot more durable than you would expect a glove in this price range to be, mainly due to its strong stitching and quality materials.

7Rawlings Player Preferred Adult Glove

amazon buttonThis glove benefits from a conventional back with a flex loop function, which recommends it for anyone who knows a thing or two about baseball. It is also designed in a Pro-H web style for added flexibility and comfort. Not only that but it also has a 13-inch pattern, reliable stitching, and an impressive construction to say the least. Overall, it is a blend between what you would expect a professional glove to look like and a fun glove to use when playing with your friends.

6Easton BX1300B Baseball Glove

amazon buttonDue to being equipped with lock down velcro straps, this particular baseball glove will fit on almost anyone’s hand with no real issues whatsoever. At the same time, the leather laces in front are aimed at making the glove not only durable but flexible as well thanks to their unique design. Furthermore, the glove benefits from a contoured index finger pad that makes the glove comfortable when worn over long periods of time.

5Rawlings Premium Pro Series Glove

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this glove is made to resemble professional gloves to the letter. Even so, it is indeed a bit heavier due to the fact that it is using a different type of leather. This, however, does not impede the glove’s flexibility in any obvious way. Not only that but the overall flexibility of the glove is a lot better than what you would normally expect from a glove in its class.

4Wilson A360 Baseball Glove

amazon buttonThis versatile glove can be used comfortably in almost any position thanks to its ingenious design. It is also a lot more durable than most gloves in this price range, a durability it owes mainly to the quality materials used in its making. We all know how important durability is when it comes to baseball gloves, which is where this particular stands out by almost any metric both in terms of damage caused by wear or extreme usage.

3Rawlings Player Preferred Adult Glove

amazon buttonMost Rawlings gloves can be traced back to professional gloves when it comes to design, which explains why they are so popular to begin with. At the same time, baseball gloves in this class are by far the most durable of any Rawlings gloves, much thanks to tough stitching. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this particular glove features a conventional back with a patented Flex Loop design for good measure.

2Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

amazon buttonWe should point out that this glove is aimed at young players in particular, although it can very well be used by anyone with a smaller hand. One of the features that make this glove stand out is its power-lock closure, a design that ensures maximum fit and performance in almost any conditions. We should also point out that the glove benefits from a patented PowerClose system that makes catching a lot easier overall.

1Rawlings Player Series T-Ball Pattern

amazon buttonDo not let its 9-inch design fool you, this particular glove is perhaps the most durable in its class, which makes it perfect for any young player looking for a nearly professional glove to improve their game. It benefits from a basket-web form in a closed, deep pocket, a design very popular for infielders and pitchers alike. At the same time, it features a conventional back with a wide opening above the wrist for greater comfort and a soft core training ball to help you practice.