Top 10 Best Baseballs of 2017 – Reviews


Although it is mostly played in a handful of countries, baseball is a world-renowned sport that is constantly growing in popularity worldwide. It is not only a competitive professional sport but an enjoyable activity for amateurs of all ages, which is why quality baseballs are in such high demand. Now, we all know that in order to perform, the quality of your equipment has to be top-notch, a good enough reason as any to invest in a quality baseball to up your game. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best baseballs the market has to offer in our quest to find out the very best.

Best Baseballs Reviews 2017

10Diamond Sports Diamond NFHS

amazon buttonThe Diamond Sports Diamond NFHS is a heavy duty official league baseball made from high-quality genuine leather. Uniquely crafted with a cork and rubber pill it comes with a sturdy binding made of blended high-grade wool, a premium exterior covering and diamond seam. Weighing approximately 4.4 pounds, this baseball is officially approved by the NFHS which is the National Federation of State High School Associations. This ball comes in a set of 12 and is extremely durable and reliable.

9Macgregor 79PY

amazon buttonDesigned for training purposes, the Macgregor 79PY qualifies as a Youth League training baseball. Constructed with a heavy-duty compressed core made from high-quality cork, it features a strong synthetic leather exterior that is well finished and smooth. Thanks to its specially designed raised seams, it offers an optimized grip and perfect control while training. The set comes in a pack of 12 balls and is ideally utilized for batting and pitching practices.

8Baseball Pitching Pitch Training Baseball

amazon buttonSpecially designed for those new and aspiring players, the Baseball Pitching Pitch Training Baseball comes equipped with special color-coded detailing to help with proper placement of fingers for better learning. Measuring 9 inches in diameter this baseball is well weighted giving you that added grip and optimized control while training. Suitable for both left and right-handed pitchers, this baseball is the perfect choice for aspiring players. Along with the ball, you get an instructional guide with pictures and details on how to grip the ball perfectly and how to throw for each pitch.

7Rawlings Rcal1 Cal Ripken

amazon buttonWith an exterior cover made from full grain high-quality leather, the Rawlings Rcal1 Cal Ripken is a versatile baseball that comes with exceptional durability and reliability. With a raised seam for added grip, it features a strong cork and rubber center that is heavy duty and robust. Perfect for utilizing during any weather condition, this ball is resistant to water and comes with a smooth finishing and comfortable hold.

6SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Baseballs

amazon buttonThe SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Baseballs come with a soft outer construction that is cushioned and well-designed to provide less impact while playing. Perfect for training and batting practice, these balls enable young players in building their confidence while playing. Measuring 9 inches in circumference, these balls replicate standardly sized baseballs that are utilized for training. These baseballs come in a set of two safety balls that allow children to focus on developing their pitching and batting strengths.

5Rawlings MLB Team Logo Baseball

amazon buttonFeaturing a heavy duty, top notch, full grain leather exterior, the Rawlings Official Major League Logo Baseball weighs 5 ounces and contains 108 stitches, exactly matching the major league baseball. Durable and resistant to outer damage, the interior is made of high-quality sturdy cork with a stylish outer design featuring raised seams that aid in providing you with a better more comfortable grip and hold.

4SKLZ Weighted

amazon buttonAvailable in a pack of 2, the SKLZ Weighted Baseballs weigh two different weights being 10 ounces and 12 ounces respectively. Measuring the same size and the exact same design and structure, these balls are perfect for enhancing your pitching skills and throwing strength. Compared to other baseballs, these can be utilized for warm-ups before games as they offer a better weight and control. The balls come in two different colors being yellow and black to help you differentiate its weight.

3Wilson A1010s Blem

amazon buttonWell-known and popular for their baseball-related products, Wilson is definitely the brand to look for when searching for anything baseball-related. The A1010s Blem baseball is the perfect example of that, a baseball designed for practice purposes, one that will surely increase the standard of your practice sessions while enhancing your batting skills. Ideal for professional baseball as well as for your personal use, these balls offer optimal game play. Equipped with a robust cork interior that is well cushioned with a great full grain leather exterior design, these baseballs are extremely durable and will not lose its shape easily.

2Rawlings RLLB1 Kit

amazon buttonThe Rawlings RLLB1 kit is a set of 12 little League Competition Grade baseballs made from high-quality premium grade leather. Offering long lasting durability, these balls are perfectly affordable and ideal for your children to practice and enhance their baseball skills. Featuring a robust exterior, the ball is resistant to outer damage and offers a good grip and comfortable hold. Thanks to their heavy duty core, these baseballs can withstand outer damage without altering the shape of the ball.

1Rawlings Official Major League Baseball

amazon buttonMade from 80% composite material, 15% synthetic fiber and 5% high-quality cotton, the Rawlings Official Major League Baseball is an imported premium grade baseball of the highest quality. Featuring the logo of the primary team on the front of the ball, it includes the signature of the commissioner on the top. Designed with red stitching that is durable seams, it offers an optimized grip and good hold and control. Measuring the official size of, the ball is extremely durable, stylish, and perfectly weighted to meet the highest possible standards.