Top 10 Best Baseboard Heaters of 2017 – Reviews


Finding a good heater is no easy task, especially when it comes to baseboard heaters. One of the reasons behind this is because a baseboard heater is supposed to be not only potent and reliable but durable and easy to maintain as well. In this respect, a baseboard heater will provide more value for money than a standard space heater thanks to the way these devices are built.

Even so, you’re gonna have to spend an awful lot of time looking at what the market has to offer if you don’t want to get stuck with a heater that either breaks down all the time or one that is nowhere nearly as strong as you need to properly heat up the room. To save you the trouble of doing all the research yourself, we put together a list of the ten best baseboard heater money can buy.

10Q-Mark 2512W Electric Baseboard Heater

amazon buttonThis top notch heater is nothing short of amazing. It has a design that is simple to use and will ensure you are warm inside the house come winter. Its chimney fin is one of its salient features that make it so popular and interesting at the same time. This is because it is very efficient in providing optimum circulation of air in the location it is installed, regardless of the room size.

Users can easily direct air flow from walls when using this unit and this prevents soiling problems. Another amazing fact about it is that it can be mounted on floors that are carpeted or otherwise despite causing any damages whatsoever.

9King Portable KP1210

amazon buttonThis incredible baseboard heater is capable of delivering convection heating performance, this hastens the process of heating a room. It has numerous features and functions that are quite beneficial and this has what has literally made it a household name. It has an aesthetically appealing aluminum design. Its lengthy cutout system is a safety measure that is very useful. It has a thermostat that is an effective temperature stabilizer.

8Optimus H-3603 Convection Heating Unit

amazon buttonThe Optimus H-3603 facilitates simple temperature increase in homes. What sets it apart from other regular heaters is the fact that it has two major settings for heat i.e. 1500 watt and 750 watts. This ensures flexibility in usage and ultimately convenience. It is manufactured from highly durable materials that guarantee a long service life of the unit.

This baseboard heater also a carrying handle built into it to facilitate easy transportation. The user can, therefore, carry the heater to a destination o9f choice if they so desire. Moreover, users will get a powerful performance delivery from this unit because of its tip-over safety switch. If purchased, individuals can wave good bye to problems associated with heaters.

7Fahrenheat PLF1254 – Hydronic Technology

amazon buttonIt has to be said that this heater is highly recommended due its complex features. Among its many features, this unit has the ability to provide the user with a clean, crisp and contemporary styling. This is in a bid to offer convenience to the user. Its excellent design offers only exemplary performance to guarantee that you are always warm when need be.

It has a superb heating element that effectively facilitates heat transfer in the users’ homes. As a safety precaution, it is equipped with an automatic cutout that averts accidental air blockage in the unit.

6Lasko Portable Electric Baseboard Heater

amazon buttonFor those individuals who desire class and performance, this heater is just for you. This portable unit offers its users an unparalleled experience. It has the potential of providing a heating power of up to 1.5 kW at its optimum level. Furthermore, it has an over current protection system incorporated into it. This is to guarantee and provide the user a factor of safety they wouldn’t normally get from a standard heater.

5HomeBasix LH844

amazon buttonHomeBasix’s LH844 heater is undoubtedly among the most sought after baseboard heaters on the market today. It is a good choice for those who desire flexibility in their heaters for daily use. This one of a kind device has the capability of providing an adjustable temperature that ensures the user is comfortable in his or her environment. In a nutshell, it is convenience and reliability packaged in one stylish product.

It is easy to install due to its simple design. This eliminates the need for technical assistance especially if the owner is good with manuals. On purchase, the buyer gets extra controls to enhance the experience. Its optimum design enables performance monitoring during use so that the user can gauge its efficiency.

4Marley HBB750

amazon buttonPurchasing this baseboard heater would be a worthwhile decision to make. Its heating element is properly designed to guarantee high efficiency during usage. It is highly applicable in strong convection flow needs. It is preferred because of its excellent ability to retain heat that is produced gently from the unit. It has a thermostat to simplify heat control in homes of users.

3Fahrenheat FBE15002 Dual Electric 2

amazon buttonThis particular heater is currently in high demand, which indicates that it has not only a high-performance output but a good service delivery as well. It has a thermostat which is built-in and this effectively regulates heat for a more stable temperature. It is energy efficient to cut down on your electricity bills. Its chimney fin design is nonetheless attractive. Its power controls enable ease in control and management of the unit.

2Cadet 09954 Electric Heater

amazon buttonThe Caded 09964 heater is among the most convenient and versatile heaters on the market today. It has a 20 gauge junction box which comes with metal and is powder coated. It also utilizes around 1,000 watts worth of power which guarantees high levels of warmth at any given time. Furthermore, this heater is designed to enjoy a much longer durability than most, thanks mainly to its ingenious yet sturdy design.

1Comfort Zone Low Profile Silent Heater

amazon buttonWhen it comes to baseboard heaters, there is perhaps no better heater on the market today than Comfort Zone’s Low Profile Silent Heater. This heater isn’t just easy to install but also very easy to operate and even easier to maintain. This eliminates the need of hiring costly technical personnel to assist with the installation process.

Additionally, it has a dual wattage capability of both 1,500 watts and 750 watts. This gives the user a wide spectrum to select his or her ideal heating setting. Its HD heating element facilitates even heating to suit the user’s needs. It is also very silent overall, even when operating at its 1,500 watts setting.