Top 10 Best Bath Brushes of 2017 – Reviews


Many people prefer brushes to sponges and for good reasons as well. Not only do they provide a high standard of cleaning but they are also very easy to maintain and store. At the same time, they are far better when it comes to delivering a good scrubbing, not to mention how well they lather soap and shampoo in a timely fashion. Also worth mentioning is that bath brushes usually last a lot longer than sponges, especially when properly maintained. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best bath brushes the market has to offer right now.

Best Bath Brushes Reviews 2017

11Saunarctic´s Nordic Style Brush

amazon buttonRecommended for both foot and body cleaning, Saunarctic´s Nordic Style is not only a characteristically versatile brush but also boasts a long (27.5 inches) impressive design making it one of the longest in the market. It is commonly known that foot and body brushes undergo massive abuse while in use and with this in mind, the makers of Fuller have put this in mind. Other than having a heavy-duty plastic material that makes it durable, it is also fairly light. In addition, it boasts a stain-proof, properly contoured body that is easily simple to maneuver. Its bristles likewise are stiff although soft and are recommended for sensitive skin.

10Bath Blossom Shower Brush

amazon buttonA premium bath brush that never quite disappoints, Blossom Brush is a wonderful purchase for both genders. With a long (16.5 inches) handle, its versatile design makes showering a fun experience. Moreover, its wood handle quality is not only stylish but also durable and resistant to stains. While its extra-long feature is quite admirable, features such as its detachable head and not to forget natural and soft bristles make it a superb and comfortable way to clean and exfoliate your skin devoid of irritating or even scratching you. Besides this, this brush comes with a typically light design coupled with its proper balance boasting non-slip handles to give you the best experience possible.

9Aquasentials Deluxe Mesh Brush

amazon buttonTired of the smelly and mushy bath sponge experience each time you take a bath? The Deluxe purple themed mesh brush is exactly what you need. Aquasentials brings you an enticingly designed brush that comes with a rugged large cleaning surface together with a considerably long handle (18-inch) that perfectly gets to areas that are hard to clean. This brush is quite simple to use and effortlessly lathers well with soaps and shower gels. Moreover, it is not only well-balanced but also light which makes it quite convenient. Besides easy maneuvering, it boasts a non-slip comfortable grip that further boosts its performance by reducing the likelihood of slipping while you are cleaning.

8Aquasentials Long Handle Bath Brush

amazon buttonAquasentials makes the list again this time with a long-handled, aesthetic and lightly designed shower brush. This design works amazingly to allow proper scrubbing of hard to access areas such as legs. Moreover, it is a durable brush that resists stains. It is equipped with medium-soft kind of bristles which perfectly clean devoid of causing irritations. In addition to being durable, they are designed to offer superior exfoliation not to mention that the sponge and lather in a similarly wonderful manner. With a 14-inch long handle, and the fact that it does not allow growth of mildew or mold makes it a wonderful, foul odour-free brush. And despite having a poor grip, it comes in multiple colors and lathers well with shower gels and soap to give you a refreshing shower time.

7TopNotch Blue Bath Brush

amazon buttonTopNotch Brush makes the list with a convenient long-heralded and blue-themed brush that is both stylish and durable. It is not just handy when it comes to areas that are hard to clean, but is also highly portable and flexible. The brush comes in a versatile design that works well in brushing, showering and even exfoliating your skin. And aside from its decent pricing, it is properly balanced and boasts a contoured design that works aptly for all genders and sizes. TopNotch is a hygienic substitute to conventional washcloths and sponges since it resists mildew and mold growth and although it is somewhat harsh, it offers a 3-month satisfaction guarantee on top of its 1-year manufacturer warranty to cement its push for quality.

6Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush

amazon buttonSwissco Deluxe offers a pretty decent brush in the form of a 16-inch sturdy, one-piece accessory that is bound to meet anyone’s needs when it comes to weight and flexibility. Aside from being fairly long (16.5-inches) it boasts a one-piece durable design. It allows you to reach areas that are otherwise difficult to reach owing to its angled and light handle. Although simple, it is durable and cleans properly. Moreover, its bristles don’t just lather well but also retain this lather considerably longer than typical brushes. Although slightly itchy, it is well designed to resist mold or mildew growth.

5TopNotch Body Brush

amazon buttonTopNotch makes the list again and considering its qualities, it is not any surprising. Anti-cellulite and ideal back scrubber, it is a natural item boasting boar natural bristles. Aside from being comfortable, these bristles are durable and boast a fast lathering non-irritant design that makes showering exciting. Made from beech sustainable wood, its handle has a long lasting sturdy design that inspires its popularity. Moreover, it is characterized by smooth edges and lightweight build that ease its use. It is easy to maneuver and use in scrubbing without tiring. Even with poor finishing, it still gives money worth with its accompanying free accessories such as a storage bag, wash mitt and comprehensive 3-month (90day) guarantee and 1-year manufacturer warranty.

4Rengora Best Bath Brush

amazon buttonRengora brush is yet another addition to this list and comes with a curved, sturdy and long wooden handle that makes bathing quite fun. Aside from scrubbing, it works well in naturally exfoliating your skin not to mention softly soothing you. This unisex brush lathers effortlessly with showering gels and soaps and holds the lather for the entire shower session devoid of inspiring any irritations. Despite being cheap, it surprisingly can handle abuse well. Its underlying wood makeup is sturdy and takes a while before getting stains, warping or even snapping. Although its handle is loose, it is smooth like its joints that are wonderfully finished to last awhile.

3Touch Me Boar Bristle Body Brush

amazon buttonThis 19.5-inch shower brush is among the list of durable and long brushes that are non-irritant and smooth. It comes with a fairly large head that is complemented by pig bristles that are soft and that clean fast aside from being non-irritant, smooth and well able to lather well with shower gels and soaps. Contrary to many standard brushes, this model works properly with both cold and hot water and although it is susceptible to splitting, it is low maintenance and simple to use owing to an ergonomic design.

2Kingsley Body Brush

amazon buttonKingsley makes its way on our list with a brush that is crafted to not only clean but also exfoliate devoid of irritating or even scratching the users. The brush is both affordable and sturdy besides boasting an assortment of features which make it ideal for daily usage. It is characterized by boar natural bristles that aside from being durable clean without irritating. Moreover, they lather and even rinse properly without breaking. Although short, this brush comes with a wooden contoured handle that besides being light is ergonomic and durable.

1Bürstenhaus Redecker

amazon buttonThis 19.5-inch shower brush is among the few long brushes that are non-irritant and smooth at the same time. It comes with a fairly large head that is complemented by pig bristles that are not only soft but highly capable of cleaning quickly, aside from being non-irritant, smooth, and well able to lather well with shower gels and soaps. Contrary to many standard brushes, this model works properly with both cold and hot water, and although it is susceptible to splitting, it is low maintenance and simple to use owing to an ergonomic design you will fall in love with over time.