Top 10 Best Bath Robes for Men in 2017 – Reviews


Every person has at least one bathrobe in their home nowadays and for good reasons. When it comes to buying one, however, most people simply buy whatever they find on sale, without paying too much attention to their stitching, fabric, or style. Over time, a bath robe has to prove itself not only comfortable to wear but durable as well. To help you get a better understanding of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best bath robes for men the market has to offer at this point in time.

10State O’ Maine Big and Tall Robe for Men

amazon buttonThe high-quality polyester material that has been used in the making of this bathrobe guarantees you extra comfort and luxury after your shower. It is also highly durable and itch-free. The bath robe is easy to wash and maintain and is perfect for lounging around the house or for throwing on when you emerge from the shower. Furthermore, this is also one of the most comfortable bathrobes out there, at least in this price range.

9Surprise Luxury Collared Shawl Bath Robe

amazon buttonThese big bath robes are definitely made for men who feel self-conscious when wearing a bath robe. It is utterly comfortable with its fluffy 100% cotton material, and is the perfect item to wear every day after your shower. The plush material has the capacity to soothe and relax you when you’re lounging around the house in your luxury bathrobe. We use the word ‘luxury’ because to some extent, this is pretty much as good as a bath robe can get.

8Nautica Sultan Woven Striped Bath Robe

amazon buttonMade from high quality, 100 % cotton material, everything about this fantastic bath robe for men oozes sophistication and luxurious comfort. It comes with a unique design which consists of variegated stripes along its body and a stylish Nautica logo on one breast. The bath robe also features a shawl collar, pockets on the waist area and a waist belt. Not only that but it also enjoys some of the best stitching possible.

7Star Wars Fleece Jedi Master Bath Robe

amazon buttonThe Jedi Master bathrobe is more of a collector’s item than it is a bathrobe. It functions well as both especially since the thick fleece of the robe makes it extra comfortable and posh enough to wear around the house when you’re lounging. The bath robe can also be used after showering provided you first towel off the excessive water. Its high-quality build is quite satisfactory and promises long lasting durability.

6Utopia Towels Hooded Bath Robe

amazon buttonHooded and made of high quality 440 GSM fabric that consists of 100 % extra plush cotton material, this bath robe is designed to provide extra comfort after a long luxurious shower. Its hood is a nice touch since it allows you to be as comfortable as you want when you’re lounging. The premium construction guarantees you that the hood will last for a long period of time, unlike most of the cheaper bath robes out there.

5Wanted Men Micro-Fleece Bath Robe

amazon buttonWhether you run a spa or are just looking for something to keep you warm and comfortable after showering, the high-quality polyester micro-fleece material that has been used in the making of this comfortable bath robe promises you unlimited comfort. The robe’s thick body features two pockets at the front that allow you to take your personal belongings with you wherever you go, a useful feature to have in a bath robe.

4Del Rossa Lightweight Cotton Bath Robes for Men

amazon buttonLightweight bath robes are significantly more comfortable to wear for small-bodied individuals. This particular one is made from 100 % cotton material for extra comfort and long-lasting durability. Its accessories include a very useful shawl collar, some contrast piping and a matching waist belt that allows you to make yourself as snug as possible. In this respect, this particular bath robe is perhaps one of the most comfortable out there.

3Arus Men’s Plush Fleece Bath Robe

amazon buttonThis bath robe promises unlimited comfort and a deluxe feel since it is made from ultra soft Turkish fleece material. The robe also features adjustable sleeves, meaning you can wear them long or short depending on your needs. A soft fleece collar also ensures that you are comfortably dressed whenever you decide to lounge in your comfortable Arus Men’s fleece robe. It is truly the definition of luxurious comfort and style when you are at home.

2Noble Mount Micro-Fleece Premium Spa Bath Robe

amazon buttonMade precisely to provide deluxe luxury to the wearer, this bathrobe is lightweight, expertly made and incredibly soft and plush. The exquisite coral micro-fleece material is extra soft to the skin and promises to relax the body. The robe comes with a comfortable, 48-inch collar, has two front pockets and luxuriously long sleeves to keep your entire body covered in comfort. It also features a self-tie waist belt that can be fastened using the two loops on the sides.

1Towel Selections Turkish Cotton Bath Robe

amazon buttonNot only is this bath robe made luxuriously to do just more than cover your body after a shower, it also comes with a shawl collar to give you that luxurious after-bath experience. It is made out of very comfortable cotton that has been stitched durably to last. Also worth mentioning is that this bath robe is 100% machine washable, which makes it easy to maintain in the long run. Speaking of which, this bathrobe also enjoys some of the highest possible standard of stitching, a construction that guarantees its long-lasting durability.