Top 10 Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets of 2017 – Reviews


Every modern home has a bathroom medicine cabinet nowadays and it’s easy to understand why. Everything you could possibly need can be stored in these discreet cabinets, from pills and ointments to sanitary napkins or other similar accessories. Not only that but on top of being very practical, these cabinets are usually very easy to install and can be expected to be extremely durable as well. Furthermore, most of these cabinets will fit into any bathroom theme or decor you might have so as not to stand out too much. This being said, let us find out what are the ten best bathroom medicine cabinets the market has to offer right now.

10Kohler Verdera Slow Close Medicine Cabinet

amazon buttonThe Kohler Verdera Slow Close Medicine Cabinet is a stylish durable cabinet equipped with three adjustable tempered glass shelves that have ample amount of storage space, enough for any type of large size bottles. Made from rust-free and chip-free anodized aluminum, the cabinet features a 3 x magnifying mirror on the inside of the door that can be adjusted in every way possible. It also comes with mirrors on the back of the door as well as the interior back of the cabinet. Along with the cabinet, you get special mounting hardware for easy installation.

9Zenith EMM1027 Prism Beveled Medicine Cabinet

amazon buttonImpressively constructed with ample space and storage capacity, the Zenith Prism Beveled Medicine Cabinet is among the top ranked medicine cabinets available on the market today. It has a sophisticated, stylish design that features two adjustable shelves that give you the option of storing larger bottles if necessary. It also comes with a Beveled mirror and is made with rust-free material making it durable and long lasting.

8Zenith Swing Door Medicine Cabinet

amazon buttonThanks to its spacious design, the Zenith Swing Door Medicine Cabinet is perfect for storing all kinds of toiletries and bathroom items. With its brilliant oak finish frame and adjustable shelf, this surface mounting cabinet is specially constructed to hold large bottles and accentuates the overall look of your bathroom. It also comes with a left and right-hand opening depending on the placement and position of the cabinet.

7Zenith Early American Medicine Cabinet

amazon buttonThe Zenith Early American Medicine Cabinet is a classy and elegant, yet modern and well-designed, surface-mount storage closet that should accentuate any bathroom area. The cabinet is compact in size and comes with 2 adjustable shelves that can be placed according to the size of the items stored. This cabinet also comes with a special latch that locks the door and prevents any items from falling out. Available in an exquisite shade of white, this cabinet is also extremely attractive to look at.

6Jensen Builder Series Frameless Medicine Cabinet

amazon buttonThe Jensen Builder Series Medicine Cabinet is your modern day stylish storage cupboard crafted with a frameless mirror with pencil polished edging and a molded durable polystyrene body. This 18-inch cabinet can fit onto your wall at ease, giving users 100% full functionality with a low profile opening. The door of the cabinet can be opened either on the left or right side, depending on the shape and size of your toilet. It also comes with 2 plastic shelves and is extremely easy to clean.

5Zenith Oval Mirror Medicine Cabinet

amazon buttonOwing to its vintage design, the Zenith Oval Mirror Medicine Cabinet is a perfect fit for those who are inspired by antiques and traditional furniture. This elegant oval-shaped cabinet comes with 2 adjustable shelves that can be placed according to your needs. The cabinet features an oval-shaped mirror that is in the front along with mirrored sides that offer maximum light. The cabinet is available in 2 colors, one with a white steel body with powdered coating and another which is an oil-rubbed bronze frame.

4Pegasus SP4580 Surface or Recessed Mirror Medicine Cabinet

amazon buttonThis unique Beveled mirror medicine cabinet from Pegasus is one among the top recommended products of its kind. With a height of 26 inches, a width of 15 inches, and a depth of 5 inches, this cabinet is made of rust free aluminum and features a premium quality Beveled mirror. Other features include self-closing hinges that open up to 110 degrees and 2 adjustable shelves made of glass.

3Pegasus Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet

amazon buttonThe Pegasus SP4582 is a 30″ by 24″ recessed mount, beveled mirror medicine cabinet that is made of rust free aluminum. This cabinet features self-closing hinges and 2 glass shelves that can be adjusted according to the size of the stored items. The aluminum casing is durable and comes in extremely stylish white color. At the same time, this particular cabinet is one of the most reliable out there as far as construction goes.

2Kohler Verdera Medicine Cabinet

amazon buttonThanks to its rust-free, durable design and framework, the Kohler Verdera Medicine Cabinet can be used for many years without the worry of any kind of damage. Accentuating the overall decor of your bathroom, its cabinet not only adds that style but also consists of huge amount of storage space, enough to hold many large toiletry items. Made from anodized aluminum, this cabinet features 9 adjustable shelves made of tempered glass, a mirror on the back of the door as well as the interior back of the cabinet, a left and right hand opening functionality and a handy mounting hardware for easy installation.

1KOHLER Single Door Aluminum Cabinet

amazon buttonMade from anodized aluminum with a rust-free and chip-free finish, this durable cabinet features 2 adjustable glass shelves, mirrored interiors, a complete overlay mirrored door with beveled edging, and easy access to its contents thanks to its 2-way hinges which open right up to 108 degrees. The KOHLER Single Door Aluminum Cabinet also enjoys one of the most classy and well-made designs as far as aesthetics go, which is always a big plus when it comes to cabinets of any kind.