Top 10 Best Battery Operated Fans of 2017 – Reviews


Gone are the days when you had to keep a fan plugged in at all times. Nowadays, you can benefit from the cooling effect of surprisingly powerful fans wherever you may be, with no limitations to speak of. We are, of course, talking about battery operated fans. These fans are designed to work with the help of battery-operated electric motors that develop surprisingly high RPM capabilities. Having said that, let us point out that not all battery operated fans are built to the same standards. To give you a better idea of what to look for, here are the ten best battery operated fans money can buy.

10Coleman Freestanding Tent Fan

amazon buttonIf you are more of nature person and an active participant in activities such as camping, Coleman fan is exactly what you need. Designed to suit outdoor conditions, this fan is well-built and complimented by a significantly powerful motor (electric). Unlike similar typical fans, it requires D-cell batteries which you acquire separately, which if fully charged can guarantee you unlimited 21-hour service. Even with all these, one particular drawback with this fan is that its blades are exposed since it lacks typical protective mesh that covers the blades. Although this is a major setback, it may also be a plus since the lack of the mesh may inspire optimized air push by the fan.

9D-FantiX 3-inch Mini Portable Fan

amazon buttonEven with the assortment of advantages to its name, the most striking aspect of this fan is its compactness. Its genius design allows more air to be pushed and has a wide-ranging application capacity stretching to virtually anything. Despite its small size, it is characterized by a number of amazing features among them: a switch (on/off), 3 level speed provisions, portability of course and a surprisingly considerable price tag. It uses rechargeable batteries which when fully charged can guarantee you an 8 hour usage time, and in the case of battery power depletion, it is USB cable chargeable. Nonetheless, although boasting fully-packed features, the fin design is relatively cheap, a factor the manufacturers can improve on over time.

8Honeywell HTF090B Personal On-The-Move Turbo Fan

amazon buttonHoneywell has dominated the fan industry over the years and surprisingly, they also produce small and portable fans as exhibited by the HTF090B turbofan. Aside from the typical small-size, this fan is lightweight, compact, properly designed and easy when packing. Its small size makes it convenient particularly with gamers in striving to cool their hands and avoid sweating. Aside from the size and design, it also boasts a foldable stand, is affordable and similar to other listed models works on battery power and is compatible with USB charging. Nonetheless, you will be disappointed to note that it lacks the fan speed adjustment provision despite its wow features.

7Skygenius Battery Powered Mini Desk Fan

amazon buttonIf you are more of performance over design, then the SkyGenius mini fan is your best choice. Aside from being compact, it comes with a remarkable design characterized by a bottom placed small clip, is simple to use and is relatively powerful with a capacity to attain high spin speeds. Like other available portable fans, it is battery-powered (18650 battery), allows USB cable charging, boasts of a 6-hour maximum use time and comes with a 2 mode adjustable fan speeds. Despite having just the drawback of its overall build feeling somewhat cheap, what more would any user need from a fan?

6O2-Cool Portable Mini Fan

amazon buttonFor those in search of great performance in an appealing design, this is the fan for you. Its compact feature allows its diverse application in varied locations since it is particularly easy to carry and is characterized by an internally-built battery pack which can sustain its run considerably. With a rechargeable pack, this fan can give you unlimited service for and estimates 72 hours an aspect that is beyond imposing. On battery depletion, it has a backup charging adapter incorporated in its kit. Nonetheless, its exorbitant price and the lack of speed adjustment features are the major drawbacks associated with this portable fan.

5O2-Cool Portable 10 Inch Fan

amazon buttonComing in with a proper built and a remarkable design, this fan pushes more air without mandating for a highly powerful motor. It runs on 6 D-cells which when charged fully give you’re an all-day service. It is characterized by 2 modes of fan speed, a handle that is built-in and an AC adapter for charging which is included in the kit. Aside from affordability, it boasts a proper construction and is relatively powerful given its compact size.

4Opolar Rechargeable Portable Fan

amazon buttonThe dominance of OPOLAR in this list is a testimony of its repute. They make the list with their mini portable fan which although similar to its predecessor F101 improves on some aspects. As opposed to the cheap feel plastic body of the F101, this one has a robust design and a body that is entirely made of plastic. Even with the typical fan features such a speed adjustment provision and ease of use, this portable fan stands out from the lot majorly due to its LED light (blue) that adds an ambiance touch to it. It has an appealing design complimented by a front white and a subsequent plastic (black matte) cover to it. It offers 3-speed provisions which can be altered using its 5 buttons on its bottom; And in respect to power, it is battery-charged but also uses USB cable, accessories that come with the kit. The only setback, however, is the short-life battery lifespan.

3O2-Cool Portable 5 Inch Fan

amazon buttonThis may be a seemingly small fan at first sight, be we assure you that it is among the most reliable out there. It has a compact design that is easily packed and comes in handy for persons that continuously use computers or even hardcore gamers. Its powerful blades are powered by 2 batteries (D-cell) and other than the fact that it does not include a USB charging option, this particular fan is pretty much perfect by all standards.

2Opolar F801 Clip Rechargeable Desktop Fan

amazon buttonOPOLAR makes the list again on this occasion coming in with the smallest fan the list has to offer the F801. Its compact small-size has been incorporated to specifically target individuals that spend long hours in front of computer screens and have sweaty hand problems. With such a size, power is compromised although it still works effectively for the individuals it is wittingly designed to service. Aside from the compact design, the F801 is complimented with features that boost convenience and usability. For positioning, the fan is conveniently adjustable and comes with a stand which works like a clip. It hosts a protective cover that shields its fins. Moreover, it operates under a battery pack that is rechargeable as well as the option of USB cable charging and in case you want to alter fan speed; it has precise buttons for this.

1Opolar F301 Rechargeable Portable Fan

amazon buttonNow a reputable brand in the market relative to portable fans, OPOLAR is at it again this time with their most practical fan yet the F301. This fan boasts a compact design, is simple to use, specially designed fins that mandate a relatively powerful motor to push out more air and is powered by batteries (18650). Moreover, it can also be charged via USB cables. For convenience, it eases positioning concerns since you can hang it anywhere using its small cutout; and if you want to alter the sped settings, it comes with an easily detachable side-placed small panel you can use.