Top 10 Best Bicycle Floor Pumps of 2017 – Reviews


Every bike owner should have their own bike pump nowadays, especially given how reliable and inexpensive they’ve become. With the help of a bicycle floor pump, for instance, you will be able to quickly inflate not only your bike’s tires but any other inflatable piece of equipment you might have. Given how inexpensive these pumps are, you would be doing yourself a real disservice not to invest in one if you’re in a position to get such a pump. To provide you with a little perspective on what the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best bicycle floor pumps out there.

10Retrospec Bicycles Floor Pump

amazon buttonThe Retrospec Bicycles Floor Pump is one of the most reliable out there, thanks to a handy locking mechanism that works with well with Schrader and Presta tires without any issues to speak of. It also comes with an attached hose which is great for inflating tires that are at a relatively long distance from the pump. It also makes it easy for you to read the pressure with the help of a surprisingly accurate gauge. Furthermore, the pump comes with three added tips for inflating sports balls, mattresses, or any fitness equipment you might have.

9Topeak Joe Blow Pro Floor Pump

amazon buttonThe Topeak Joe Blow Pro is one of the best pumps for bicycles. It is used by both professional and amateur riders. The pump is made from high quality and durable materials. The handles and footrests offer great grip for easy use. The barrel is made from aluminum which not only makes it lightweight but extremely durable. The pump is fitted with Schraeder and Presta valves for a brilliant performance. Weighing just 4.8 pounds, this pump is great for all round usage.

8Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump

amazon buttonWhen it comes to power performers in floor drive pumps, the Lezyne Steel is a great device. Made from the best and most durable materials, this pump is made to last. The barrel is made from aluminum and is brilliantly lightweight and strong. It can be used for inflating bicycles, motorbikes, as well as cars. The valves have been tested thousands of times to ensure error-free performances always. Furthermore, this pump weighs 3.5 pounds overall, which makes it great for travel purposes.

7Bell Air Attack Floor Pump

amazon buttonIf you are an adventure seeker looking for a way to always be on the move, the Bell Air Attack is definitely the bicycle pump for you. Its lightweight design and unmatched performance is its biggest selling point. The pump is fitted with extra large handles and a solid wide base for a comfortable grip and a firm fixture. Delivering air at a maximum of 100 PSI, this pump lets users fill their bicycle tires, footballs, basketballs, mattresses, and more is less than a minute.

6BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump

amazon buttonThe BV Floor Pump is one of the easiest to use and brings a level of comfort very few can. It is ergonomically designed to offer the least amount of resistance while delivering maximum performance. It is fitted with a large, easy to read gauge that adds to its simplicity. One of the standout features is that the pump inflates tires and sports equipment like basketballs and footballs at an impressive 160 PSI. Weighing just 2 pounds, this floor pump is great for carrying around on camping trips for mattress inflation.

5AerGun X-1000 Bike Pump

amazon buttonDefinitely one of the most efficient bike floor pumps available today. The AerGun X-1000 comes with a tight pump head that fits into any modern day bicycle or sports ball and delivers a leak-proof performance every time. It is also fitted with a quick release valve that lets users remove excess air properly. With it’s easy to read gauge, the pump inflates tires and other equipment at 160 PSI. Even though it comes with a rather high price tag, users will soon see that it is money well-spent thanks to its unmatched performance and durability.

4Schwinn 5-in-1 Floor Pump

amazon buttonIn terms of multitasking, the Schwinn 5-in-1 floor pump stands out as the best. It is fitted with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves and gives users the freedom to inflate air in 5 different ways. The pump head is large and comes with a locking mechanism to ensure a leak-proof performance. The gauge is large and easy to read so users know the condition of their equipment. With a maximum of 140 PSI, this pump can fill any bicycle tire, sports ball, or mattress in under a minute.

3Vibrelli High-Performance Bike Floor Pump

amazon buttonOne of the standout features of the Vibrelli High-Performance bike floor pump is its unique valve switch which allows users to go from Presta to Schrader valves without any leaks. The pump also comes with a puncture kit for easy repair work on the go. The pump inflates tires at a very impressive 160 PSI. With one of the most accurate gauges in the world, this floor pump is brilliant for both professional and amateur bike riders.

2Topeak Joe Blow Sports II Floor Pump

amazon buttonMade from durable and tested materials, the Topeak Joe Blow Sports II pump is a uniquely crafted piece. It has been rigorously tested to ensure a premium performance every time. It is used by both professional and amateur riders and sports enthusiasts alike. The pump is designed to be used with both Presta and Schrader valves with a leak-proof delivery of air. There is a long hose that is fitted with a 360-degree rotating pivot. The long handles provide a comfortable grip and the steel base brings stability when inflating. The barrel of the pump is made from high-quality steel.

1Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

amazon buttonBringing dual pump heads during inflation, the Serfas TCPG bicycle floor pump is great for ant situation. Whether filling a tire or a basketball, the pump offers both Presta and Schrader valves for you to use depending on your needs. The heads can be attached and removed easily thanks to the quick draw screw able design. Also, its base is made from top quality metal which offers durability while the base is made from nylon and offers an almost perfect grip. Performance-wise, this pump delivers air at a maximum of 160 PSI and can fill a tire in less than a minute.