Top 10 Best Bicycle Locks of 2017 – Reviews


A good way to protect yourself against bicycle theft is to use a bicycle lock. These useful devices are quite affordable, they require very little effort to set up, and benefit from foolproof locking mechanisms designed to safeguard your bike as well as possible. They are also designed to fit bicycles of any type and size, which is perhaps why they are so popular to begin with.

This being said, you should always be aware of what to look for in a bicycle lock when shopping for one, especially nowadays when the market has been flooded with cheap knock-offs. To guide you through, we put together a list with the ten best bicycle locks on the market for you to look at.

10Mongoose Large Bicycle Lock

amazon buttonIf you want a large bicycle lock that comes without any compromises, this Mongoose lock is the way to go. This lock is very well-made, and it will keep your bike safe even in areas where there are high risks of theft. The lock is also adequately large, measuring 8.25 by 5.125 inches, which makes it great for securing bikes conveniently. This lock is also rustproof, durable, and quite affordable for the quality security it can provide.

9Etronic Security Lock M4

amazon buttonThe Etronic Security Lock has won accolades for its premium security features. The lock measures 4-feet, and it comes in an unmissable green color that should warn potential thieves to keep off even before they get to your bike. The lock is easy to use, thanks in part to its use of a combination lock. It is also flexible so that you can lock your bike to trees, posts and so forth. The lock also comes with a one-year warranty.

8WordLock WLX Hex

amazon buttonThis combination lock offers the layered security your bike needs to be completely safe in public places. The lock even comes with a bright blue color that should tell potential thieves that they would be better off staying away from your bike. Furthermore, in addition to being resistant to saws and hammers, the lock also uses a patented Match key security system that is practically impossible to pick. For that extra convenience, the lock also features a 5-foot cable so that you can secure your bike to posts and trees without any problems.

7OnGuard Bulldog DT

amazon buttonThis U-Lock is one of the best in its class. Despite its affordable price, the lock is actually one of the most secure you can own. The lock features a Quick Snap Lock and release system that is very easy to use. The lock can resist drills, picking, and even duplication of keys. Actually, this bike lock has a respectable rating of 65, which means your bike will be safe with this lock holding it in place.

6Kryptonite Keeper

amazon buttonDespite its stylistic looks, this lock can stand up to sawing, hammers, and even Freon. The lock is made using chain links, which are made using manganese steel. The lock measures 3-feet, and the links are four-sided for added durability. The lock also features a disk-style cylinder that can resist drilling and picking, a sturdy construction that also improves its overall durability.

5Cocoweb Heavy-Duty

amazon buttonCocoweb Heavy-Duty lock has all it takes to protect your bike even in the most unfavorable of environments. To begin with, the lock is resistant to sawing, hammering, and rust. This last aspect is brought about by the presence of a PVC-coated exterior. The lock is also actually weatherproof. To back its quality construction is a welcome one-year warranty, which gives you the permission to take it back for a replacement or cash if it fails in any way.

4Meetlocks Resettable Combination Lock

amazon buttonAny bike can be well secured by this strong combination lock. The lock is not only resettable, it is also very durable and strong. It will stand up to breach attempts made using hammers, saws and other objects. So, when using this lock at school, work or as you visit your favorite stores around town, you can rest assured that the lock will keep your bike safe. For even greater convenience, the lock also features a long cable so that you can easily secure your bike to posts while you go about your business.

3Master Lock

amazon buttonWith its 4 feet of length and ability to offer high-quality safety, convenience, and durability, Master Lock has become a leading bike lock in the market. This lock can resist sawing, hammering, or any other breach tactics. Moreover, it is very easy to carry around, all because of its self-coiling feature. The use of a combination lock makes it even more convenient to use. Actually, you can also use it for your gate in addition to your bike.

2Ushake Bike Lock Cable

amazon buttonThis lock is made of a self-coiling steel cable that can stand up to lots of handling without showing signs of weakness. Additionally, the lock is 4-feet long, which makes it appropriate for securing your bike to trees and posts. The four digit combination system that comes with the lock also makes it exceptionally difficult to breach. Mounting this lock will also be quite easy, partly because it comes with an instruction manual to help you along.

1Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2

amazon buttonThe Kryptonite U-Lock is the best of the best for a number of reasons, despite its seemingly compact design. The lock’s cable can flex for 4 feet. But more importantly, the lock is made using a strong 13mm steel that makes it resistant to cutting and blunt force. This lock is therefore quite ideal for use in areas where your bike will be exposed to high risks of theft. Not only that but its price is also quite affordable given how good it is.