Top 10 Best Bicycle Seat Packs of 2017 – Reviews


The biggest advantage of a bicycle seat pack is that it allows you to carry not only standard belongings but valuables as well. Unlike traditional seat packs that were mostly used to carry tools, modern versions are a lot more durable, reliable, and easy to install. We should also point out that most of these seat packs are affordable by pretty much all standards, which is always a good argument for buying something that might prove useful in the long run. Long story short, we took the time to browse through what the market has to offer in our quest to find out the ten best bicycle seat packs money can buy.

10CoBean Black Silkworm

amazon buttonThe definitive feature of the CoBean seat pack is its shape. Similar to that of a silkworm, this seat pack fits under any seat comfortably. The materials used are PU and Polyester for a soft and durable feel. There is a large opening secured by a durable and smooth zipper for easy storage. The hard buckles ensure that every rider’s items are kept safe. A broad reflective strip on the pack let’s traffic behind know where you are.

9Generic Roswheel Cycling Bike Saddle

amazon buttonBicycle seat packs are usually bulky but the Generic Cycling Bike Saddle is perfect for any bike. It fits comfortably under the seat and allows riders to store multiple items. The zip comes with an anti-skid feature which keeps all the contents of the bag inside at all times. The pack is fitted with special reflective strips that ensure the safety of the rider at night. The inner lining is made of PE cotton which not only keeps the items safe but also brings a shock-proof feature to the rider.

8WOTOW Bicycle Seat Saddle Bag

amazon buttonLooking for the perfect bicycle seat pack? The WOTOW Bicycle Seat Saddle Bag is a great choice. It comes with an inbuilt tool kit with 14 different tools to repair any problem on the bike as well as tires. The pack is made from high quality, durable material that is weather-proof. The mounting and unmounting systems are easy and simple to understand. Fitted with strong and skid resistant zips, items in the pack are safe at all times.

7Aero Wedge Pack

amazon buttonOne of the most stylish attachments on your bicycle, the Aero Wedge Pack is an ideal accessory for any rider. The big pockets allow users to store as much as they want easily. There is a quick release system that is great for fast mounting and removal. The durable nylon straps and buckle systems make it easy to carry around as well. The pack is lined with high-quality nylon for a water-resistant feature. Furthermore, this pack features a broad and bright reflective strip to keep traffic aware at all times.

6BV Bicycle Y-Series

amazon buttonThe Y-Series from BV Bicycle is one of the best seat packs in the market. It is made from weatherproof materials that make it extremely durable. There is a huge opening that is secured by a strong and skid free zip and allows users to store a large number of items. For added security, the pack comes with a 3M reflective strip that lets traffic know of their presence. The biggest advantage of the BV Y-Series packs is that there are multiple sizes available for different cycles.

5Geared2U Seat Pack

amazon buttonFor those environment-friendly people who love to travel by bicycle, the Geared2U seat pack plays a huge advantage. It comes with 4 spacious compartments that can be used to store tools, mobile phones, pumps, spectacles, and more. It is weatherproof which makes it ideal for any location. It is easy to install onto any bike and can be adjusted accordingly. The seat pack comes with reflective strips keeps traffic behind aware of the rider’s presence.

4Serfas Speed Bag

amazon buttonCrafted from exquisite water resistant material, the Serfas Speed Bag is an awesome seat pack. The polyester used is of the highest quality. There is an expandable feature which helps riders store more items easily. There is an internal pocket that comes with a special loop for attaching keys. For added security, there is a reflective strip attached to the pack. A velcro strap makes it easy for users to install and remove the seat pack.

3Avenir Bigmouth

amazon buttonThe very name of this seat pack lets users know that they can store a lot. The Avenir Bigmouth is fitted with a velcro strap for quick and easy attachment and removal. A big, wide mouth which is closed by a strong zip lets users store a lot of items. The nylon material brings a higher sense of durability to the pack while the rubberized bottom keeps it free from scratches. There are compartments inside the seat pack which is secured by zips.

2BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag

amazon buttonSecurity is the BV Bicycle Strap-On’s main objective as it is fitted with a 3M Scotchlite reflective strip which is great for riding around at night. The bag is great for storing a number of items such as tools, phones, pumps, and more. There are also mesh pockets and key hooks for better storage options. The velcro Strap-On feature ensures that the seat pack can be attached and removed easily.

1TOPEAK Aero Wedge

amazon buttonBy far, the most durable seat packs available, the TOPEAK Aero Wedge is perfect for riders of all ages and bikes of all sizes. It is made from 1,000 Denier Nylon which is great for riding in all types of weather. The 3M reflective strip makes it easy for traffic to spot the cycle at night. Attaching and removing the seat pack is as easy as pulling the velcro strap. It can hold a maximum of 1.97 liters and can be attached to bicycles ranging from 27.2mm to 34.9mm. The biggest feature is its expandable pocket that allows users to store more than they would by using any other pack out there.