Top 10 Best Bicycle Seats For Kids of 2017 – Reviews


A good way to introduce your kids to the joys of riding a bicycle is to take them along for a ride whenever you take the bike out for a spin. With the help of child bicycle seats, your kids can enjoy the full benefits of riding a bicycle while still sitting comfortably throughout the ride.

Needless to say, you want this seat to be as reliable as possible, which is why you should perhaps educate yourself on what the market has to offer before buying one for your kids. To provide you with a better perspective on what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best bicycle seats for kids to consider if you’re thinking about getting one.

10Copilot’s Taxi Baby Seat

amazon buttonCopilot’s Taxi Baby Seat is loaded with some of the best features on the market today. We say this because this of its high seat design and soft padding, features which provide optimal security and convenience while making the ride as enjoyable as possible for your kid. It also comes with a safety bar, washable seat padding and a bike rack with a quick-release mechanism to help when loading and unloading your child from the seat.

9Topeak Baby Bicycle Seat

amazon buttonMade with a durable sturdy Aluminum material, Topeak Baby Bicycle Seat is a deluxe, braze-on type seat, offering the greatest comfort possible for your child to enjoy. It is compatible with MTX QuickTrack, perfectly fits frames with discs, and features a RedLite Mount as well as a TailLite Mount for good measure. Furthermore, the seat is specially padded with ultra-soft foam and features a foam grip handle for enhanced protection and safety.

8Yepp’s Maxi Child Bicycle Seat

amazon buttonThanks to its quick installation and advanced safety feature, the Yepp’s Maxi Child Bicycle Seat aims at providing the best ride your child. Equipped with a 5 point harness and safety buckle, adjustable footrests and straps, this seat provides optimum security without affecting its comfort levels. Crafted with the most durable rubber foam, the seat is specially insulated to provide comfort during all weather conditions. User-friendly, anti-bacterial, comfortable, lightweight and highly secured with an anti-theft lock, this seat meets all the standard safety requirements as per most ASTM standards.

7RideAlong Doll Bicycle Seat

amazon buttonIf you are looking for a special way to make your girl child happy, then gifting her with this RideAlong Doll Bicycle Seat would be perfect. This seat ensures the easy transportation of a girl’s favorite doll or stuff toy. Thanks to its ingenious design, it can be easily attached or detached to your child’s bike via the rear fork of the bike. It also includes vibrant, colorful decals and designs to enhance the beauty of the bike itself simply by being there.

6WeeRide Bicycle Seat by Kangaroo

amazon buttonOffering optimal comfort and stability, this well-known Bicycle seat from WeeRide is definitely among the deluxe models available. Featuring an ultra-thick padding both on the seat and the back, this carrier is designed to be placed in the front of the bike for enhanced safety. Other safety measures included are the safety harness along with an extra large buckle system. This seat also provides maximum stability and distributes weight evenly thanks to its compact fit.

5Thule Ride Along Child’s Ride Bicycle Seat

amazon buttonThule Child’s Ride Bicycle Seat is loaded with premium features to provide that extra safety any child deserves. Some of the features include a padded harness that can be adjusted for a custom fit, a dual beam suspension that helps in absorbing road shocks and providing stability, a one-hand tilting functionality that offers 5 varied reclining options and a unique quick-release bracket that can detach and attach the seat from almost all bikes.

4Yepp’s Mini Bicycle Baby Bicycle Seat

amazon buttonCrafted with durable, soft rubber foam, the Yepp’s Mini Bicycle Baby Bicycle Seat is extremely comfortable and can be easily mounted onto almost all bike models. Thanks to its shock absorbing seat and custom fit with adjustable padded harness, your child will always be safely secured and protected. It is also easily detachable and is specially tested to seat children from the age of 9 months to 3 years old with no limitations to speak of.

3Tyke Toter Front Bicycle Seat

amazon buttonThis Bicycle seat from Tyke Toter is among the best money can buy and it’s easy to see why. The front and center positioning ensure that the rider can keep a closer eye on the safety of the child. Extremely lightweight and compact, this seat can be attached and detached with ease thanks to the quick-release functionality. It also includes a padded handlebar and footrests for added comfort.

2Ibert’s Front Baby Bicycle Seat

amazon buttonThis uniquely crafted T-seat can be easily mounted at the front of the bike to provide optimum mobility to the rider. The positioning of this seat, just behind the handle, ensures a better communication between child and adult at all times. Furthermore, the child can be safely loaded and unloaded with ease thanks to its brilliant design. It is also equipped with a unique padded steering wheel that acts as a nap pad when your child feels sleepy.

1Schwinn’s Child Deluxe Carrier

amazon buttonThis deluxe carrier from Schwinn is a compact, robust, and sturdy, yet lightweight at the same time. It owes its versatility to the fact that it is frame mounted, which means that it will fit easily on the back of any bike without the need for additional accessories. It also comes with a fast harness release function, leg safety, and a special foam padded bar across the center for added security. Other features include a spoke guard and a seat spring guard that provides extra comfort for both the child and the rider.