Top 10 Best Big Wheels of 2017 – Reviews


With big wheel tricycles, you know exactly what your kid will get and how much fun they’ll have every time they get to ride it. These toys are not only practical and easy to maneuver but also very durable and extremely comfortable. They also usually boast an interesting design as far as aesthetics go, one that involves a pleasantly colored pattern for your kid to enjoy. Not only that but high-end models also come in different sizes yet capable of readjusting to their rider’s needs. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best big wheels money can buy.

Best Big Wheels Reviews 2017

10Original 16-inch Big Wheel Monster Menace Trike

amazon buttonThe original Monster Menace 16-inch big wheel trike features a fun, kid-friendly design that is easy to assemble by hand. Its rear wheels are slightly wider and sturdier to provide better stability and balance for the rider. Angled handlebars make it comfortable to ride even for children with shorter arms while the adjustable seat allows the rider to get into the best position to control the trike with ease. The trike is durably built with a reinforced steel fork that can handle a maximum weight limit of 70 lbs.

9Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Big Wheel Racer

amazon buttonDesigned with colorful, kid-friendly graphics that will make your child the coolest kid on the block, this 16-inch TMNT big wheel trike is a kids’ favorite for a number of reasons. It is excellently built with a low backrest for riding comfort, a sturdy plastic frame, pedals with smooth rotating action, a 16-inch front wheel, and well-placed handlebars for optimum control and comfort. The trike has a maximum weight limit of 70 lbs and comes with a seat that can accommodate a growing child.

8Big Flyer (Radio Flyer Deluxe 474)

amazon buttonDespite having a 16-inch big wheel, the Big Flyer trike is more compact and lightweight than most trikes at this price point. Its frame, although made entirely out of plastic, is very sturdy and capable of supporting the weight of growing children of up to 70 lbs. The front wheel features grip-enhancing treads for better control on slick surfaces while the adjustable seat allows children to get optimum levels of riding comfort. The trike’s mega-wide rear wheels improve ride stability and balance for a more enjoyable experience.

7Madd Gear Mini-Drift Big Wheel Trike

amazon buttonFeaturing a sporty black and green look, the Madd Gear trike is one of the coolest-looking big wheels in the market. Its high-tensile steel frame is sturdier and more durable than the usual plastic frames, making it safer to ride and giving a maximum weight limit of 150 lbs. BMX-style front brakes allow riders to perform tricks and to stop quickly and safely. The trike also comes with an adjustable bucket seat and a 5-pack of cool stickers.

6Huffy Green Machine

amazon buttonThis is a uniquely designed trike that is available in 16-inch and 20-inch models. It features a comfortable tractors seat with a low backrest for support and riding stability. Its sturdy frame is painted bright green for maximum visibility while dual-stick steering gives the bike great maneuverability. 16-inch wide rear wheels provide ample riding stability and make the big wheel safe for young children.

5Grow ‘N Go Flyer

amazon buttonThe Grow ‘N Go Flyer trike is one of the few trikes out there designed to grow with your kids, making it perfect for years of use. Its design borrows heavily from the classic tricycle appearance that featured curved handlebars, a thick steel frame, and a comfortable bucket seat resting on top of wide rear wheels that provide stability. The tricycle’s pedals are easy to operate and although it can only support a maximum rider weight of 49 lbs, it is an excellent big wheel trike all-round.

4Fisher Price TMNT Lights and Sounds Trike

amazon buttonThis sturdily built trike features a cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme that includes a face plate with buttons which, when pressed, produce signal lights and ninja turtle sounds. The seat can be adjusted into three positions for maximum comfort. Meanwhile, the trike’s wide rear wheels produce stability and make it safe to pedal quickly. The slip-resistant material has been used on the wheels to make them easier to control even when wet.

3Fisher Price Batman Lights and Sounds Trike

amazon buttonThemed after DC Comics’ Batman, this Fisher Price big wheel trike is an excellent choice for kids who love their superheroes. Placed at the center of the handlebars is a faceplate with buttons that emit light signals and sounds from the show Batman, making this big wheel a superb toy for kids. Stability is guaranteed thanks to the wide rear wheels while slip-resistant pedals and a trodden front wheel ensure that the bike is operable even when wet or slippery.

2Razor RipRider 360

amazon buttonThis innovatively designed big wheel trike incorporates a free wheel system into its design to allow for better coasting speeds and maneuverability. Its modern build is centered on its sturdy welded steel double fork and frame, which is capable of comfortably supporting weights of up to 70 lbs. The trike comes with a 3-piece crank, rubberized handlebars, and a comfortable adjustable seat.

1Razor FlashRider 360

amazon buttonThe perfectly combined steel, rubber, and plastic components of this trike make it durable, sturdy, and very maneuverable. Its welded steel frame and fork are capable of supporting up to 160 pounds. Comfortably rubber-padded handlebars provide ample riding comfort while the free wheel system gives it more stability and increases coasting speeds. The trike is also quite easy to assemble and comes with replaceable spark cartridges for its spark bar. Combine all this with a surprisingly lightweight construction and you begin to understand why this high-end big wheel enjoys the popularity it does.