Top 10 Best Bike Helmets of 2017 – Reviews


Safety is paramount when riding a bike, with helmets being the most important protective element you can buy when it comes to a protective gear of any kind. In this respect, you really don’t want to be checking prices out before making a purchase, because a helmet can quite literally be a life-saver if you ever find yourself in a life-threatening situation. After taking into consideration everything the market has to offer at this point in time, we put together a list of the ten best bike helmets money can buy.

10GLX Modular Helmet

amazon buttonFitted with a sun shield, this helmet is suitable for urban exploration. Its dual visor system can be used to transform it from an open face helmet to a full face modular helmet at the push of a button. The visor is also durably made with scratch-resistant material which has been given a handy coating of anti-fog material. The high-impact outer shell works in conjunction with the softly padded interior to protect your head during crashes. Other features include an inbuilt sun shield and a removable liner, both being features a high-end helmet should have.

9Raider Deluxe Half-Helmet

amazon buttonThe outer shell of the Raider Deluxe half-helmet is made out of heat-retaining thermoplastics that maintain an optimum temperature at all times. Soft padding on the inside makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The half-helmet also features a removable visor and a design that is compatible with most communication devices. A full rubber bead trim keeps it comfortably in place while two vents keep the inside cool and well aerated.

8Duke Full Face Black Matte Helmet

amazon buttonThis is a futuristic-looking helmet that backs up its bold design with an incredibly tough exterior shell and a comfortably padded interior. You can switch between two large visors easily in addition to having the option of removing the liner to make it easier to clean. In general, the simple matte black helmet is surprisingly light despite its resilient build. Not only that but you will find this particular helmet to meet much higher safety standards than most other helmets in its class.

7SH-FF0015 Fuel Helmets Full Face Helmet

amazon buttonThis classy helmet is one of the best models for small budgets since you won’t be cutting any corners when it comes to protection. The helmet comes in a professional all-black finish with a clear visor that offers an ample field of view. The inside has been softly padded to maximize impact absorption. The outer shell has also been built using superior technology to enhance usability.

6Vega Full Face Helmet X888

amazon buttonThe X88 full face helmet from Vega is undoubtedly a premium model that can be categorized as the best deal on this list. Aside from its tough composite exterior shell, its stunning design, and its comfortable padded interior, the helmet also features a large clear visor that is easily replaceable with one of the 8 available visors from the same manufacturer. Furthermore, it also comes with a one year warranty for good measure.

5IV2 Full Face Matte Black Motorcycle Helmet

amazon buttonFor those looking for quality and affordability, this helmet brings that to the table in addition to being reliably strong. Its all-black design is enhanced by a clear visor. Multiple vents in the helmet make it perfectly ventilated to allow for optimum air circulation and to minimize perspiration. Other than having a comfortable padded interior, the helmet is also designed to minimize noise while providing maximum impact absorption. It also features a smoked visor that can be switched to effortlessly.

4VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet V531

amazon buttonCruiser helmets are more suited for the purpose of casual riding. The VCAN V531 is no different, featuring a simple black design with a lushly padded interior and chin straps for extra support and security. It is not only the most affordable head gear on this list, it also features a tough exterior shell and adjustable straps that allow it to fit any head. On top of all this, you will find this helmet to be surprisingly lightweight given its durability.

3IV2 Flip-Up Dual Visor Modular Helmet

amazon buttonIn addition to offering optimum head protection from accidental impacts, this helmet combines powerful graphics with a futuristic design to create one of the most visually enthralling headgears on the market. It is packed full of features which include state-of-the-art ventilation systems and a dual visor with a quick release button. The visor is made of an anti-scratch material for an enhanced durability, one that doesn’t affect the helmet’s comfort levels.

2LS2 OF569 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

amazon buttonThis helmet is not only attractive, it is also a great option for casual riders who are looking for suitable head protection gear. The helmet features an open-face design that maximizes on road visibility without compromising on coverage and protection. The visor can easily be removed using a flipping-up motion. A 3-point strap with a quick release button offers further reinforcement and protection. Worth mentioning also is that the helmet is made of lightweight yet surprisingly durable material and a softly padded interior for extra user comfort.

1Bell Rogue Gloss Black Half Helmet

amazon buttonThe simplistic design of this helmet makes it attractive while maximizing its functionality. It features a lightweight exterior made out of composite materials and a comfortable padded interior that assists in impact absorption. A muzzle has been added onto the helmet as a way of providing extra comfort and security. It also has a FidLock connection which makes its removal that much easier for the wearer. Last but not least, this helmet is available in a variety of colors, which speaks volumes about its well-deserved popularity.