Top 10 Best Biometric Door Locks of 2017 – Reviews


Biometric fingerprint deadbolts and door looks are quickly replacing standard door locks and understandably so. While most traditional locks can be picked open with a wide array of sharp objects and a bit of patience, biometric door locks provide a much higher degree of security through complexity and ingenuity.

At the same time, they don’t require any keys that you could otherwise misplace or even lose, all you need to open the lock is your own hands. This being said, there are many biometric locks to choose from, some better than others. To give you a better idea of what to look for when shopping for one, we put together a list of the ten best biometric door locks money can buy.

10Adel Trinity 788 Fingerprint Door Lock Version 2

amazon buttonThe basics are all there as far as this lock is concerned: three access methods, a reversible handle, and an easy installation process. The lock can also be programmed to handle up to 99 users and with very little trouble. In addition to AA battery power, the lock also comes with an external 9-volt power input option that can be used to power the lock in case the batteries go completely flat. Still, there will be a warning beep and an indicator telling you its time to replace the batteries when they are about to run out of power.

9Barska Biometric Door Lock

amazon buttonOne of the greatest upsides of this lock is the fact that no other hardware is required to set it up. The lock can work by fingerprint, pass codes, and even emergency backup keys. For added versatility, the handle can be fitted on both right and left opening doors. It also has to be said that this particular lock is a lot bulkier than most, which is why you would do best to install it on an outside door.

8Adel LS9 Black Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

amazon buttonThis Adel Lock offers a very impressive blend of features. You can unlock it using fingerprints, a pass code, and even a mechanical key. Furthermore, Adel takes pride in having used a “DIY” design on this lock, and this means it is very painless to install and operate. Other perks of using this lock include the fact that it can handle 120 fingerprints in addition to being able to work with both left and right opening doors.

7Adel LS9 Biometric Fingerprint Password Door Lock Left/Right Handle Keyless Waterproof

amazon buttonThis lock can handle up to 120 fingerprints. However, the feature that stands out the most is its easy and intuitive use experience. This lock is quite easy to install, and its formidable construction complements this important feature by making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications. The lock also offers three unlocking options: fingerprint, password, and the use of a mechanical key. The lock will also issue you with a warning when the battery runs low.

6ITouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock For Right Hand Door

amazon buttonAlthough this lock works with just right-hand doors, its list of features is quite impressive. To begin with, it can handle 150 fingerprint users as well as 78 pass code users. The lock also comes with a sliding cover, which offers UV light protection and makes the lock water resistant. Other features include a low battery warning and 2 backup keys, which clearly make this lock as a top choice for people who are serious about the security of their premises.

5Anviz L100 II Fingerprint and RFID Biometric Door Lock

amazon buttonDesigned for both residential and commercial use, this digital door lock is a must-have for the discerning property owner. The lock can open just a second after it identifies the user. This lock also uses very low amounts of power, which makes it ideal for situations requiring it to offer regular access, for instance, in commercial environments. As a matter of fact, this lock can be opened about 8,000 times on just two pairs of AA batteries. Furthermore, in addition to fingerprint reading, the lock can also handle cards.

4Samsung Exon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock SHS-5230

amazon buttonWith this great digital lock from Samsung, you will have the option of having up to 100 fingerprints and 10 users in your security system. The touch pad screen on this lock is extra-large for added convenience. Moreover, as an added bonus, the lock offers a mechanical override key. This allows you to still be able to get the lock open if for some reason, no other way is possible at any given time.

3SCYAN x7 Fingerprint Keyless Keypad Door Lock

amazon buttonThis lock makes use of biometric fingerprint, and it does not need a key to operate. Sturdily constructed using zinc alloy, this lock will keep your property secure whether your door is left or right-handed. The lock also features a handle lever and requires just 6 watts of power to operate. Furthermore, this particular keypad door lock is one of the most technologically-advanced locks on the market as far as features go.

2Samsung New Concept in Digital Door Lock

amazon buttonThis highly sophisticated two-way latch mortise lock has several features to keep your premises safe and secure. For starters, it can work with Samsung key tags and cards. To unlock a door using this lock, a lock combination of between 4 and 12 numbers will be needed. The lock is battery operated, and it allows for pushing and pulling during use. At the same time, this lock manages to combine all the aesthetics of a standard lock with the high-end features of modern digital locks.

1Cyber-Bay Fingerprint Keyless Keypad Double Protection Door Lock

amazon buttonThis security lock can handle up to 100 users and fingerprints. Other than that, the lock has been thoughtfully designed so that it does not use up an extra hole during installation. Once you have this lock on your door, you will have the option of opening the door using a fingerprint, a user code, a fingerprint and a user code, a fingerprint and another fingerprint, as well as a mechanical lock. For even greater convenience, you do not need to hook it up to a computer to add or remove users. The lock will also work on both right and left-handed doors.