Top 10 Best Blu Ray Players of 2017 – Reviews


As many of you may be well aware by now, blu ray formats hold the greatest amount of detail of all video formats, which explains the popularity that blu ray players enjoy nowadays. Even so, we should point out that some blu ray players can be a bit hit and miss, especially if they’re developed by manufacturers who don’t really have all that much experience in the industry. In fact, you shouldn’t necessarily consider a blu ray player’s brand if you’re thinking about buying yourself one, because as we are about to find out, some technologies are very difficult to implement properly, even by reputable manufacturers. Still, we wanted to give you a better idea of what the market had in store, so here are the ten best blu ray players money can buy.

10Philips BDP2205 Disc Player

amazon buttonPhilips BDP2205 makes the list as one of the most inexpensive Blu-Ray players and is complimented by several quality features that fortify it as a decent purchase choice. The manufacturers designed it in a compact and slim form factor and incorporated among others, Wi-Fi support and a characteristic HDMI output. Moreover, besides being a simple to use model, the BDP2205 supports all disc formats falling under DVD, Blu-ray and CD formats.

9LG BP735 Blu-Ray Player

amazon buttonWith respect to 4K resolution playing, LG BP735 almost certainly the best option for individuals looking for an affordable Blu-Ray player. This model perfectly allows 3D movie playing and also supports Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, this LG player also allows direct sound streaming to Smartphones and is complimented by UHD upscaling feature.

8iVid BD780 Blu-Ray Player

amazon buttonDespite coming in a small form factor, iVid player boasts a decent Blu-Ray model that is also quite affordable. It supports both 3D formats through HDMI and facilitates HD disk playing. With this model, the user can play any typical region DVD and properly play A, C and B types of discs. Moreover, even though this model boasts a standard Ethernet port which subsequently facilitates direct internet connection, it, however, lacks the Wi-Fi capacity.

7LG BP135 Blu-ray Player

amazon buttonThe BP135 LG Blu-Ray player is a typical model which boasts the characteristic disc player features. Aside from supporting 1080p discs, this model is integrated with a USB port which facilitates connections with external drives for either playing or even subsequently recording media files. It is designed in a smooth and slim manner that allows it to take up significantly little space.

6Panasonic DMP-BD91

amazon buttonDMP-BD91 Panasonic model happens to be among the smallest and subsequently the most reasonably priced Blu-Ray players in the market. Aside from supporting internet streaming, it allows work extremely well with virtually every standard format available. Its Ethernet (High-speed) port allows its application in streaming content across various platforms such as from PCs to TVs. This Panasonic model fully supports playing of both digital surround and HD content.

5Sony BDP-BX110/S1100 Player

amazon buttonSony BDP-BX110 happens to be an offshoot Blu-Ray player which is characterized by an assortment of features and is subsequently simple to use. Aside from hosting an Ethernet cable that allows internet connection; it also facilitates playing of HD disks and supports internet apps. Even though this model does not allow 3D movie playing, it comes with quite a considerable price tag to go along with. It is characterized by a completely optimized firmware which loads disks in an astonishing 15 seconds.

4Sony BDPS1500 Player

amazon buttonAn amalgam of a typical media player and a characteristic Blu-Ray player, the Sony DBPS1500 is among the most reliable choices in the market. This model comprises numerous pre-installed apps which facilitate internet access to commonly utilized streaming services. It allows connectivity to the internet and video output through an Ethernet and HDMI ports respectively. This Sony player allows playing of HD content and is characterized by a USB port which is particularly applicable in the connection of external storage gadgets.

3OPPO BDP-103D Blu-ray Player

amazon buttonOPPO model makes the list as among the selected few devices which are compatible with 4K resolutions. It is accompanied by an exorbitant price tag and considering its features package, it is easy to see why. Besides boasting 3 USB ports, this Blue -Ray player is equipped with a CPU (Dual-Core) which works on decoding and encoding. Moreover, it works properly with virtually all Blu-Ray and DVD formats available.

2Panasonic DMP-BDT225 Blu-ray Player

amazon buttonThe DMP-BDT225 Blu-Ray Panasonic model is a standard smart player that comes equipped with numerous quality features that best suit individuals that seek to have a wonderful home movie experience. Not only does it incorporate Wi-Fi support, but also supports smart networking and direct media streaming via the Internet. This model supports 3D disc playing and is equipped with Miracast that facilitates media sharing through Smartphones.

1Samsung BD-J5100 Blu-ray Player

amazon buttonImagine a device with the ability to transform any standard TV into a subsequent ?smart’ TV. This is exactly the kind of benefit Samsung BD-J5100 player brings to the table. It is equipped with several smart functionalities including TV apps, web browser, and streaming service support. This Samsung model boasts a customary Ethernet port which can also facilitate the downloading of additional apps. Aside from supporting HD disc playing, it is complimented by DTS Surround and Dolby True HD support.