Top 10 Best Bluetooth Radios of 2017 – Reviews


Seeing how most of the devices we use nowadays are portable, so why wouldn’t radios follow the same trend? Now, in all fairness, radios have been portable for quite some time now, so the technology isn’t either new or groundbreaking. What is new, however, is the host of different features modern radios tend to have. Due to their Bluetooth connectivity, many modern radios can be used as stand-alone speakers for an input signal that can come from a television set, computer, or mobile device of your choice. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best Bluetooth radios on the market today.

Best Bluetooth Radios Reviews 2017

10UBEttER Portable Wireless Speaker

amazon buttonUBEttER is another small but powerful, portable wireless speaker that delivers more than its size. The product boasts two 5-watt quality stereo speakers, making it one of the most efficient high definition audio systems. UBEttER speaker features innovatively advanced sound equalization technology, resulting in high fidelity sound with no distortions at all. It is compatible with many Bluetooth-enabled devices and also features FM radio capabilities.


amazon buttonAEDILYS HIFI DTS-HD is an awesome wireless speaker with FM radio capabilities. It is portable, allowing you to enjoy music from anywhere, anytime. Its strong Bluetooth technology pairs easily with most playback devices up to 20 meters away. Moreover, it has an LCD display for alarm, time, FM radio, battery power status, and Bluetooth reading. A microphone allows for hands-free phone calls. Additionally, it is compatible with SD card, TF card, USB, and even Aux-in line. It comes with a strong battery that offers up to 8 hours of continuous playtime.

8Reacher Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

amazon buttonThis is a multi-purpose wireless speaker that outperforms many in its class. With it, you play music, listen to FM radio, answer phone calls, and you can also source audio files from SD memory card or other USB-featured devices. It is quite a breeze to operate thanks to its straightforward and stable design that is also elegant to the eye. Its battery provides long 5 hours playtime while the integrated Bluetooth technology is so innovative to pair with almost all possible devices.

7Ivation Portable Bluetooth Speakers

amazon buttonThis is a long-lasting and sturdy, waterproof and shockproof Bluetooth speaker you can trust. On top of an enduring design, it allows you to play favorite music from numerous audio sources, among these FM radios, Bluetooth and Auxiliary line. It also allows for hands-free phone calls due to its phone wireless answering capabilities. Moreover, this Ivation’s speaker is designed for high portability, with compact size and lightweight.

6iFox iF010 Bluetooth Speaker

amazon buttoniFox iF010 is another wonderful sound output Bluetooth speaker that is designed to provide high portability and convenience. It is innovatively engineered to be light and compact enough for you to bring it with you anywhere, at the same time retaining powerful performance to provide jaw-dropping sound experience. Thanks to its ingenious construction, it guarantees a deep, rich bass and very clear treble.

5Ancord Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

amazon buttonThis is a tiny yet very powerful speaker, filling any space with rich sound. It features strong Bluetooth technology, allowing you to easily play and also control choice music from your Bluetooth devices wirelessly. Again, you enjoy the convenience of hands-free calls through this speaker. Powerful and rechargeable battery offers up to 15 hours playtime. Highly portable, it is ideal for outdoor music experience. Furthermore, it can connect to devices as far as 66 feet away.

4Simpowel V8-B Bluetooth Speaker

amazon buttonSimpowel’s V8-B is a top performance speaker designed for excellence. its sound voltage boost technology outputs 9 watts, thanks to its reliable 3.7 Li-ion battery running two 56mm dual-magnetic drivers. Add to that its innovative low-frequency resonator and the V8 provides a full spectrum audio clarity at any volume. Integrated Mixinno F class high-quality amplifier further purifies sound and enhances the same for a more immersive experience.

3Mfine 938B Portable Speaker

amazon buttonMfine 938B is the right image of its name—great sound-producing speaker with an impressive design. It features strong Bluetooth power and FM radio, among other great things, such as new language learning feature. This speaker pairs incredibly well with iPod, iPhone, MP3 and 4 Players, as well as other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and devices, giving you a wide variety of music sources to choose from.

2Soundance SDY019 Bluetooth Speakers

amazon buttonThe SDY019 from Soundance is a high quality portable Bluetooth speaker that offers great stereo sound experience. It is a 6-watt speaker that integrates improved bass resonator and a large speaker cavity for impressive sound output. SDY019 is small in design but very powerful in performance, making it an ideal bedside radio or music player. It is also great for camping and other outdoor activities.

1Anker SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speaker

amazon buttonThe Anker SoundCore mini is an ultra-portable wireless speaker every sound enthusiast will appreciate. Its 5-watt audio driver and the passive sub-woofer deliver crystal-clear sound added to powerful bass from a speaker model you can carry with you anywhere you need it. Its high-strength Bluetooth technology connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device seamlessly up to 66 ft away, while noise-canceling microphone allows for hands-free, clear phone calls. The SoundCore mini supports micro SD, AUX-in jack, and also FM radio, offering limitless music play. Last but not least, let us point out that its battery offers a long 15-hour playtime.