Top 10 Best Bluetooth Wireless Shower Heads of 2017 – Reviews


There is perhaps no better way to relax than to have a long, warm shower to calm the nerves and rejuvenate the skin. While the concept of taking a shower is fairly simple, technology made it so that we can nowadays incorporate high-tech systems into our showering routine. Such is the case with Bluetooth wireless shower heads, devices that are capable of so much more than simply spraying water on you while you take a shower.

These devices can contain waterproof speakers that can play music straight from your laptop, tablet, mp3 player, AM/FM radio, or any other device with a Bluetooth connectivity. Over the next few minutes, we will try to find out what are the ten best Bluetooth wireless shower heads and what makes them so special in the first place.

10GPM Portable Bluetooth Wireless Shower Head Speaker

amazon buttonWith this Bluetooth shower head, you can listen to music for 8 hours before the need for a recharge arises. Besides enjoying your favorite music as you take a shower, you can also answer calls and go back to listening to your music as soon as you are done talking on the phone. The speaker will connect to Bluetooth devices within 32 feet of its location, and it can be taken away from the shower unit if necessary.

9BangK Touch Screen Bluetooth Wireless Showerhead

amazon buttonThanks to its touch screen functionality, this shower head offers better music control than most. In addition to the Bluetooth speaker, this is a very good quality shower head. Actually, it uses 30 percent less water than typical showers, and you will not notice the difference. The speaker also allows you to take calls, and it can be used for 11 hours nonstop before it runs out of power.

8AmandaK Handheld Bluetooth Wireless Showerhead

amazon buttonThe high fidelity 3W waterproof speaker on this showerhead runs on a battery that can run it for 10 hours. You can also receive and reject calls with this shower head, and enjoy music being played by a Bluetooth-enabled device within 10 meters. Furthermore, this showerhead enjoys a surprisingly sturdy construction given its size, one that will last you for a very long tine without showing any signs of damage.

7Yoo Mee Portable Bluetooth Rain Showerhead Speaker

amazon buttonWith a weight of just 1.4 pounds, this shower head has a very high quality Bluetooth speaker. The shower head also offers considerable versatility since you can remove the speaker and take it with you elsewhere. The speaker also offers you plenty of controls, including volume controls and the ability to switch to other music tracks. The speaker can work for 8 hours continuously, and it can receive Bluetooth signals within distances of 12 meters.

6Bidet 4me Portable Bluetooth Wireless Water Saving Shower Head Speaker

amazon buttonThis elegant and easy to install wall shower head weighs just 1.5 pounds. In addition to saving water by 30 per cent, it uses a rain pattern. The shower head also comes with a high quality speaker that can receive Bluetooth signals from 32 feet away. The shower head has also been specially designed to provide a quiet shower so that you can enjoy your music better. The speaker also features a microphone which lets you pick calls as you enjoy your shower. For added convenience, you can even take the speaker away from the shower head and out of the shower room.

5HotelSpa – Ultra-Luxury Bluetooth Showerhead with 7 Settings

amazon buttonThis HotelSpa shower head is lavishly designed, which is clearly evidenced by its polished Chrome plating finish. The shower head comes with a speaker. However, the shower head itself has plenty to offer on its own. It has 7 great settings, which include rain/massage, rain, massage, mist, economy rain, and pause mode. Not only can you receive and reject calls, you can also redial calls and change tracks and music volume. The speaker can keep going for 3 hours before requiring a recharge.

4Knox Music Jet Bluetooth Wireless Shower Head

amazon buttonThe shower head has 88 nozzles for a high-quality shower, while the Bluetooth speaker can automatically pick up Bluetooth signals and start playing you high-quality music as you take your shower. The speaker can be charged using a USB cable, and it can operate for 10 hours continuously on a single charge. All things considered, this has to be considered one of the most technologically advanced wireless shower heads out there.

3Spa Living Interactive Bluetooth Shower Head

amazon buttonThis rainfall pattern shower head ensures that you enjoy a very therapeutic shower. On its part, the Bluetooth speaker provides very high-quality sound. It is also capable of receiving signals within a radius of 40 feet, which is well beyond what most high-end Bluetooth shower heads can manage. The Bluetooth can also be used to take or reject calls, and a single charge can keep it playing music for 8 hours.

2Kohler Portable Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker

amazon buttonThe shower head is superbly designed with its sleek chrome finish. The shower head can handle 2.5 gpm using 60 angled nozzles which provide a rainfall pattern shower. The installed bluetooth speaker can be taken from the shower head as needed. Additionally, it can play music for 7 hours and receive Bluetooth signals from 32 feet away. Judging by the distance up to which it is guaranteed to run smoothly, we can safely assume Kohler’s Portable Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker to be top-notch.

1H2O Vibe Portable Bluetooth Wireless Jet Showerhead Speaker

amazon buttonOther than its fast installation experience, this shower head has a spraying power that is thrice what a typical shower has to offer. The shower head is also very quiet, which means you will enjoy your music even more through its high-quality Bluetooth speaker. The speaker can even be taken out of the shower. The speaker can play for 11 and a half hours, and it can receive signals within distances of 33 feet.