Top 10 Best Body Fat Scales of 2017 – Reviews


Those of you who are on a diet must have already considered the possibility of buying a body fat scale if you haven’t already. Unlike regular scales, body fat scales are designed to keep you up to date with how your body weight is changing on a daily basis so as yo give you the possibility of adjusting your eating patterns along with your workout sessions. Easy to operate and even easier to store, these scales are bound to offer you a precise way of staying safe, one some of you didn’t even know you needed. To cut a long story short, here are the ten best body fat scales money can buy.

10Tanita BF680W Dou Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor

amazon buttonHighly recommended by everyone who has had the chance of using it, the Tanita BF680W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor is a top-notch, accurate, and well-designed fat scale like no other. Equipped with a display screen of 2.5 inches, the 2 line design provides information on body weight and fat percentage along with a multitude of other useful information. With a low electric pulse, it determines your body composition rather quickly, so that you can go about your day without spending too much time on the scale. Not only that but it can also store data for up to 2 people at a time, which is a great feature to have.

9GoWISE USA Slim Digital Bathroom Scale

amazon buttonThis is yet another popular device from GoWISE USA – The Slim digital bathroom scale with Bio Impedance Analysis mechanism that provides an estimate of the amount of fat, water, bone and muscle present in the body. Constructed with a tempered glass base, an LCD display screen with backlight and storage space for up to 8 users, this scale can take the weight of up to 400 pounds. Its ultra-sleek design makes it easy to carry and also features 4 stainless steel sensors. It also comes with the special Step-On technology making it extremely easy to use.

8Ozeri Touch 440 Lbs Total Body Bath Scale

amazon buttonAccurately Measuring Fat, Weight, Bone, Muscle and Hydration with an exceptional Auto Recognition and the enhanced Infant Tare mechanism, the Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale instantly calculates your health metrics with the help of advanced algorithms. Featuring 3 touch sensitive buttons and an identification for up to 8 different profiles, this device can be easily used at home or at the gym. It comes with 4 highly accurate GX sensors that can calculate weight up to 440 pounds with the latest Step-on technology. Made from premium grade impact-resistant tempered glass with a reflective surface this device is perfect for quick and easy weighing.

7Smart Weigh Body Fat Digital Precision Scale

amazon buttonThe Smart Weigh Digital Bathroom Scale is a well-designed device made from a durable tempered glass platform and accents made of stainless steel. Owing to its brilliant user recognition mechanism, this advanced weighing device is automatically programmed to identify up to 8 different users with a simple setting up process. Aiding in keeping a close track of your health, this scale measures your body weight and fat, body water and bone and muscle mass and comes with a large screen LCD display. Thanks to its convenient step-on feature, you can get accurate readings by just stepping onto the scale without switching it on.

6Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale With Large Backlit LCD And Smartphone Tracking

amazon buttonThe latest Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale comes loaded with some brilliant features. These features include accurate measurements of 6 important health metrics while syncing the details directly to your mobile device enabling you to keep a close track. It measures BMI, muscle mass, bone density, body fat and hydration and integrates the information with other fitness apps. It can also automatically detect and keep data for up to 8 different people at a time.

5Omron HBF-514C Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor And Scale

amazon buttonThe Omron HBF-514C Full Body Composition Monitor with Scale is loaded with 7 various fitness indicators that measure weight, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, body age, BMI, resting metabolism, and visceral fat. It uses the latest bioelectrical impedance method to calculate the body fat percentage and provides accurate results. The digital display is easy to view and gives readings of up to 330 pounds in a few seconds. The device can store 4 different users’ data for up to 90 days. It also features a special retractable cord enabling utility for users up to 6’3″ tall.

4GoWISE USA Slim Digital Bathroom Scale

amazon buttonApproved by the FDA, the GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale comes with the popular BIA technology that evaluates body fat, water and bone and muscle mass. It features a large LCD screen with a blue LED backlight, a platform made of tempered glass and can store data for up to 9 users at once. This durable, high-quality weighing scale also features a touch switch and the latest Step-On technology giving you precise readings without switching on the device.

3Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor Model HBF-306C

amazon buttonThe Omron Fat Loss Monitor MODEL HBF-306C is proven to accurately measure the percentage of body fat and body weight with two different measuring modes one for athletes and one for non-athletes. Constructed with a completely unique design, users have rated this model among the best thanks to its great quality and affordable price. The device can store up to 9 different users data and takes only 7 seconds to provide precise results.

2Ozeri ZB20 Weightmaster II 440 Lbs Digital Bath Scale

amazon buttonPacked with similar features and mechanisms but with a better design and construction, the Ozeri ZB20 WeightMaster Digital Bath scale is the perfect device that enables you to keep a track of your important health metrics and body compositions. It stores memory for 8 users for up to 30 days at once and comes with precise weight tracking, informing you of your weight changes every day. It features a smart LCD with a color alert function that goes green if you have lost weight and red if you have gained. Thanks to its hardy, robust design, this device can withstand up to 440 lbs of weight without any real issues.

1EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

amazon buttonEquipped with the latest Auto Recognition Technology, the EatSmart Products Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale is among the most advanced devices of its kind. It comes with unique functions that can measure the percentage of body fat, muscle and bone mass and body water. It can easily store data for up to 8 different users and provides instant readings without turning on the device. Boasting a large 3.5 inch blue light LCD screen, it runs on 4AAA batteries and comes with an auto-power off function.