Top 10 Best Bowling Balls of 2017 – Reviews


Anyone who has ever played bowling knows that the secret to a perfect roll is not only the technique but also the equipment. In this respect, finding a good bowling ball is imperative for anyone looking to reach their full potential. Now, there is a plethora of bowling balls out there to choose from and they each come with their own particularities. From faster rolling speed to increased maneuverability, each ball has its own specific characteristics, which is why seasoned bowlers are very thorough when choosing a ball for themselves. To give you a better idea of what the market has in store, we put together a list of the ten best bowling balls money can buy.

10Columbia Deep Freeze Bowling Ball

amazon buttonThe Columbia Deep Freeze Bowling Ball is a new age hybrid, top performance, top quality bowling ball that ensures great length and a sturdy backend. Designed with a mix of pearl and solid materials, it consists of a robust core that is modified to give you optimal performance without sacrificing speed. The ball has a superior control, good grip and energy transfer, which means that it can perform well on both oiled and dry lanes.

9Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

amazon buttonMade from durable Polyester/Plastic with a unique 3 piece core, the Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is perfect for those bowlers who make the game and their bowling style their top priority. Offering optimal control and energy, a stunning tight grip enabling accurate precision and an excellent range, this bowling ball is perfect for entry level bowlers and recreation. Like many other bowling balls, this one too works well on both dry and oiled lanes.

8Hammer Dark Legend Ball

amazon buttonThe Hammer Dark Legend Ball is a robust bowling ball with premium quality polished finishing. With an exceptional grip and energy transfer, it glides smoothly down any lane, whether oily or dry. Thanks to its brilliant design, this ball can curve easily and has a strong mid-lane reaction with a continuous backend. Made from Semtex Hybrid material and weighing 12 to 16 pounds approximately, this bowling ball will definitely give you optimum control.

7Brunswick Strike King Ball

amazon buttonThe Brunswick Strike King Ball is one among the many that is equipped with some brilliant features, making it ideal for beginners as well as those who are looking to level up their game. With a high gloss polished finishing this ball provides an impressive response to friction, great length, and glides through the lane with enough curves, heading for a strike. The ball is made of polyester, weighs 12 to 16 pounds and offers a good controlling power and robust grip and works great on dry and oily lanes.

6White Dot Bowling Ball

amazon buttonUniquely crafted with a polyester outer cover with a high polished glossy finishing, the White Dot Bowling Ball is ideal for bowlers of any age group. With a sturdy grip and power, this ball offers an optimal performance on oily and dry lanes. The core of the ball consists of a pancake block with a padded foam and plastic cover and weighs about 16.8 pounds. This bowling ball would work wonders for those who are entry level bowlers as well as those who are seasoned.

5Ebonite Maxim Captain Bowling Ball

amazon buttonThe Ebonite Maxim Captain Bowling Ball is a popular, stylish, high-quality ball that is taking the gaming market by storm. Providing users with optimized levels of control, grip, and energy, this ball helps players take their gaming style to the next level. Made from hardy polyester, with a glossy polished finishing, this ball can glide with ease down both oily and dry lanes.

4Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

amazon buttonIdeal for players of all ages and skill levels, the Pyramid Bowling Ball not only looks great but provides top-notch performance levels. Constructed with a high-quality glossy finish, a polyester coverstock to perfect those straight shots, and a brilliant grip, this ball is equipped with the ability to help bowlers master the game. It is extremely affordable and comes in some vibrant assorted colors.

3Brunswick Pink Bliss Bowling Ball

amazon buttonThe Brunswick Pink Bliss Bowling Ball is the perfect game ball for those who have just started bowling. Available in a bright pink shade with pearly accents, this ball would help any player improve their game. With impressive grip and handling power, this polyester made, high-glossy finish, the ball can slide through both oily and dry lanes with ease. With this ball, players can show off their style as well as improve their precision and accuracy.

2Hammer Black Widow Assassin Ball

amazon buttonWith superb power and energy, the Hammer Black Widow Assassin Ball easily carries itself right down the lane to the head pin. Extremely smooth and glossy with a polished finish, this bowling ball is specially equipped with high energy transfer and exceptional range. Made of Abralon material with a gas mask core interior, this ball is constructed to perform well in dry, medium oiled as well as heavily oiled lanes. The Hammer Black Widow Assassin Ball is by far one of the most dynamic hooking balls available today.

1Storm the Lock Ball

amazon buttonKnown for its brilliant design and quality, the Storm the Lock Bowling Ball offers great motion and power, a polished glossy finish, and stunning control overall. Equipped with a strong grip, this ball can be utilized perfectly on well-oiled lanes as well as dry lanes. It is also made from polyester materials and weights between 12 to 16 pounds on average, which makes this particular ball very easy to use.