Top 10 Best Briefcases For Men in 2017 – Reviews


While many professionals have exchanged briefcases for notebooks over the years, the many uses of a well-made briefcase are undisputable. As a matter of fact, briefcases are making a comeback these days thanks to the many uses of a modern briefcase. As a rule of thumb, quality briefcases have to be convenient, durable, ergonomic, and must have several accessory pockets for organizing personals as efficiently as possible.

This being said, not all briefcases can be held to the same standards, which is why one must always see what the market has to offer before making such a purchase. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best briefcases for men on the market today.

10Maxam Brand Genuine Leather Briefcase

amazon buttonIf you can afford to have some bold fashion styling on your briefcase, this patchwork briefcase will do the trick. This bag is made of high-quality leather and it can resist fading and scratches of any kind. Other than that, it comes with compartments and zippers that ensure your personal effects are well organized and safe. The briefcase is also surprisingly affordable as far as pricing goes, especially given its versatility.

9Kenox Vintage Briefcase

amazon buttonWith its ample size of 14.5 by 11 by 2.8 inches, this is a very compact yet functional briefcase. The briefcase is made of high-quality leather that can stand the test of time when it comes to usage and resistance to fading. This briefcase will comfortably carry a 14-inch laptop and A4 sized documents and ensure they are well protected from scratches and wrinkles at all times.

8Samsonite Attache

amazon buttonThis briefcase measures 17.88 inches by 4.13 inches, and unlike many of its counterparts in matters design, it is of very high quality. The briefcase is made of bonded leather, and if you have had experiences with such briefcases falling apart after little use, you experience with this briefcase will leave you pleasantly surprised. The briefcase is also easy to carry, thanks to its padded handle. Also, its organizer means you can reach your things much faster and keep them in perfect condition. The briefcase also has black nickel combination locks for added security.

7Jack&Chris Men’s Briefcase

amazon buttonMade of fine leather, this briefcase is more than a fancy accessory to your wardrobe – it is a truly functional bag for your daily professional use. The briefcase can comfortably carry a laptop and other belongings safely and in an organized manner. The briefcase measures 16.15 by 11.82 by 5.52 inches, and so it can accommodate most documents and a 15-6-inch laptop. Maintaining this laptop will also be pretty easy as it is made of an easy to clean leather material that is also quite resistant to stains or ripping.

6Solo K85 Premium

amazon buttonThis hard shell briefcase is precisely what you need if you feel that the soft-shelled briefcases cannot adequately protect your documents or laptop. With its professional tamper-proof design, this briefcase will also keep your things secure. Furthermore, in addition to getting a useful and sturdy briefcase, you will also get your hands on a product that is very easy on the eyes. The briefcase also comes with a 5-year warranty.

5Zebella Vintage

amazon buttonThis high-grade messenger briefcase has the top most ranking for many reasons. It looks striking with its brown theme and is also very comfortable to carry around. But other than the looks, the briefcase is also well designed to handle all the needs of everyday professional life with its ample spacing for carrying laptops, documents, and books. This briefcase will also give you unmatched durability.

4Alpine Swiss Cortland

amazon buttonIf you have some serious carrying to do as you go about your professional life, you will love everything this briefcase has in store for you. This briefcase is made of a?high-quality poly material that is very durable. But its greatest benefit is the ability to let you organize all your things comfortably in its many thoughtfully designed compartments. The bag measures 17 by 13 by 5 inches, which means it can handle anything from a laptop to important documents.

3Alpine Swiss Monroe

amazon buttonThis Alpine Swiss briefcase has earned rave reviews for its sturdy leather construction, optimal sizing, and the ability to make the professional life of many people organized. With this briefcase, you will not have a problem carrying around your laptop, documents, or even books. And to ensure that what you are carrying is well protected, the briefcase comes with some extra padding. The briefcase also comes with a year’s manufacturer’s warranty on all production defects.

2Kenneth Cole Reaction

amazon buttonWith its premium black theme, this briefcase has been a godsend to many professionals. The briefcase, though full of many compartments, is made of high-quality leather that does not fade with time. The durability of this briefcase is also commendable, and it will take years of carrying documents, electronics, and books before any damage sets in. It has also been padded so that your things do not suffer any damage as well.

1Samsonite Expandable Briefcase

amazon buttonDon’t let the polished and seemingly delicate look of this briefcase fool you, it can handle more abuse that many of its rugged counterparts. The briefcase is also very light, and it is made of premium quality leather that has earned it lots of praises from former and current users. Additionally, the briefcase is padded, outfitted with compartments and fitted with zippered closures to ensure all your things stay safe as you carry them around. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best briefcases for men the market has to offer at this point in time.