Top 10 Best Camping and Hiking Backpacks of 2017 – Reviews


The many benefits of hiking are well-known by now, as are the benefits of camping outdoors as often as time allows it. We are not talking here just about the health benefits of spending time in nature but also the stress-relieving nature of getting away from it all even if just for a while. This being said, you should always opt for quality camping / hiking gear when going into the wild for obvious reasons. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best camping and hiking backpacks money can buy.

10Ibagbar Canvas Backpack

amazon buttonThis vintage-themed canvas backpack is a hit among male and female hikers and campers for a host of reasons. For one, It is durable, multipurpose, affordable and yet, surprisingly lightweight. On the sides are compartments for storing things like water bottles and other personal items. In fact, this bag can comfortably be used as a duffel bag, a briefcase, and a suit case as well.

9Teton Sports Oasis

amazon buttonWith its spacious 1100 cubic-meter interior and a vibrant green look, this backpack is a favorite among many hikers and campers. The backpack also comes with a 2-liter hydration pack, ventilation holes, weather guards and large pockets for storage of personal items. The backpack is also quite durable, and it actually comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Not only that but it is also extremely accommodating to square-shaped devices.

8BLUBOON Vintage Men Casual

amazon buttonThis great backpack not only has an outdoors feel but is also fitted with features that make it comfortable to carry around when hiking and camping. The bag also possesses an integrated laptop sleeve and an audio pocket boost. The BLUBOON backpack also features padded and adjustable shoulder straps for greater comfort. Obviously, all these features also make this backpack ideal for regular travels.

7TETON Sports Explorer

amazon buttonFor those who want as much space as they can possibly get when buying a hiking or a camping backpack, this TETON backpack is one of the best options in the market at the time. This backpack has a 65-liter capacity. Other than that, this bag comes with all the bells and whistles a serious hiker would need in a backpack, including several side pockets and water resistance. The bag is also quite durable, and even its great gray looks will hold out quite well against fading. The backpack has also been designed with comfort in mind, as evidenced by its padded back, straps, and waist belt.

6TETON Sports Scout

amazon buttonEven though this backpack has an exciting hunter’s theme and a durable construction, it is surprisingly affordable. The backpack also offers 3400 cubic inches of storage, and it is well padded to guarantee a comfortable user experience. The Sports Scout is also water resistant and lightweight in addition to having a generous limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Overall, it is both professional and casual at the same time as far as design goes.

5OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Pack

amazon buttonIf you regularly go out with your dog, this is the perfect backpack for your furry friend. In addition to the stylish look, this backpack will go easy on your dog, and will not even ruin its fur. This is partly because the bag is made using soft canvas material so that your dog does not get worn out from carrying it around. Dogs that would comfortably wear this backpack include the German Shepherd, the Tibetan Mastiff, the Golden Retriever, and others.

4G4Free Large 40L Lightweight

amazon buttonWith its ample 40-liter capacity, this backpack clearly has enough space to handle the carrying needs of a demanding hiking and camping trip. As with other great lightweight backpacks, this version is very compact, which means you can easily pack it in a suitcase. More importantly, this backpack is highly durable and also water resistant. Its casual look and feel also makes it ideal for other uses, including travel and shopping.

3G4Free Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

amazon buttonDespite being a really lightweight backpack that can be easily packed into smaller bags, this backpack is one of the best currently in the market. In fact, the backpack comes with a compact pouch which makes it very easy to pack with your other items. This G4Free backpack is incredibly durable, in addition to being water resistant. And based on its great looks, this backpack can be comfortably used for regular travel in addition to hiking and camping activities.

2Teton Sports Scout 3400

amazon buttonThis Teton backpack is made of premium quality materials, a construction that doesn’t yield such a high price surprisingly enough. Not only can it be bought at a very affordable price, but you are also guaranteed to get most out of it than you would from almost any other backpack in this price range. The backpack has mesh side and front pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, and a rainfly compartment. All these features make this backpack ideal for youthful hikers and campers.

1Hikpro Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

amazon buttonAlthough this backpack may not have the aesthetic frills to merit the first position as far as looks go, this Hikpro backpack floors its counterparts on this list for being light, full-featured, and incredibly affordable. All these features are critical in a good backpack, and this particular model does not disappoint. It has a great carrying capacity and can resist water and tear quite impressively. Other than that, this backpack is unisex, and it also offers very easy access to whatever you are carrying while on your camping or hiking trip thanks to its
ingenious design.