Top 10 Best Candelabras of 2017 – Reviews


It would be safe to assume that candle light will never go out of fashion, no matter how many modern substitutes we find for it. For the right atmosphere, you will always need candles to achieve the desired effect, and this implies the use of candelabra. Although not as popular as they used to be, candelabras are still in high demand these days and understandably so given how exquisite and fashionable some of them are. Speaking of which, let us take a look at the ten best candelabras the market has to offer at this point in time.

10Shindigz Bronze Centerpiece Candelabra

amazon buttonSimplicity is the signature aspect with this candelabra; a classic model that can give a mesmerizing twist to a simple dinner. With a height dimension of 11 inches and fully carved in bronze, this characteristic model boasts 5 holding arms; one positioned in the center and the rest on its sides. It is well utilized with typical candles although due to safety concerns, it ought not to be placed on inflammable surfaces.

9Halloween Spiderweb Black Candelabra

amazon buttonNothing beats the feeling of an emblematic-themed candelabrum particularly during Halloween. With a 4 capacity candle holder with spiders embedded on them and a consequent back paint coating, it makes a stunning model that is perfect for such an occasion. With a dimension characteristic of 7 by 9” this is a moderately lightweight candelabra. It is ideal for decorations and is recommendable to use themed candles that come separately for a better experience.

8Verdugo Gift Midnight Elegance Candelabra

amazon buttonCharacteristic to its name, this candelabra is among the few selected models that boast a rather modern design. Aside from the elegance aspect it adds to its look, it is characterized by a candle holder of five all which (holders) are complimented by protective glass. Moreover, it enhances its appeal and stability with black glass attractive components and a solid base respectively. Due to its special features, it perfectly suits individuals that love outdoor candle-lit experiences.

7White Metal Studio Candelabra Silversmiths

amazon buttonOutstanding is exactly the way to refer to this candelabra. Dissimilar to other models in the list, it comes with a 3 color-coating option of black, silver and white, the latter being the signature color. It is constructed using durable metal that is characterized by a candle holder that holds five candles and is complimented by wide openings that act as melting wax collectors. The distinction from other models also streams down to its dimension that is considerably large at 12×13.5”. Nonetheless, this model is relatively pocket-friendly and tasteful.

6Studio Silversmiths 3 Light Black Metal Candelabra

amazon buttonSimplicity, ease, and diversity are what the 3 light studio candelabra literally bring to the table. It is coated with a dazzling and lustrous black paint and has a 3 candle holding capacity. Moreover, other than its sturdy base that eases handling and enhances stability, these holders prevent dripping of wax on surfaces. The candelabra’s simplicity is also evident with its candle holder design that applies a straight line alignment. As far as diversity goes, the silversmith’s studio candelabra offers you a two-color choice between silver and black although the latter is the commonest.

5Oenophilia Afterglow Bottle Candelabra

amazon buttonAfterglow Candelabra is a perfect description of classy and cheap. Painted black and constructed using durable metal, this is a superb choice for special occasions such as romantic dinner dates or a typical elegant decorative candelabrum. Besides its narrow base catchy feature which allows easy insertion in virtually every bottle type, it comes with a classy candle holder of 5 candles which also allow collection of melted wax.

4Godinger Tradition Silver Art Nickel-Plated Candelabra

amazon buttonTopping off our list is this classic Godinger candelabra. Despite sharing similarities with other typical models, it is characterized by crystal drop that adds to it a touch of plush and opulence. It has a candle holding capacity of 5 and also facilitates retention of melting wax. Considering it has a 15” height dimension, the model is comparatively heavy. Nonetheless, this nickel-plated model is the best selection for anyone looking for a delightfully-looking candelabra model.

3Godinger Nickle Plated Silver Art Candelabra

amazon buttonEmblematic to luxury and class, the amazing finish of silver polish and a consequent design that never quite appears to lose taste even with years going by is what sets Godinger candelabra apart from other models. With a 15” height dimension and an ensuing five candle holder, this model is quite heavy. Nonetheless, despite the weight concern and quite an exorbitant price tag, its splendor-façade is quite unmatched. It is an ideal fit for decorating classic furniture or huge tables.

2DEI Bottle Stopper Candelabra

amazon buttonIf you have had a romantic dinner before, then you are aware of the role candles play in its success which is unerringly what DEI stopper candelabra assures you, a consummate touch of romance. The model comes in a design that is simple and a two candle holding capacity that also holds melting the wax so that it won’t cause any damage were it to fall off. Moreover, it is black matte coated and is compatible with every bottle type. Amazingly, despite bringing an exquisite degree of opulence and poise, it comes with a considerably fair pricing.

1SEI 9-Candle Metal Candelabra

amazon buttonFor anyone that loves a candle-lit experience, SEI 9 candelabra is the way to go about it. Aside from a large candle holding capacity of 6 candles, its large frame boosts overall stability and sturdiness. Moreover, it is characterized by layered rows which allow it to incorporate small standard candles that require no extra securing by help of a holder so as to maintain a firm upright posture. Not only that but you will find this particular candelabra to enjoy a much better build than some of the candelabras we talked about so far.