Top 10 Best Car Air Purifiers of 2017 – Reviews


A good way to keep your car smelling nice at all times is to use a car air purifier. Similar to car air fresheners in more ways than one, air purifiers have the added benefit of being more technologically advanced and slightly more effective. We say this because car air purifiers will also clean the air inside the car while giving it a nice smell in the process. These purifiers are usually good enough to remove all sorts of long-lasting odors, no matter what these odors might be. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best car air purifiers out there and what makes them so special.

Best Car Air Purifiers Reviews 2017

10EasyCare Car Air Purifier

amazon buttonEasyCare is an impressive purifier with a classy build and design. Despite its expensive pricing, this premium device offers enhanced features like humidity, air quality and temperature monitoring besides its efficiency in purifying the air. It utilizes its simple to use advanced features to capture particles and eradicate foul smells. Moreover, it has a small-sized display that indicates all relevant information not to mention a small-sized fan that aids in dissipating clean air and pulling in the air needing purifying.

9EONPOW Car Air Purifier

amazon buttonThis model is a simple device which requires plugging into the cigarette lighter. Aside from requiring little power, it works independently not to mention its capacity to handle numerous types of particles and pollutants. EONPOW has an inexpensive sturdy construction and an ensuing chrome finish along the fins where the release of clean air occurs. Furthermore, besides being silent, it functions as a typical air ionizer. Although it mandates for frequent cleaning, it works well in capturing even tiny particles not to mention eradication foul smells.

8Vatru Mini Car Air Purifier

amazon buttonConsidering its size, this Mini purifier produces a decent performance. It functions surprisingly well even with just a basic design and low pricing. It uses the cigarette slot and is quite effective in minimizing bad odors like smoke and provisions such as mold and bacteria. It functions independently and gives sturdy quality. Even though it is not ideal for intense odors, its sturdy metallic construction, LED light (blue) and diversity in color options makes it an amazing option.

7JFA Car Air Purifier

amazon buttonIf you are okay with parting with extra cash, then this is the purifier for you. This premium model blends numerous technologies to enhance air quality in your car. Although it is large, this provision allows it to accommodate larger air volumes therefore subsequently boosting its efficiency in comparison to typical models. When it comes to performance, this device absorbs a comprehensive 99.7 % of particles and foul smells which is astounding considering it needs just 12-volts to power it. JFA pulls air in through its characteristic middle black segment and then pushes out air from its top. The pollutant filtering capacity is boosted by reliance on HEPA technology. It also boasts a smart chip that aids in its independent turning off/on.

6Homdox Car Air Purifier

amazon buttonHomdox is a stylish premium device that eradicates small particles, bad odors and all allergens in your car. Even with a higher pricing compared to related models, its technology facilitates an approximate 99.97 % cleaning and eradication of particles. It boasts a striking glossy finish with ensuing small openings on its top that push out clean air. Although its large size may not necessarily be appealing, its features make it worthwhile.

5vFresh O2 Car Ionic Air Purifier

amazon buttonAside from being inexpensive, this premium model works effectively in eradicating bad odors and virtually all small particles. Like most of its counterparts, it is powered from the cigarette slot and works independently. It boasts a metallic construct characterized by a small-sized top positioned opening where all particles are retained and oxygen ions (-) are dispatched. Aside from its non-maintenance (ON/OFF) one button, it is accompanied by a bonus AC adapter for convenience.

4ProtoAir Car Air Purifier

amazon buttonProtoAir purifier makes the list as an affordable and quite efficient device. Nonetheless, its main catch is its ability to perform multiple actions simultaneously. To be more precise, it can perform the role of an air purifier, ionizer, and ozone generator at the same time. This allows it to be perfectly thorough in eradicating virtually all contaminants in your vehicle. The ionizer boosts the number of oxygen ions (-) while the purifier aids in retention of bad odors and particles. Although it may not perform well in large vehicles and SUVs, this independently functioning purifier which uses the cigarette slot to power it is an ideal choice for most cars.

3Earth-Air Car Ionizer Purifier Freshener

amazon buttonEarth-Air makes the list with a portable purifier that is ideal for individuals with a low budget on hand. Aside from being compact, it is inexpensive and functions amazingly on continuous usage. What’s more, it requires minimal maintenance. Aside from its ability to eradicate dust particles plus other contaminants in your car, it has an ionizer that boosts the amount of oxygen ions (-) produced. Despite its modest efficiency that mandates for continuous plugging in, it works independently and uses the cigarette slot like other purifiers.

2Eco Breeze Car Air Purifier Kit

amazon buttonFor anyone looking for quality and proper service, Eco Breeze might just be the ideal model for you. It is packaged in a metallic tasteful box comprising the purifier together with a USB bonus car charger. These items are properly constructed using metal and are powered by the car lighter. It is simple to use only having a single button. It functions by using electric charges which produce oxygen ions (-). This model boasts small fins at its end which enable easy passing of air and subsequent capturing of particles; giving you clean air free of foul odors. Its only setback is that it is not as efficient as other available models.

1FRiEQ Car Air Purifier

amazon buttonWhen compared to other models that are powered via the lighter slot, this purifier from FRiEQ is fairly smaller. Nonetheless, features such as a compact design, strong metallic construct and a LED (blue) indicator that eases visibility makes it among the most efficient. Moreover, it not only mandates for no maintenance but also works quite independently. Its efficiency in eradicating foul smells works well for smokers and pet owners. Additionally, it boasts an ionizer which boosts its oxygen ions (-) which have numerous health benefits. By retaining small particles, it significantly enhances the air quality inside any car within just a couple of minutes.