Top 10 Best Car Amplifiers of 2017 – Reviews


If you are passionate about music, you will undoubtedly understand the importance of a good car amplifier for your car’s sound system. Your average car stereo simply cannot meet the standards many audiophiles have come to expect with the advent of new technologies. With the right amplifier, the output can change considerably, not only in terms of volume but in terms of sound quality as well. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best car amplifiers the market has to offer.

Best Car Amplifiers Reviews 2017

10Hifonics Zeus ZRX1016.4 Vehicle Amplifier

amazon buttonHifonics makes the list with their 4-channel amp which boasts a sturdy military grade built that guarantees optimal protection and security. It is a source of unmatched power and superior quality of sound as inspired by the integration of modern technology. Aside from its peak power of 1000 watts, it further gives you assurance from its overload and thermal protection. Hifonics’ ZRX1016.4 also utilizes an enhanced power supply-PWM MOSFET that is precisely structured to accommodate optimum current levels for an optimal sound output.

9Pioneer GMA3602 Bridgeable Amplifier

amazon buttonEven in a small form factor, this amplifier delivers a significant amount of power. It comes in a 12x9x4-inch compact form with a meager weight of approximately 3.6 pounds. It is the source of fine sound quality as exhibited by its maximum power output of 400-watts and a typical 2-channel design complemented by RCA inputs. The amplifiers bring in deep bass marred by minimal distortion; and when the car stereo goes off, its auto-off feature sparks to life and switches it off.

8AC1500.1M ANARCHY Planet Audio Monoblock Amplifier

amazon buttonIf you are looking for easy customization, this Class-AM amplifier with a 6.7-pound weight and measurements of 10 x 10 x 2.4 inches is the ideal and compact selection for you. It delivers a maximum output of 1500 watts characterized by a 2 ohms resistance. To further define it, it comes with control for bass boost and a crossover low pass that allows you to tune the sound quality to your preference. Likewise, this Planet Audio amplifier is accompanied by a subwoofer remote control that greatly adds to the convenience.

7Pyle PLA2200 (Bridgeable) Mosfet Amplifier

amazon buttonA Class-AB type of amplifier, Pyle PLA2200 is not only stylish but also fairly powerful. It boasts a durable casing with a touch of elegance. It is a bridgeable amp whose two outputs provide a combined 1400 watts power output. Not only does it have a Hi-Lo variable crossover network, it is also characterized by a bass boost variable control – the latter which allows you to alter your preferred sound quality. The Pyle amp is well safeguarded from overheating as inspired by its aluminum heat sinks, not to mention its short circuit and thermal overload protection.

6Lanzar HTG157 Mosfet Amplifier

amazon buttonA perfect amalgam of superior quality, performance, and clarity, Lanzar HTG157 is designed to offer secure and safe connections relative to other audio accessories. At 3000 watts provided at a 2 ohms resistance level, it stands alone as a powerful amplifier over its competitors under the same category. It is a typical 2-channel amp which eases the setting up of another amplifier. Moreover, it comes with a soft turn off/on a mechanism which boosts the lifespan of its speakers, not to mention the LED indicators for added power and protection.

5Rockford Fosgate Prime Amplifier

amazon buttonWith an enhanced Class-D amplifier, Rockford Fosgate makes the number 4 spot. It comes in a compact 1-channel form that is precisely designed to offer exceptional power. It comes in a 7.1 pound weight capacity and a consequent measurement of 11 x 6.7 x 2 inches. Nonetheless, it is a source of an incredible power output of 1200 watts. Rockford has also equipped it with Tri-stage advanced thermal protection, over-current, and short circuits. Likewise, it comes with an inbuilt equalizer that allows you to boost the level of sound by a considerable 18 dB with an ensuing 45Hz frequency.

4Pioneer GM-D8601 Mono Amplifier

amazon buttonPioneer GM-D8601 is constructed to deliver both quality sound and power all in a simple compact design. With dimensions of 13 x 11 x 5 inches, it is significantly smaller in size (50 %) in comparison to the current Class-AB model’s releases. It not only offers versatility but is also fairly easily installable. It offers a significant maximum power output of 1,600 watts not to mention its exclusive boost controller (bass) which enables you to alter sound quality as per your preference. Moreover, it also boasts a heat dissolution mechanism which helps the amp avert overheating.

3AR1500M Boss ARMOR Amplifier

amazon buttonBoss AR1500M comes in a characteristic compact and slim design with a weight of just 4.4 pounds and measurement of 10.3 x 6.5 x 2.6 inches. Even with its small form, this Boss Monoblock amplifier delivers a 1500 watt optimal power output at a resistance level of 2 ohms. With this one, you can tailor your preferred sound quality using a controller for bass boost and a standard crossover (low-pass). What’s more, it offers the convenience of low and high-level inputs to provide an improved versatility when it comes to the connections it supports.

2R500X1D Rockford Fosgate Prime Amplifier

amazon buttonRockford makes the second spot with their 1-channel amplifier which offers perfect simplicity both in sound customization and connection. It is a compact and lightweight amp as exhibited by the 8.5×6.8×2-inch measurement and 5.4 pounds weight capacity. Aside from its 500 watts at a characteristic 2-ohm resistance, it is shelled by an aluminum (rugged cast) built which is constructed to last a long time. For thermal protection, this amp has a heat sink (aluminum) not to mention an additional short-circuit and an over-current protection feature for good measure.

1R1100M BOSS AUDIO Riot Monoblock Amplifier

amazon buttonCapping off this list is the R11OOM Boss Audio 2-channel amp, a device that boasts an elegant brushed finish on top of a wide array of state of the art features. It offers top-notch and superior sound as provided by its 1,100 watts power output capabilities. What’s more, the inclusion of a crossover (low-pass) and a controller for bass boost gives you freedom to easily customize your sound any way you wish. This mono-block amp is accompanied by a subwoofer (remote) control that allows you to alter the bass and refine the beat while offering an optimal protection against any short-circuiting and overheating.