Top 10 Best Car Oil Filters of 2017 – Reviews


You would be surprised how many drivers out there completely disregard the importance of good oil filters for their cars. It should be common knowledge by now that oil filters can extend the lifespan of a car by a substantial margin, not to mention how much smoother the engine can perform if it doesn’t get contaminated by improperly filtered oil. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best car oil filters the market has to offer so that we may better understand what a good oil filter should look like and how it should perform.

10K&N Pro Series PS-7000 Oil Filter

amazon buttonPS-7000 K&N series filter is a perfect fit usable with either synthetic and or even conventional oils making it a good solution for individuals-notwithstanding their oil preference. It is a high-flow oil filter that provides quality and dependable filtration for vehicles and is available at a considerably fair price considering the alternatives. Not only that but thanks to its design, you will find this particular filter very easy to install.

9Fram PH7317 Spin-On Extra Guard Oil Filter

amazon buttonRarely will you come across a device that guarantees an efficiency rate of 95% onwards particularly in respect to oil filters. Nonetheless, with FRAM PH7317 oil filter, drivers can rest be assured of quality and steadfast filtering. This filter works effectually to capture all sorts of contaminants inclusive of fine particles giving you both service and cost efficiency. In fact, this oil filter offers some of the best value for money out there.

8Bosch 3330 Filtech Premium Oil Filter

amazon buttonBosch is one of the most reputed brands and it makes the list with their premium 3330 oil filter. What particularly sets this component apart from the rest of the competition is its underlying design which is made using more advanced technology. It is characterized by a gasket design complimented by a tight seal which rids it of any leakage related concerns. With the 3330 Filtech oil filter, cars owners can be assured of a clean particle-free oil supply to their vehicle engines.

7K&N Pro Series PS-1010 Oil Filter

amazon buttonK&N again makes the list with another wonderful product, their Pro Series PS-1010 oil filter. This component is an effective and durable fit for individuals looking for a consistent oil filter for their vehicles. It is characterized by a superior quality metal enclosure and a considerable price to go along with. If you are tired of sub-standard, low-quality filters, this Pro Series filter by K&N should ideally fix your woes.

6Mann-Filter Spin-On W 719/45 Oil Filter

amazon buttonThe W 719/45 Mann-filter makes the list as a compact and all inclusive oil filter. It comes with a characteristically great fit and a subsequent outer covering that makes it corrosion resistant. Its amazing fit feature allows it to give quality services for a relatively long period after its initial purchase. Also worth mentioning is that its corrosion resistant capabilities make it stand out quite a bit in today’s market.

5Metal-Free Mann-Filter HU 925/4 X Oil Filter

amazon buttonThe HU 925/4 MANN-FILTER is one of the best engine protecting filters in the market. It comes with a large dirt capturing capacity that makes it quite a reliable filter. Moreover, it is characterized by pleat structuring that significantly boasts its efficiency in filtering the oil effectively. If you are looking for a dependable and efficient oil filter, then you know what to settle for.

4Mobil 1 M1-110 Oil Filter

amazon buttonIn comparison to many other similar components, the Mobil 1 captures significantly more contaminants as well. With such an unrivaled efficiency rate, this filter is set to storm the industry as among the components that allow motor vehicle owners to save on costs by operating with the same oil for a longer period. Perhaps its most interesting feature is its versatility, a design that allows it to easily install it on any vehicle.

3K&N HP-1003 Wrench-Off Performance Oil Filter

amazon buttonThe HP-1003 wrench off performance oil filter is among the most efficient oil filters in the market with a characteristic particle elimination rate of 99 %. It comes with a resilient build that allows it to survive multiple external conditions. Moreover, with an underlying design set to ease its removal, this versatile filter should be a wonderful fit for numerous car owners around the globe looking for a quality and most reliable oil filter.

2Metal-Free Mann-Filter HU 816 X Oil Filter

amazon buttonThe HU 816 oil filter is a remarkably designed and properly structured metal-free filter currently in the market. These features allow it to function effectively and trap both dust and particles in the engine oil. Moreover, even with the assortment of features and the efficiency characteristic, this Mann-Filter oil filter is surprisingly among the cheapest models available.

1Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter

amazon buttonOil contaminants come in various shapes and even sizes and it takes quality filters to capture the fine particles contaminants. Nonetheless, with Motor craft oil filter, vehicles owners can finally have peace of mind. This filter detects and captures the finest of particles ensuring your engine remains unharmed’ at all. It comes with an easily installable steel casing which is also easily removable and resilient to rust. Moreover, it is complimented by a convenient back valve with an anti-drain feature. All things considered, this filter is definitely among the best available filters on the market at this point in time.