Top 10 Best Card Shufflers of 2017 – Reviews


Depending on what you need, you can always choose between a mechanic or an electric card shuffler, the difference being that mechanical ones are operated manually using a cranking lever whereas electric ones are powered via battery. Either way, those of you who decide to get themselves such a device would do well to keep an eye out on what the market has to offer, because every once in a while, sub-par card shufflers come pouring in.

Although not particularly expensive, you should perhaps educate yourself about the types of card shufflers being sold and what makes them so useful in the first place. For your consideration, we put together a list of the ten best card shufflers money can buy.

10Trademark Poker Wooden Card Shuffler

amazon buttonThis shuffler is powered by a Trademark Global shuffling system, which is a respected brand in the industry. Other than that, with just two AA batteries, this device can shuffle two decks of standard or bridge-sized cards in just a few seconds. Other than its unique abilities, this card shuffler is also a charming décor item in itself thanks to its classic appeal and due to its general aesthetics.

9Trademark Global Automatic Card Shuffler

amazon buttonWith Trademark Global behind its manufacture, this card shuffler can handle even casino room shuffling jobs. In addition to being able to shuffle two decks of cards in one go, this shuffler can also offer a guarantee on the randomness of the cards shuffled, something human shufflers cannot offer. Moreover, the shuffler can also handle standard, bridge, and even poker cards. So, despite its deceptively simple look, this shuffler is well-designed for its role.

8CHH 6-Deck Card Shuffler

amazon buttonThis shuffler stands out for its ability to shuffle six decks of cards at once, while some of its counterparts can only handle two decks at a go. And don’t be fooled – this shuffler is capable of very high-quality shuffling. Even when shuffling the six decks, it can complete the task in just a matter of seconds. The shuffler is also quite handy in that it can shuffle both standard and bridge cards.

76-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

amazon buttonAlthough made of plastic, this card shuffler can do a splendid job at shuffling cards. The shuffler runs on C-sized batteries, and it can handle six decks of cards at a go. Clearly, its ability to handle so many decks of standard-sized cards used in poker and bridge makes it one of the best shufflers you can own at the moment. Not only that but just like the name suggests, this particular shuffler can process 6 decks at the same time.

6Hand Cranked Card Shuffler

amazon buttonYou should not let the fact that this is a manual card shuffler put you off, it is still one of the best card shufflers you can own. And this is despite the fact that it can shuffle just two decks of cards at once. The main selling point of this shuffler is that fact that it will never run out of battery power. So, even though it will be a little slower than automatic shufflers, it remains a choice novelty gift item for many people. Of course, the fact that this shuffler can still run quietly and with ease adds to its appeal.

5Joba – 4 Deck Card Shuffler

amazon buttonThis device represents the epitome of card shuffling. Once your cards pass through this shuffler, you can rest assured that they are adequately shuffled. The shuffler also runs on AA batteries, meaning that you won’t have to worry about finding replacement batteries when they run out. The fact that the shuffler can do four decks at once is also a big plus, especially given its affordable price.

4Classic Game Collection Manual Card Shuffler

amazon buttonThis shuffler offers casino quality card shuffling. Although the shuffler may not look like it, it is incredibly robust and reliable. It can shuffle two decks of cards at once. And though it is operated manually, it guarantees great results every time. This shuffler can work with both poker and bridge cards. Additionally, despite being made of plastic, it is quite aesthetically pleasing.

31 to 2 Deck Automatic Playing Card Shuffler

amazon buttonThis shuffler will shuffle up to two decks of cards at once, and automatically to boot. Other than that, it can guarantee completely random shuffling. You will get the additional convenience of using this shuffler from the fact that it can shuffle cards much faster, which is something you will appreciate if you are upgrading from manual shuffling. Furthermore, it appears that this particular card shuffler operates at a much faster speed than most shufflers in this price range.

2Casino Deluxe Automatic 4 Deck Card Shuffler

amazon buttonAs the name clearly suggests, this shuffler is good enough for casino use. Other than the fact that it can shuffle four decks of cards at a go, this shuffler also comes with fingertip controls so that you can shuffle the cards even faster. All these premium features make it ideal even for commercial environments like casinos. So, whether you are playing with standard cards of bridge size cards, you can rest assured that this shuffler is the real deal.

1Casino 6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

amazon buttonThis shuffler has the looks, the power, and the efficiency to make it a reliable companion in many casinos and homes. The shuffler can handle six decks of cards in no time at all. And because it runs on batteries, it can do the job automatically. Part of its appeal also comes from the fact that it boasts of the powerful Trademark Poker shuffling system. Plus, as with many other shufflers on this list, this automatic card shuffler can shuffle both poker and bridge cards. So, if you are going for the best, this shuffler is as good as it gets.