Top 10 Best Christmas Light Projectors of 2017 – Reviews


A good way to ornate your household in the spirit of Christmas is to employ a Christmas light projector for a more colorful atmosphere. These projectors are very easy to operate, relatively inexpensive, and built to last. While you could hastily hang up some lights around your gutters, a Christmas light projector is sure to impress your neighbors and fill everyone around with Christmas spirit. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best Christmas light projectors money can buy.

Best Christmas Light Projectors Reviews 2017

10Ucharge Rotating LED Projection Light Snowflake Spotlight

amazon buttonThe Ucharge Rotating LED Projection Light Snowflake Spotlight is the perfect gadget to bring to a birthday party, wedding, Christmas, New Years, and any other occasion. The lights can be projected onto a wall, floor, ceiling, or any flat surface. The light comes with 10 detachable slides with different images including snowflakes, hearts, Santa Claus, stars and moon, pumpkin, skeletons, and more. It is easily adjustable and can be spread across any surface by adjusting the mounting bracket. The spotlight comes with an IP55 rating to keep it protected at all times regardless of the weather conditions outside.

9Projector Lights 12 Pattern Gobos Garden Lamp

amazon buttonWith the Projector Lights 12 Pattern Gobos Garden Lamp, you get all the best shapes for all kinds of parties including weddings, birthdays, Christmas, New Years, and so much more. There are 12 slides with different shapes including snowflakes, hearts, high heel, clover, Christmas tree, butterflies, cake, and more. The lamp is waterproof which ensures it can be kept outdoors as well. The projector comes with a power button on the back which also controls the speed of the lights.

8Ucharge Christmas Light Projector

amazon buttonGet the Ucharge Christmas Light Projector and watch as your home transforms into a beautiful art piece. The projector comes with 10 slides that feature shapes such as snowman, snowflake, heart, moon, pumpkin, gifts, wineglass, animals, ghosts, and skulls. It is a perfect addition to any kind of party – Christmas, wedding, birthday, New Years, and more. The materials used for the projector are totally waterproof and dust resistant which allows them to be used both indoors as well as outdoors perfectly.

7Diateklity New Design LED Projector Light For Halloween & Christmas

amazon buttonOne of the best accessories during the holiday season is the Diateklity New Design LED Projector Light For Halloween & Christmas. It is made of environmentally friendly ABS which is extremely durable. The projector is ideal for all kinds of occasions including Christmas, Halloween, birthday parties, and every kind of occasion. The light comes with an aluminum cooling module that keeps the temperatures low at all times and reduces the risk of damaging the cards and other components. There is a switch behind the projector that helps increase or decrease the speed of the light. It also offers a 100% waterproof seal that keeps the light safe at all times.

6Star Shower As Seen on TV Static Laser Lights Star Projector

amazon buttonEven though it has a simplistic design, the overall performance you can expect from this particular projector is bound to meet all standards. We say this because this projector enhances the look of the house or any other surface the projector shines on. The projector can be set up in a matter of minutes and has an area of coverage as big as 600 square feet and from a distance of 100 yards. With an inbuilt energy saving mode, the projector allows you to turn off the lights automatically when it’s bright outside.

5Clustars Christmas Laser Lights

amazon buttonThis laser light projector displays red and green lights that can take on over thousands of different shapes that are perfect for Christmas, Halloween, weddings, birthdays, proms, and any other occasion. It is made from high-quality materials that ensure the spotlight is protected from all types of external forces including dust and rain. Thus it can be used safely outdoors as well as indoors.

4Geekers Laser Christmas/Halloween Projector Light

amazon buttonLight up your home with the Geekers Laser Christmas/Halloween Projector Light that delivers a beautiful projection onto any surface. It comes in 3 modes – red, green, and red and green. It is ideal for all types of occasions including birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, and more. The laser light comes with an IP65 rating that makes it waterproof and dust resistant. It covers a total area of 2000 square feet and can be controlled by a remote. The light can be installed in three different ways – Ground Stake mounting, Wall Mounting, and Tripod Mounting.

3Magical Outdoor and Indoor Christmas Laser Light

amazon buttonGet ready to replace your regular lights with the help of 1ByOne Magical Outdoor and Indoor Christmas Laser Light. Just place this handy projector on the ground and watch the beautiful design shine across the home or building or floor. The lights come in the shape of Christmas trees and stars. It features two lights options to choose from – red and green, which display festive patterns during any special occasion. There is a built-in ambient light that keeps the lighting cool as well as an automatic timer that turns off at daybreak. The laser lights can be spread across 2,100 square feet at a distance of 20 feet. Furthermore, the projector is both snow and waterproof.

2Youth Laser Light Projector With RF Remote

amazon buttonThe Youth Laser Light Projector With RF Remote is known for its user-friendly features and bright lights. The laser lights come in two LED colors – red and green and have a blue LED background. There are 8 different patterns to choose from which can cover a total area of 2,100 square feet. Thanks to its ingenious design, this projector is ideal for all kinds of parties including birthdays, weddings, Christmas, New Years, and so much more. It comes with an IP65 rating that makes it dust and water resistant. The projector lights can be controlled with a remote and from a distance of up to 15 meters.

11byone Christmas Laser lights with Green Christmas Tree and Red Stars

amazon buttonStanding out as the best Christmas light projector on the market is the 1byone Christmas Laser lights with Green Christmas Tree and Red Stars and for quite a few reasons. Firstly, it is easy to set up and can be done within a few minutes. The projector is also a high-tech device in all regards, one that can be controlled through a remote and from a distance. The remote provides all the features without having to leave the house or indoor area. It also has automatic timers that turn the projector off when the sun rises or when there is too much light around. Last but not least, this projector comes with an IP65 rating which renders it waterproof and dust resistant.