Top 10 Best Comfortable Seat Cushions of 2017 – Reviews


A comfortable chair is imperative for any productive worker, especially for those who spend hours on end sitting in a chair. Many people don’t really consider the possibility of changing the cushion on their chair unless they absolutely have to. They also tend to use the same cushion for extremely long periods of time, even for years sometimes. The main reason behind this being that as long as the chair isn’t causing them any physical pain, there shouldn’t be a reason to change anything about it. In reality, however, a sub-standard cushion can cause an awful lot of problems in the long run. To give you a better idea of how a comfortable cushion should look like, we put together a list of the ten best comfortable seat cushions money can buy.

10Rio Home Fashions Seat Cushion Memory Foam Pillow

amazon buttonThis 80% polyester / 20% cotton Rio Home seat cushion is among the most popular cushions out there, thanks both to its comfort and to its price. Composed of memory foam, it has an easily machine-washable cover that can either be plainly or artistically designed depending on your individual needs. Moreover, your buttocks are guaranteed to receive a top-notch cushioning experience thanks to the cushion’s ingenious design.

9Aylio Coccyx Comfortable Seat Cushions

amazon buttonAs has become commonly practical, the best is always saved for last. Topping off the list and deservedly so at that, is Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion. With a beautiful U-shaped design complemented by a salient blue color, this pillow minimizes pressure particularly on the hipbones and coccyx when sited. Not only is it comfortable, but is also a proper health promoter. Moreover, it facilitates proper alignment of the spine which subsequently aids in remedying some conditions such as pressure ulcers while leaving you feeling smooth and blister-free.

8Travelmate Large Wellness Cushion

amazon buttonThe uniqueness and quality aspects of the TravelMate brand have inspired its entry into this list and more so more than once. With an unmistakably large size; one perfectly fit-able to a bucket seat, It is particularly designed to soothe prolonged sitting and other related concerns like butt numbness. It is also durable, a characteristic promoted by cushion firmness which is just aptly soft.

7Extra-Large Cushion (Travelmate) For Seats

amazon buttonIf space is your greatest consideration, then the dimensions of this Travelmate cushion will definitely enthuse you! Measuring 19”x17”x3”, it is a combined composition of furniture-grade foam that fills its underneath and high-density memory foam that completes the top. Unlike other pillows, comfort with this one mandates for a small ‘familiarization’ period of about a week prior to experiencing the full comfort benefits it offers.

6Cushina Seat Cushion (Memory Foam)

amazon buttonTalk economy, talk Cushina cushion! Even with back pain or complete flattening of the chair, replacing the entire chair set is not necessary. Why? Cushina cushion has it sorted. As a mark of quality, the pillow not only possesses a natural groove for better blood circulation and bone care but has been made from grade ?A’ memory foam. Aside from being washable by machine, it is also medically proven to aid in remedying posture and back problems.

5Kensington 82024 Memory Foam Seat Rest

amazon buttonTo guarantee maximum comfort is definitely why cushions are manufactured and kicking off our list is the Kensignton 82024 seat rest; a product of high-density memory foam which guarantees your body optimum comfort. Established by NASA, it was originally created to alleviate pressure off astronauts; and to add to that, the foam cushion’s bottom is leather made which aids maintains the original chair position; and if that is not enough, in relevance to the shape of your body and contours, the pillow uses foam which senses temperature and pressure and molds accordingly.

4Travelmate Gel-Enhanced Cushion

amazon buttonPart with a few extra coins and own this top-notch pillow that is a collective result of foam and gel hybrid; with foam forming the top and gel filling the opposite side. Aside from its unique material composition, it also comes in a U-shape design that conforms to the glut structure and minimizes pressure on the bones. With this Seat Cushion, you can well alleviate injured tailbones, sciatic and pressure ulcers.

3ComfiLife Gel-Enhanced Seat Cushion

amazon buttonNo other cushion outperforms Coccyx seat by CushionCare when it comes to alleviating pressure. How? By facilitating a complete hipbone, spine and tailbone support. Besides its pure foam material composition which ensures the pillow remains firm and in shape, Coccyx Seat Cushion also comes with a lifetime guarantee. Not only that but you aren’t likely to find a better, more durable cushion in this price range.

2Wondergel Original Gel Seat Cushion

amazon buttonMention ‘soft’ and ‘strong’ together in a single sentence and the Wondergel cushion comes to mind. Even with a robust material composition of rubber-like Gelastic elements, the pillow is still soft enough for your glut. It comes with a convenient size perfect for adjustment to the weight and shape of a body. Aside from that, the pillow is filled with a gel which promotes its cooling effect and never gets flat even with daily usage.

1Aylio Orthopedic Cushion (Comfort Foam)

amazon buttonThis easily portable cushion is a great remedy to any discomfort resulting from pressure to the tailbone, the hipbones, and or the coccyx. It also distributes weight evenly while facilitating a proper spine posture and alignment. In terms of practicality, let us point out that this cushion has a cover that is 100% machine washable. Not only that but you will find this particular cushion to be a lot easier to maintain than most cushions out there. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best orthopedic cushions the market has to offer at this point in time.