Top 10 Best Computer Desks of 2017 – Reviews


It is important for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of their computers to invest in a reliable and at the same time comfortable computer desk. With a good computer desk, whatever task you might perform behind the keyboard becomes twice as easy, or at least that’s what the people who had the presence of mind to invest in quality computer desks are saying. To help you find the best computer desk money can buy, we put together a list of the ten best computer desks the market has to offer at this point in time, desks that stand out not only through their construction quality but also through their affordable price.

10Corner L-Shaped Office Desk with Hutch

amazon buttonIf elegance and performance are what you are looking for from a computer table, then the Corner L-Shaped Office Desk with Hutch is the item you’re looking for. It is a great addition for both home and office work spaces. The surface area is large and can accommodate a computer, laptop, speakers, printer, books and magazines, and a lamp. The desk is fitted with a smooth and convenient slide out tray for the keyboard which can also store away papers and files. Weighing 102 pounds, this desk is not as heavy as some and neither is it too lightweight.

9Sauder Beginnings Desk with Hutch

amazon buttonThe Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk is definitely one of the most elegant computer desks available. It features two drawers on the side that slide out easily and stops with the help of stoppers along the two metal runners. Users can easily store away hanging files, letters, and other papers easily in the lower drawer, a drawer that is both spacious and easy to slide. At the same time, the slide out keyboard shelf is hidden behind a sleek flip-down molding.

8Cabot L-Shaped Desk from Bush Furniture

amazon buttonWith the Corner L-Shaped Office Desk with Hutch, you get the best of performance along with a stylish design. The work surface is large and smooth for an excellent working experience, a design that makes the desk stand out from an aesthetic point of view. It also features 4 USB ports for anytime connectivity and charging for smartphones, tablets, or laptops. At the same time, it has a storage unit for keeping electronics safe along with an attached cabinet is fitted with a fluted glass door. Easily store office supplies and more in the cubby shelf.

7Monarch Specialties Cappuccino Hollow-Core/Silver Metal Office Desk

amazon buttonSeen as one of the most popular computer desks out there, the Monarch Specialities Cappuccino Hollow-Core/Silver Metal Office Desk stands out not only thanks to its style but also its outstanding performance. Its extremely large floating surface is great for working and storing a computer, laptop, lamp, and other electronics. It also features two drawers that come with silver colored handles and locks. Along with them, it features a filing drawer that is extremely spacious and metal legs that are both durable and rust-resistant.

6Calbot Corner Desk

amazon buttonA unique feature of the Calbot Corner Desk is its reversible pedestal that can be placed on the left or right side of the corner. The included soft tray is great for storing electronic goods. There is an open cubby for storing books that also transforms into a storage unit for a modem. The installed file drawer accommodates all types of papers and letters. With smooth ball bearings, the drawers slide out or in easily. With its charging station, users don’t have to leave their desk to charge their smartphones or tablets. At 108 pounds, this desk is great for working and its surface is ideal for any office.

5Sauder Graham Hill Desk

amazon buttonThe Sauder Graham Hill Desk is a great computer desk, not only for people who need to accommodate computers but also as a standard workstation. The desk has two drawers that lock into place with the T-Lock system along with lower drawers which slide out to hold letters, papers, and other office essentials. With its unique cubbyhole storage, users can easily keep their favorite books and magazines close. Measuring in at 47 x 20.6 x 36.1 inches, the desk is quite compact and can be installed in any medium sized room.

4Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

amazon buttonSimplicity is best captured in the Origami RDE-01 computer table as it not only boasts a natural design but also enjoys one of the best stability standards out there. The surface area is big enough to install a computer or a laptop with speakers and the table itself can be fitted into any room. It also features a single drawer in the center that can hold pens, papers, a keyboard, or any other small items you might have. Furthermore, its small size makes it perfect for using it as a side table or a console table.

3South Shore Axess Collection Desk

amazon buttonAmong the best computer desks available, we find the South Shore Axess Collection Desk, one that weighs just 76 pounds but offers a lot of flexibility for its size. For starters, it is a large work surface, which is always something to look for. The desk also comes with a slide-out tray that can hold anything from papers and magazines to smartphones and tablets. Not only that but the entire desk is made from composite wood.

2Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

amazon buttonWith the Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves, you know your computer, speakers, printer, books, and other electronics will be safe and easy to install. It fits into any corner perfectly and creates space for all kinds of accessories or essentials you might own. The top of the desk is broad and flat and features 2 bookshelves installed as well. With a maximum weight limit of 100 pounds, the desk is a great addition to any office. It can hold a computer, printer, speakers, and other electronic accessories along with books.

1Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

amazon buttonStanding out atop our list as the best computer desk available is the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk. It is made of polished and beveled tempered glass for added safety with a frame from sturdy steel and a powder coat finish for added durability. The desk also has a sleek keyboard tray that slides out smoothly as well as a great CPU stand. Overall, it is perhaps the best computer desk money can buy.