Top 10 Best Console Tables of 2017 – Reviews


We should point out right from the start that console tables aren’t just decorative but highly functional as well. In fact, if you’re only interested in aesthetics alone, you should perhaps settle for a small coffee table instead. You see, a console table can prove to be a crucial piece of furniture in the long run, as it can serve not only as a table but as a desk as well.

After browsing the market far and wide, we came to the conclusion that some console tables are not only better-looking than others but that the perfect console table can very well act as a point of operations when it comes to organizing valuable household items like address books, magazines, or even electronics. Long story short, here are the ten best console tables money can buy.

10Linon Home Decor Titian Antique Console Table

amazon buttonDo not be fooled by the ‘antique’ label like some of you would normally do. This practical console table is not only pretty to look at but also extremely useful. For starters, it has two drawers designed to provide ample storage space, drawers that are both spacious and easily drawn. On top of this, the table benefits from an antique tobacco finish that will compliment the room from an aesthetic standpoint.

9Convenience Concepts Northfield Hall Console Table

amazon buttonThanks to its simplistic design, this particular table will fit into any decor without standing out too much. This is precisely what anyone should look for when purchasing any sort of furniture, not just tables. At the same time, one should always consider the assembly that may be required when talking about furniture, which is what makes this table so interesting. You see, this table requires very little assembly, a process that shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

8Black Occasional Console Sofa Table Bookshelf

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this is not only a console table but a veritable bookshelf that enjoys a quite fashionable design. It has a unique crossbar design that enables it to fit into any decor and spacious shelves that can be used to accommodate a variety of household items. Furthermore, this particular table is a lot more durable than the design will have you think, which is why it requires a bit of assembly work before fitting it into the room.

7Simpli Home Acadian Console Table

amazon buttonWe all know how important it is for a console table to be just as useful as it is pretty to look at and let us just say that this ingenious table can really tie a room together. The reason we say this is because it enjoys a hand-finished design with a Dark Tobacco Brown stain and a protective NC lacquer to accentuate and highlight the grain of the wood. Not only that but the entire table was handcrafted with extreme care using only the finest quality solid pine in its making, and it shows.

6Convenience Concepts American Heritage Console Table

amazon buttonThis old-fashioned console table is perfect for anyone going for a traditional decor or for anyone who is interested in hardwood furniture. As for the table itself, let us say that it features a drawer and a bottom shelf, all made from Espresso wood grain for good measure. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it is quite slim as far as design goes, which enables you to easily find a place for it inside the room.

5Mirage Mirrored 2-Drawer Console Table

amazon buttonIf you’re the type of person who enjoys futuristic furniture, then you will love the Mirage Mirrored Console Table from Southern Enterprises. This particular table, like the name suggests, is made with mirrors and MDF materials throughout its entirety, thus being able to reflect light as well as an actual mirror. it is perhaps due to its shimmering mirror effects that people find this particular piece so interesting and rightfully so.

4Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Console Table

amazon buttonThis contemporary console table from Coaster Home Furnishings is the type of console anyone with a modern house would want. Enjoying a contemporary design, this table features an angled base that adds a unique look with its presence in almost any decorative style. As a result, it will not stand out too much inside the room, while still being spacious enough to accommodate whatever items you may want to store.

3Winsome Wood Rochester Console Table

amazon buttonAt its core, this is a wood console table designed in a traditional, simplistic fashion. Upon closer inspection, however, this particular table reveals a very spacious drawer that doesn’t affect the table’s design in ?any way whatsoever. We would also do well to point out that this table is made with an antique walnut finish which thanks to its traditional styling, will compliment almost any decor.

2Deep Merlot Finish Console Table

amazon buttonJust like the name suggests, this stylish console table enjoys a deep merlot finish designed to tie together a room in style. Not only is this console table stylish and practical but it also benefits from a slim construction that will undoubtedly allow you to fit it almost anywhere inside the house. This being said, we should point out that the shelves aren’t meant to hold extraordinarily heavy items, but then again, you shouldn’t expect this from such an affordable table.

1Coaster Storage Entry Way Console Table

amazon buttonThis is without a doubt, one of the most elegant console tables in this price range. It not only benefits from a sturdy solid wood and veneer construction but it also features a 2-door cabinet which you can use for storage without any real issues to speak of. Although it may require some assembly, the table is engineered in such a way that it poses no risks of taking damage in the long run. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best console tables on the market today.