Top 10 Best Core Abdominal Trainers of 2017 – Reviews


Despite what some would have you believe, the journey to achieving those perfect abs you’ve been dreaming of isn’t short, nor is it easy. As it often happens, it takes more than a few magic gadgets to develop proper, healthy abs; it takes a lot of hard work and determination more than anything else. Having said that, it does help to have the proper tools on hand, which is where core abdominal training equipment comes into play. These training tools are designed to help you boost your workout sessions to the standards required for you to see noticeable improvements. To save you the trouble of trying to figure out what these items are, we took the liberty of putting together a list of the ten best core abdominal trainers that money can buy.

Best Core Abdominal Trainers Reviews 2017

10High-Density Ab Mat for Total Core Workouts

amazon buttonAbdominal mats are designed to boost and intensify your workouts while simultaneously also providing lower back support. With these mats, you are able to maintain a perfect workout form while in your endeavors to remain fit. Measuring 14 x 12 x 3 inches, this compactly designed mat weighs a meager 1.5 lbs. It is also easy to use since it requires no setup and besides boasting a comprehensive 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, it comes with an instructional guide. Nonetheless, despite its effectiveness in intensifying workouts, it is not short of setbacks. For starters, the tapered design does not suit everyone and with its dense material composition, it slightly compromises on spring support. Even with slight setbacks to its name, this mat is amazingly effective in intensifying workouts and is a proven way of sculpting solid abs.

9Rep Ab Support Mat

amazon buttonSimilar to previously mentioned core trainers, the Rep Ab Support Mat core trainer is a lightweight yet form piece of equipment that is slightly different from other ab mats. Besides the lightweight feature that other ab mats evidently lack, it also surprisingly remains firm. It boasts foam material that is high-density which allows maintenance of firm form. Aside from the durability aspect, it allows performance of core workouts in full range motions, proper stretches and a standard design comprising PVC leather that is quite durable by most standards.

8ProSource High-Density Abdominal Mat Core Trainer

amazon buttonComing in at 7th place is one more ab core trainer mat. As opposed to the previous one, the ProSource comes with an enhanced natural curve. With a dimension of 15 x, 12 x 2.5” this high-density foam material mat offers both stability and support in your workouts. It offers diversity in color options with its 3 different colors (blue, black and gray). Moreover, comparing it with exercise discs and balls, this mat allows a diverse scope of motions including even where you can perform oblique crunches while on sideway position. However, this mat is slightly shorter compared to typical ab mats and on arrival, initial use may not be as comfortable since it comes in a very stiff form. Nonetheless, with continued use, it gets better and more comfortable.

7King Athletic Ab Roller Wheel

amazon buttonA versatile ab training machine, Ab Roller Wheel not only allows you to get those sexy abs you are after but is also an amazing equipment for back muscle massaging. Minimize the recovery time and relieve tension while working out your ab muscles with this piece of equipment. It comes in a design that is compact and which is available in 2 color options (blue or pink) and while it is good for your ab muscles, it is also convenient in offering back muscle support, relief and massage. Offering a standard 2-in-1 approach, and facilitating ease of usage and comfort, this is the best ab trainer to suit all your needs. It is also accompanied by a handy workout guide and a subsequent yoga mat.

6WODFitters Ab Trainer Mat PRO

amazon buttonThe dominance of ab mats continues with yet another ab mat on the list. Aside from an accompanying digital guide for workouts, it also comes with a subsequent carrying bag. Get treated to proper support for your lower back while performing sit ups and crunches and get that slim waist while still working on core muscles. How? By relying on the WODFitters abs mat. Besides this, the product boasts PVC antibacterial material that makes it hygienic and durable, material that retains form and a lifetime warranty to go with it. Surprisingly, it has no relatable disadvantages which make this 15 x 11.5 x 2.5-inch tapered design mat a reliable solution to ab workouts.

5SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength & Ab Trainer

amazon buttonSKLZ is yet another roller to make the list and although on a similar concept with the other mentioned pones, it comes in a different design. As opposed to the typical single roller, this one offers 2 rollers (hand-held) where each roller goes into a single hand. The accompanying roller package is not only portable but is also lightweight. It is applicable for multiple varied exercises and offers 2 sets of wheels and an accompanying training guide. Furthermore, its ergonomic design also boosts comfort while applying the CORE wheels.

4AB WOW Ab Roller Workout Wheel

amazon buttonNext on this list is a standard wheel design. As opposed to the other mentioned equipment, this one requires you to grasp the wheel and begin in an all four posture. Afterward, your core muscles perform the role of pushing the wheel back and forth in a continual sequence. Aside from the wheel, this package is also accompanied by foot straps complemented by tension bands, a standard knee mat, and a storage case to secure every component. The wheel can accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 500-pounds and allows you to work on particular muscles such as the back, shoulder, and arms. Even with this, the wheel is also associated with several factors among them; the thickness of its knee pad which is slightly compromised and an ensuing odor which although passes after some days is quite unappealing. Generally, this is a wonderful buy that should get you through your workout routine.

3AbMat Abdominal Trainer

amazon buttonCapping off the list is an abdominal mat by the name AbMat-a vastly renowned and accredited ab mat brand. It features an ideally curved design which perfectly contours your lower back shape and facilitates complete body motion. Its underlying material is both absorbent and dense and quite durable providing a considerable usage time. It comes in 9 diverse color options and an accompanying instructional manual and in the instance, you are unsure of its quality and reliability in guaranteeing you consistent and positive results, its authenticity certification should relieve you of any concerns. If you are looking for a safe and stable surface to perform perfect crunches and sit-ups, this is a durable, effective and affordable means to achieve that.

2Elite Ab Wheel Roller

amazon buttonElite ab roller takes the 2nd slot on the list and with a dual-wheel standard design complimented by large handles that improve griping, it is easy to see why it does. Moreover, it is accompanied by a digital video guide and instruction manuals to guide your workouts and besides being a simple to comprehend and use the device, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Without the risk, if sounding biased, this is one of the best ab rollers the market has to offer.

1Valeo Roller Wheel Exercise Ab Roller

amazon buttonLast on our list is a typical ab roller, yet one that is guaranteed to offer great results after just a couple of sessions. What makes it stand out is the fact that it was particularly intended to aid you in working on core muscles through the performance of rolling exercises on your floor. It works and resembles the previously listed ab wheel only disparity being that it does not include foot straps. This wheel comes in a dual wheel and durable design which boosts stability and long continued use respectively. It is further characterized by ergonomic handles that enhance the grip. The only concerns, however, are that it comes unassembled and worse of all, it has no accompanying instructional manual. Nonetheless, with its durability and dual design provision, it should serve you effectively for a very long period of time.