Top 10 Best Crepe Makers of 2017 – Reviews


If you are a crepe enthusiast, you will undoubtedly be looking for a good crepe maker to help you through. While the market does have some pretty interesting models to offer at this point in time, it is very important to educate yourself on what type of crepe maker would best meet your specific demands. We say this because even among what should be simplistic appliances, there are still some pretty considerable differences to ponder about, especially when it comes to practicality and durability. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best crepe makers money can buy.

Best Crepe Makers Reviews 2017

10Krampouz Tibos Crepe Machine

amazon buttonMeasuring an ample 13 inches in diameter, the Krampouz Tibos is a sleek, durable and high-quality crepe maker that is backed up by 1,300 watts of sheer power. Featuring a non-stick surface, this device is convenient, hardy and made from rust proof materials. This device also comes along with a ladle, a spatula, a rake, a brush and spreading device, and a handy recipe book that would help you prepare delicious crepes in different sizes and thickness. Extremely easy to utilize, this device heats up quickly and prepares scrumptious crepes in minutes.

9Magic Mill 13″ Professional Electric Crepe Maker

amazon buttonThe Magic Mill 13″ Professional Electric Crepe Maker is a crepe and pancake maker that comes along with a set of useful features and accessories for a more thorough cooking process. Perfect to prepare both sweet and savory items, this crepe and pancake maker can create delicious snacks, quick and easy. Backed up by 1,000 watts of power, this machine comes with a heavy duty heating element that features a temperature dial enabling proper control of the amount of heat you need. It also features a 12.6 inch non-stick coated, aluminum cooking plate that can be maintained easily. Not only that but it also features an indicator light that alerts you when the plate is heated up and turns itself off if it gets too hot. This device comes with a free oil brush, a ladle, a wooden spatula, and a batter spreader.

8Cuisinart CPP-200 Crepe Maker

amazon buttonThe Cuisinart CPP-200 is a professional grade, international crepe maker that can also be used to prepare pancakes, pizzelle, tortillas, blintzes and much more. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this crepe maker comes with a reversible 8 1/3rd inch non-stick plate that doubles when opened. It features a special unique kind of locking lid and can be stored in an upright position with no issues to speak of. Furthermore, this device is dishwasher safe and comes with special tongs, a measuring spoon, and an ice cream cone roller.

7Waring Commercial WSC160 Crepe Maker

amazon buttonMade from premium grade, durable stainless steel, the Waring Commercial WSC160 is a robust, crepe maker that comes equipped with a sturdy base and durable handles that are resistant to extreme heat. Easy to use, this device features a 16-inch non-stick base made from high quality cast iron and can be easily cleaned and maintained. The device features a thermostat that can be adjusted to 570F and can perfectly cook all types of batters evenly. It also includes indicator lights for power and an alert to let you know that the surface temperature has reached the desired setting.

6NEECO Morning Star Crepe Maker

amazon buttonThe NEECO Morning Star is a 13-inch top notch crepe maker and electric griddle that prepares delicious crepes and blintzes in a just a few minutes. Thanks to its easy to use temperature dial, you can control the amount of heat and temperature as per the type of dish you are preparing. It also features an indicator light that alerts you when your desired temperature setting has been reached. This crepe maker can also be used to prepare pancakes, eggs, and many other dishes that require a quick frying. Along with this electric crepe maker, you get a free batter spread that helps with preparing the thinnest, most delicious crepe.

5Paderno World Cuisine Crepe Maker

amazon buttonThe Paderno World Cuisine electric crepe maker is a 13 and 3/4th-inch kitchen utility that helps you prepare delicious breakfast snacks within minutes. From pancakes and crepes to eggs and other quick-frying dishes, this crepe maker is among the best of its kind. It features a special cursor located at the front of the device to help regulate the thermostat, and a light to indicate the level of heating at all times. Along with this crepe maker, you also get a wooden crepe turner and a scraper along with a special cleaning brush and a manual. Made from durable high-quality materials, this robust crepe maker is compact in size and can be stored in the smallest spaces without any issues to speak of.

4Eurolux Cordless Crepe Maker

amazon buttonUnlike other crepe makers out there, the Eurolux crepe maker is a cordless, well built, durable machine that comes with a 7.5-inch diameter cooking surface for both versatility and added durability. Equipped with a high quality non-stick cooking surface, the cooking plate is super easy to clean and heats up rather quickly. The device features rubber feet to provide stability and prevent it from slipping off tabletops and surfaces. It also comes equipped with an on and off button and an indicator light that alerts you when the food is perfectly cooked. Along with the device, you get a recipe book, an instruction manual, and a batter spreader.

3CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker

amazon buttonThe CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker is a 100% non-stick, high-quality kitchen utility that is packed with some truly great features. Among them, an on / off switch and an indicator light to alert users when the surface is hot enough to start the cooking process. It also features a dipping plate along with a batter spreading tool to help you prepare the thinnest, crispiest most delicious crepes. The base comes with a cord wrap to help you neatly store the cable. Measuring 15 inches in length and 7.5 inches wide, this crepe maker comes with an instruction manual and a recipe book to help you with any scrumptious recipes you might want to prepare.

2NutriChef PCRM12 Crepe Maker

amazon buttonMeasuring an ample 12 inches in diameter, the NutriChef PCRM12 is a quick, easy and ultra compact crepe maker that can also prepare delicious pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Featuring an adjustable temperature dial and a high-quality aluminum nonstick cook plate, this crepe maker is safe to be placed on your kitchen counter top or any table top. Backed up by 1,200 watts of sheer power, this crepe maker can prepare the most delicious breakfast in a matter of minutes thanks to its superfast heating elements.

1CucinaPro 1448 Crepe Maker

amazon buttonThe CucinaPro 1448 is one of the most popular and highly recommended crepe makers on the market today. Topping our list, this crepe maker comes packed with a ton of brilliant features. Among them, the capacity to quickly prepare delicious pancakes and crepes in just a matter of minutes. Along with its 12-inch non-stick surface, it also comes with 5 variable temperature settings to choose from and a super durable aluminum construction that makes it perfect for preparing eggs, bacon, and other breakfast dishes. It also comes with an on and off indicator light that lights up when the device is ready to use and rubber feet for optimum stability. Included with this crepe maker, you get a batter spreader and a recipe booklet to help you with basic batter, mushroom crepes and much more.