Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes of 2017 – Reviews


Cruiser bikes are perfect for casual and recreational riding, much more so than traditional bicycles that are often designed for reliability and endurance. The great benefit of cruiser bikes is that they boast comfortable designs that encourage your posture in an upright natural position for added comfort. This way, they not only provide extra comfort for the rider but they also offer the added benefit of preventing long-term back and joint pain. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best cruiser bikes money can buy.

Best Cruiser Bikes Reviews 2017

10Huffy Bicycle Ladies Good Vibrations Cruiser Bike

amazon buttonAimed at female riders, the Huffy Bicycle Ladies Good Vibrations Cruiser Bike is an excellent gift for any teenage or adult female. The frame is well made and designed to last for years. Whether you like gentle riding or riding on tough terrain, this bike is made to last. The tires are large and measure 26 inches in size while the 40mm alloy frame gives great support on all terrain types. The bike also has steel spokes that provide added support to the frame. The seat on the bike is extra padded for added comfort with a large rear mounted rack for easy storage options.

9Micargi Touch Beach Cruiser Bike Firmstrong Style

amazon buttonThe Micargi Touch Beach Cruiser Bike Firmstrong Style is an elegant and fashionable bike, used by people all over the world. It is best known for its versatility and extreme durability above everything else. It also comes in a deep black color variant that adds to the natural surroundings. The bike is made from high-quality steel while its overall design is created to carry the weight of any sized man, woman, or child. The crank is made from a single piece of steel while the fork hi-ten steel enhances the ride even more. The tires are sized at a very impressive 26 inches and offer smooth rides on any terrain. Furthermore, its seat is comfortable and has a retro styled handlebar.

8Kulana Men’s Cruiser Bike

amazon buttonBuilt to last and deliver an unmatched performance, the Kulana Men’s Cruiser Bike is a well-known and popular cruiser beach bike that is made from only the best materials. The frame of the bike, for instance, is made from steel which ensures that every rider gets a comfortable ride no matter the terrain. The sturdy form of the bike also absorbs a lot of shocks and bumps which is also quite an advantage on long rides. From the very handle to the large cruised seat, this bike is all about giving the rider an absolute pleasurable ride.

7Critical Cycles Beach Cruiser Bike

amazon buttonBuilt to withstand heavy riders, the Critical Cycles Beach Cruiser Bike is designed to support adults of any size. The bike is graphite and orange colored which ensure that can be seen from anywhere and recognized from a distance just as quick. The frame is made by hand while the fork is built to absorb impacts and a lot of pressure. It is created for outdoor riding and the bike certainly performs well on almost any surface. More so, the bike does well even on slopes thanks to the 26-inch wheels that make it quite stable when riding rather fast. The handles are made of high-quality rubber and protected by foam which enables riders to get a comfortable grip.

6Northwoods Pomona Men’s Cruiser Bike

amazon buttonThe Northwoods Pomona Men’s Cruiser Bike is by far, one of the most performance-based beach bikes available online. The bike comes with two 26-inch aluminum wheel that has 36 spokes for long-lasting durability and stability. The tires are specially made and can take on any terrain easily. The handlebars on this beast of a machine are ergonomically designed to fit right into your hand comfortably. The bike also comes with an extra comfortable cruiser seat and a Shimano Rear Derailleur to properly adjust the gear system on the rear.

5Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Speed Cruiser Bike

amazon buttonIn terms of brand recognition and quality, very few come close to Schwinn and the Sanctuary 7 Speed Cruiser Bike is a clear example of why that is. The bike’s frame and fork are made from high-quality steel that delivers an excellent performance every time you take the bike out. The bike also has full fenders and a cargo rack placed on the back for carrying things easily. Not only that but it also has a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters. The alloy rims on the bike make it significantly lighter than most bikes while the saddle is padded and comes with quality springs for added stability and comfort.

4Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike

amazon buttonAs mentioned earlier, Schwinn is an excellent brand and their Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike is an outstanding product just the same. The high-quality 26-inch tires provide grip and smooth riding experiences on any type of terrain. Furthermore, this bike is beautifully elegant to look at thanks to the magnificent color combination used in its making. The frame is extremely lightweight and ergonomic while the fork reduces shocks tremendously during fast rides. It comes with a 7-speed gear system that is great for both slow and fast riders, along with full-sized fenders designed to keep dirt and mud away while the handles provide a great grip.

3Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike

amazon buttonThe Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike is a well designed and sturdy beach bike which knows how to deliver on an everyday basis. Even after years, the components of the bike don’t rattle or fall off. The unique design and brilliant performance make it a crowd favorite, an element one must always ponder when choosing a cruise bike. The bike also has an adjustable speed system which makes it faster than most bikes. The shifters are on the back and the handbrake slows down the bike immediately. In fact, the bike itself is extremely lightweight and looks absolutely stunning.

2SixThreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle

amazon buttonThe SixThreeZero Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle is an excellent alternative to most of the uncomfortable bikes on offer right now. This versatile bike is beneficial in many ways for women of various sizes and weights but mainly due to its ingenious design. The bike is colored dark blue and brings a certain elegance to the bike while the 17-inch frame is perfect for comfortable riding on the beach or through any terrain. The entire frame of the bike is made from steel which brings an unmatched durability and structural integrity. The 26-inch wheels offer a great grip for smooth rolling. Last but not least, its fenders are full-sized and the pedals come with rubberized blocks.

1Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike

amazon buttonFirmstrong’s Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike is one of the most sought after cruiser bikes right now. This high-end cruiser bike has 24-inch tires to allow riders the benefit of a smooth ride on almost any terrain. It also has a single speed which ensures every rider gets the best out of every ride. At the same time, this bike benefits from a 13.5-inch frame and has aluminum wheels for extra durability. As far as the tires go, we should point out that they come with a stylish white wall design that definitely enhances the look of the bike. Also worth mentioning is that the brakes are excellent and the oversized seat is remarkably comfortable thanks to its dual springs construction.