Top 10 Best Dirt Bikes of 2017 – Reviews


If you’re looking to have some outdoors fun, you could do a lot worse than dirt bikes, no doubt about it. As long as you’re qualified or at least able to control such a bike, your are bound to have the time of your life riding across rough terrain with relative ease. Unlike regular motorcycles, dirt bikes do not buckle under pressure, nor do they manifest malfunctions if ridden on uneven ground over long periods of time. Even so, there are clear differences between even the most popular models, with manufacturers preferring to customize each bike according to specific standards. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best dirt bikes money can buy.

Best Dirt Bikes Reviews 2017

10DB70 Dirt Bike 70cc Semi Automatic

amazon buttonA high-profile comfortable dirt bike, The DB70 is equipped with all-terrain large tires (17-inch) crafted off quality rubber which grips well both rugged and smooth surfaces. It is powered by a powerful 70cc engine which works effectively under all conditions devoid of overheating. This black-themed bike boasts a striking grunge-looking type of design coupled by well-spaced comfortable handlebars and a properly-built aero-cooled busy which even under pressure or stress never overheats. The AGB 37 attains optimal speeds of approximately 55.89 MPH with a load limit capacity of about 220 pounds. Moreover, even with a low-grade carburetor, it boasts a comfortable seat height of 32.8 inches and 12.6 inches higher ground clearance allowing easy overriding of obstacles.

9C-P INC 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike

amazon buttonWhile the simplicity in design makes it a significantly undermined bike, the C-P INC is a worthy bike perfect for both amateurs and professionals. It boasts a stable full-sized frame that is both stable and properly constructed to accommodate individuals of all sizes. The manufacturer has also equipped it with a 250cc powerful, an engine with an ideal off-road riding height. The bike has efficient suspensions that accommodate a 400-pound load capacity not to mention 67 MPH top speeds as inspired by the bore stroke aero-cooled engine. Even with poorly designed setup instructions, its responsive rear and front disk brakes give you instant halting power. Finally, with a 55.9-inch sturdy wheelbase and a comfortable 36.6-inch seat, you are certain of enhanced shock cushioning helping you avert injuries.

8Tao Tao DB17

amazon buttonThis blue-colored dirt bike makes the list in a stylish format of a typical high-performance 125cc model design that appeals to buyers. It works perfectly under any terrain owing to its gas-powered 4-stroke engine. It has a conveniently positioned 4-speed manual gear that is easy to operate not to mention its padded comfortable seat. Moreover, it boasts large tires designed for all types of terrains (front-17 inch and rear-14 inch) not to mention its professional grade shock absorbers. Besides the superior performance it boasts, Taotao DB17 also a people’s choice for its safety and durability. It boasts a steel sturdy frame which for example never buckles even under pressure. Moreover, it comes with an air-cooled comfortable design which never overheats and very powerful brakes all for your enjoyable experience.

7PCC MOTOR Coolster

amazon buttonWhy settle for typically poorly constructed bikes when you can ride professional style with just a few bucks added? One of the best professional rides available is the Coolster PCC MOTOR dirt bike which is not only durable but also boasts multiple premium features. It comes with a gas-powered 125cc engine which is effective no matter the terrain not to mention its exclusive self-cooling technology which ensures optimal performance. With this one, be certain of no instances of crumbling under pressure or overheating. Moreover, you don’t have to choose either of style or function! PCC gives you both. Likewise, the bike is equipped with the durable frame made from steel alloy coupled by a typical black aesthetic theme. Besides this, the frame is lightweight although structured to accommodate weight in excess of 200 pounds. Even with smaller tires compared to other bikes, you are treated to efficient brakes (double-piston) aside from the big bore stylish exhaust and sturdy billet chain.

6Tao Tao DB10

amazon buttonTaotao makes the list again this time with the DB10 model with an 110cc reliable engine power. It is equipped with quality construction and premium components that allow you to smoothly cruise along any terrain. Moreover, its engine is a one-cylinder aero-cooled version which is a high performer. The bike is both fully automated and durable adding to the long list of amazing features. In addition to its easy maintenance and low costs, it has a 4-liter fuel capacity that gives it popularity with most users. Be certain of amazing performance especially with an enhanced brake system (hydraulic) that provides you with instant halting power for maximizing safety. The DB10 is not only a blue-themed striking bike but is also a lightweight 10-inch tire ( all-terrain) which although smaller provide a sturdy low center of gravity that amps safety and stability. To cap off the ice, you are treated to a 1-year warranty for engine and transmission plus a typical 30-day warranty in respect to defective parts.

5Flying Horse Dirt Bike

amazon buttonSafety, simplicity in usage and power are the key attributes you ought to identify when selecting a dirt bike and Flying Horse does it all for you. Aside from comfort, it is a feature-rich professional grade bike that is both affordable and excellent for outdoor expeditions. It boasts a 2-stroke 50cc gas engine which works well in every environment. It produces an enthralling roaring sound to add to its tough shock absorbers which aside from soothing the impact maximize your comfort. Even with ill-fitting fenders, this dirt bike gives you alloy rims (rust-proof) that neither lose shape nor bend over time. Likewise, it is fitted with an automated transmission simple to apply system together with a 2-stroke effective exhaust system.

4High Performance 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike

amazon buttonThis High Performance dirt bike is an all-around well-constructed dirt bike coming in with a 125cc powerful engine (2-strokes) that never quite disappoints. Aside from its astounding power whose engine allows one to cruise along any terrain, the bike is durable and comes with an effective air-cooled construct not to mention its characteristic lightweight design which does not add much to the weight to the bike. With respect to safety and comfort, it boasts a proper built that is well able to take abuse. Moreover, with an approximate seat height of 36.6-inches any individual whether adult or youth can comfortably ride easily on it. Likewise, it is characterized by ergonomic handlebars and frame not to forget optimal padding all to boost comfort and safety.

3Bburago KTM 450 SX-F #5

amazon buttonBburago is an all-performing dirt bike which is equipped with sturdy rubber tires that boost on road grip. Moreover, it has a durable die-cast frame and a typically multi-coloured chassis complemented by plastic components that accentuate both its function and style. For boosted comfort, the bike is characterized by well-padded seat which ideally cradles the riders. Likewise, its handlebars are subsequently ergonomic and sturdy with a suspension system that soothes the ride on rugged terrains. Although its plastic is somewhat flimsy, you can get this professional grade low maintenance bike at a very affordable price tag.

2Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

amazon buttonWith MX650 from Razor, you get the utmost quality an electric motocross bike can offer, without any of the issues that sometimes accompany such bikes. It is not only lightweight but also very easy to control, despite its surprisingly powerful motor. At the same time, its large pneumatic tires ensure that you won’t have any issues riding in on rough terrain, offering the same stability you would usually get on even ground. Also worth mentioning is that this particular bike is built to last, a construction that even though might affect its aesthetics, it certainly adds to its durability.

1Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

amazon buttonMaking the top spot on the list is Razor yet again, this time with their MX350 Rocket model that boasts a blue-themed body which is both durable and quite fun to ride on. In comparison to conventional bikes, its electrical system that is battery-powered is fairly quieter. The bike boasts large pneumatic tires that properly grip the surface maximizing its stability. Although it slightly compromises on speed (12 MPH) and comes with a shorter run-time and height, it is equipped with a hand operated easy-to-use twist grip and brake controls, all convenient for children in the 13+ years age bracket.