Top 10 Best Document Cameras of 2017 – Reviews


Also known as Visualizers or Visual Presenters, most Document Cameras are used in academia and the corporate world. These devices allow you to display and share just about any type of document in full color while giving you the possibility to annotate, underline, or to get different angles of the document being displayed while being processed. They do so while being relatively easy to use and without costing you a fortune to get them.

This being said, we should point out that not all document cameras are built to the same standards as some of them boast much better features than others. To give you a better idea of what to look for in such a device, we put together a list of the ten best document cameras money can buy.

10Learning Resources Luna Projection Camera

amazon buttonFrom capturing images and videos to projecting online learning methods, books, and websites, this user-friendly projection camera is ideal classroom tool for 21st-century teaching systems. It works perfectly when demonstrating interactive projects to a classroom of students. It’s simple plug&play feature helps connect any computer or whiteboard easily, and is compatible with Windows XP, 7 and Vista as well as MAC OS 10.6 and above. It is packed with a megapixel camera, autofocus, LED light, built-in mic and a SEN switch for those students with special needs.

9DINGYI High Speed Document Camera

amazon buttonThis USB interface document camera ranks as one of the top visualizers, packed with some brilliant features. It comes with a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor that is able to capture and reveal real-time images and can also exhibit A3 size documents. Connected to a computer via a USB cable, this document camera can store all images to a computer easily.

With a maximum capture size of A3 and image resolution of 2592*1944, this portable high-speed device works smoothly capturing your images without any effort. Loaded with a LED light, mechanized resolution and exposure and a series of other features, this device works great as a teaching and office tool.

8Lumens DC265 Document Camera

amazon buttonThis high definition multimedia device from Lumens is perfect for crisp, flawless text and images. It comes with an optical zoom that is 6 times powerful along with UXGA resolution and 1080 pixels. It works perfectly well with all models of interactive whiteboards and features a special one-touch audio and video recording. It has a built-in microphone, contains an SD card slot that can accept up to 32 GB memory and does not require a computer. This high-end document camera can save up to 240 images in its internal memory.

7Epson DC 11 Document Camera

amazon buttonUniquely designed, this popular document scanner is perfect for any interactive learning environment. With a 5-megapixel sensor displaying 30 frames per second, this device works brilliantly, providing high definition and precision with 1GB internal memory. It comes with an A/V 12″ x 17″ capturing ability, a built-in mic, LED light, 10 x zoom, and is ideal for dynamic classroom sessions.

Among some of the best features of this device, we find a split screen capability with a high-quality USB connectivity to gives you the option to upload and post subject matter for those who have missed the class or not present at any given time.

6Elmo TT-02S Teachers Document Camera

amazon buttonThis portable document camera is extensively used in classrooms alongside a whiteboard. Extremely user-friendly, this device has a brilliant design, with a built-in microphone, USB interface, and simple plug and play features that make it so easy to use. The camera is an 8.5-megapixel powerhouse that comes with a LED lamp and an auto brightness, autofocus feature. This gadget has a 41.6 x zoom, microscope viewing mode, 1/3″ progressive scan CCD and a USB 2.0 card slot. Just connect the USB the device via a USB to any computer and it’s ready.

5HUE Pro HD Document Camera for Mac and Windows

amazon buttonThis graphic visualizer is a creatively designed and extremely unique USB camera that is mostly used in classrooms with whiteboards. With its smart plug and play feature, you can connect to any computer port to enjoy creating animated movies, special time-lapse recordings, and use facetime and the Skype video calling feature.

It is only compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and Vista, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux. The HUE HD Document Cameras special design allows users to position it at almost any angle for optimal viewing. The camera is of HD quality, it has excellent sound quality and video quality as well.

4Ipevo Ziggi HD+ High Definition Document Camera

amazon buttonThis high definition document is one of those premium devices which is spot-on for educational and business purposes. It comes with a wide range of smart features like an 8-megapixel camera with a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels , 12 x zoom, and a specially crafted Ipevo software. The multipurpose camera on the Ipevo Ziggi enables its users to capture crisp, high definition, detailed images and texts on many screening gadgets and devices.

Zooming into an image would not change the clarity of the image because of its brilliant high resolution and HD precision. The camera has a full autofocus feature and is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac OS X 10.8 and above.

3Ipevo VZ 1 HD USB/VGA Dual Camera


amazon buttonThis VGA Dual Camera gives allows it’s users to view real time, live images directly on the projector. With no need for a computer, teachers can use this device for demonstrations and interactive presentations. The dual camera function works with the help of a USB where the user is given the option to view images on a PC or MAC. It’s exquisite design and versatility makes it stand out from other document cameras, with his swiveling head, rotating arm, and footprint it is extremely space efficient.

2Ipevo Point 2 Document Camera

amazon buttonThe Ipevo Point 2 Document Camera is surprisingly one of those devices that is power packed with some brilliant features. It is extremely nifty and comes with 2 megapixels, macro mode camera that enable you to shoot stunning images. It is loaded with a customized software and a one-touch feature for clicking images and saving them to your hard drive. On a related note, its plug&play ability makes it easy to install via USB at any given time. Interestingly enough, this device is also compatible with almost all instant messaging platforms and is ideal for photo sharing, business presentations, and video chatting.

1Ipevo iZiggi Wireless Document Camera

amazon buttonThe iZiggi document camera is a 5-megapixel wireless device that allows its users to stream images and documents without the help of a computer. It is extremely affordable and is considered as the next best document camera because of its high-end technology. At the same time, it works with any PC or MAC, wirelessly turning an iPAD into an interactive whiteboard when needed. It is perfect for those who are visually impaired as it comes with a text enlarging feature. Not only that but its camera is uniquely designed with a rotating head and joint arm to allow users to capture images and videos at ease.