Top 10 Best Doormats of 2017 – Reviews


Having a nice doormat is a sure way of making a good impression even before your guests have a chance to see the inside of your house. If you’re the type of person who has many visitors, or if you have a large family, then a quality mat will surely help you keep a clean house. A good mat will do so while also providing a nice aesthetic benefit to go with its practical nature. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best doormats the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Doormats Reviews 2017

10DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir

amazon buttonDII doormat is a durable and functional accessory made from pure coconut fiber and designed to efficiently clean your feet and shoes to keep out debris and dirt from your house. It comes in numerous colors and designs although for the beauty aspect you should go with the gold-themed dark one. This doormat is fade-proof and features a reasonably spacious (18×30-inches) design which works well for either low or high traffic homes.

9Kempf Coco Coir Natural Doormat

amazon buttonKempf’s Coco Coir is designed to suit individuals who prefer environmental friendly accessories. It is made using pure coconut fiber which blends well with its perfectly natural design that is quite appealing. This material is durable and considering that it features a unique abrasive surface, it cleans all shoes quite well. Additionally, it is quite spacious (18×30-inches) and boasts a relatively low 1-inch clearance which ideally fits under many doors. Likewise, it is safe for pets to sleep in since its underlying elements are bio-degradable materials-free of contaminants unlike items such as PVC.

8Amagabeli Shoe Scraper Mat

amazon buttonThis particular mat from Amagabeli is a premium outdoor accessory which suits virtually every home. It has an eye-catching design that makes it popular as decor in home entryways. Besides the style, this doormat is also quite functional. It is made using durable, clean scrape fabric which captures debris and dust well, and sturdy recycled rubber material that makes it weatherproof, non-slip, and durable. What’s more, besides the rough texture that scrapes off grit, mud and such, it is also designed to cause no damage to the floor. Amagabeli is also quite spacious (24×36-inches) and quite easy to clean.

7Masterpiece Home Stones

amazon buttonImagine superior quality, durability, elegance, and functionality all in a single accessory. With the Home Stone Masterpiece doormat edition, you get a reasonably spacious (18×30-inches) accessory designed from recycled rubber for a durable and functional doormat.It features a molded construction for proper shoes and feet cleaning, deep channels which trap both debris and dirt and a flocked fiber top with a distinctive full-color design which never fades. What’s more, besides being is stain-resistant this accessory is UV rays and snow resist too hence suitable for outdoor porches and patios.

6GrassWorx 10371857 Doormat (High Traffic)

amazon buttonGrassWorx’s large doormat is a well-designed accessory that keeps dust and debris off your floor and protects your floor. It has a spacious design (18 × 30-inches) and a classy desert taupe theme (brown) that ideally blends with many floors. It comprises an enhanced clean machine technology that not only traps but also hides dirt as much as a pound. GrassWorx is also useful in hot weather and snow and just needs a simple hosing to make it clean and fully functional again.

5Alamere Large Door Mat

amazon buttonThis Alamere doormat is an eye-catching doormat (30 x 16-inches) and an ideal accessory that works to protect your floor while scraping off dirt. It is durable which allows it to accommodate both high and low traffic and with a rubber-back that is non-slip, it perfectly grips the floor to prevent any slipping incidences. What’s more, with its exclusive moisture-proof fabric, it works in wet areas devoid of growing mildew or mold. Alamere also features anti-bacterial and quick dry features. Available in black, it is made using quality polypropylene material that is not only durable but also simple to clean.

4Amagabeli Large Outdoor Mat

amazon buttonThis is a functional, spacious (24 x 36-inches) doormat designed to be ideal for your patio or back door. It is made using thick and durable material (1/8-inch) allowing it to withstand significant abuse hence its use in areas with high traffic. What’s more, this doormat is non-slip and boasts a rubberized non-skid back grip that allows it grip most surfaces without damaging it. Amagabeli mat features a low-profile and resistant design that is quite functional, not to mention a subsequent waterproof design which neither stains nor rips easily. Finally, it comprises polyester fabric allows that permits easy cleaning without compromising its quality/value.

3Masterpiece Flagstone Stone

amazon buttonMasterpiece’s Flagstone doormat is a classy stone-themed accessory that made from resilient recycled rubber which makes it quite sturdy and durable. Besides accommodating both high and low traffic homes, it is also stain-proof and eye-catching. What’s more, it boasts a non-slip rubber back which gives it a good grip on most floors not to mention its molded construction with deep channels which cleans both shoes and feet thoroughly and ensure it does not rip apart.

2Masterpiece Home Stones Door Mat

amazon buttonThis particular mat is an 18×30-inch versatile accessory that works well anywhere in your house. It is made using recycled but durable rubber material and therefore does not easily tear, rip or lose form even under massive abuse. It features a flocked fiber surface with a gorgeous full-color design that makes it look stylish not to mention an utterly molded outlook boasting deep channels which scrap shoes besides trapping debris simultaneously. Finally, with its stain-proof design, it suits all outdoor settings.

1Andersen 280 WaterHog

amazon buttonLast but not least, designed from premium polypropylene fabric, Andersen 280 WaterHog is a durable, stylish, and quick-drying doormat. It not only features a ridged surface that properly cleans shoes, traps dirt and debris, but it also enjoys a construction that does not readily degrade or rip over time. Likewise, it comprises an Eco-friendly but resilient rubber back that prevents slipping not to mention boosting overall floor grip. Furthermore, this doormat comes with reinforced nubs which avoid its gathering while in use.