Top 10 Best Drum Sets of 2017 – Reviews


It’s true that real music comes from the heart, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use proper instruments when playing it. As far as drum music is concerned, you’re always going to have difficulties expressing your creative self properly without an adequate drum set. If you don’t know what a high-quality drum set is supposed to sound like, don’t worry about it, we’ll guide you through.

All you have to do is keep an open mind while picking through are suggestions, because, at the end of the day, these aren’t exactly professional drums according to the highest musical standards. Still, here are the ten best drum sets the market has to offer at this point in time.

10Spectrum AIL 674S Complete Drum Set

amazon buttonThis drum set has all the accessories you need to play varied high-quality sounds. It consists of 2 tom drums, a high hat cymbal, a drum throne, and a 12-inch cymbal. Other than a high-quality sound, you will also get a high-quality drum set when you make your purchase. For durability, this drum set has a powder coating and a polished silver finish that also make it very beautiful. This potent blend of features has made this drum popular even among professional players.

9Gretsch Drum Set NC1-5514S-SM

amazon buttonThis drum’s design makes use of proportionate shells, which are sure to provide some high-quality performance as you play. The drum also makes use of a low mass vintage design, which has won the attention of many people. The drum also has 30-degree bearing edges which make sure that you can have a great time as you play it. Furthermore, this particular drum is designed to withstand quite a bit of abuse before showing any signs of damage.

8Sound Percussion Kicker Pro Drum Set With 5 Pieces

amazon buttonWith this set of drums, you will get all the basics: toms, snare, floor toms, and a few other accessories. The manufacturer has paid special attention to the sound quality when making this drum set, which means it is going to be very satisfying to your playing needs, especially if you need to use it to produce high-quality work. Its installation is also quite easy and is part of the reason the drum set is so popular.

7Ludwig Accent 5 Piece Drum Set LC1754

amazon buttonThis well-constructed drum has a lot to offer. Firstly, it is made using premium quality materials that have also been wrapped for added durability. The set consists of a bass drum, a snare drum, toms, floor toms, a drum throne, and also cymbals. The unique design of this drum also means you do not have to spend much time on its maintenance, a design that also makes them very easy to store.

6Yamaha Gigmaker 5 Pieces of Standard Bass Drum Set

amazon buttonYamaha is a respected name when it comes to musical instruments, so it should hardly come as a surprise that this is one of the best drum sets in the market today. The set consists of a kick drum, a wood snare, rack toms, and other important accessories. All pieces of this drum set are covered by a warranty and you can be sure to enjoy playing it for quite a long time without having to worry about looking for replacement parts.

5Ludwig Junior Drum Set With Wine Red Color

amazon buttonThe sound quality on this drum set is what has won it a place on this list. However, you will also be getting your hands on a very reliable set of musical instruments by purchasing this Ludwig drum set. The bass drums that come with this drum set measure 16 or 10 inches in size. Durability is not something you will have to worry about when using this drum set, which makes it perfect for beginners trying to master the craft.

4Mendini Black Junior Drum Set MJDS-5-BK

amazon buttonIf your kid is into drums, this set will completely set their passions on fire. The set is fully equipped to ensure you can play it as soon as you receive it. So, in addition to the drum pieces and the cymbals, the set also comes with drum sticks and an adjustable throne. And nothing has just been provided for the sake of it, which is why even the sticks are of premium quality to ensure they offer a high quality and lasting playing experience.

3Pearl Roadshow 5 Piece Drum Set

amazon buttonWith this premium drum set, you will get a bass drum, a snare drum, a tom, as well as a floor tom. And although this drum set is ideal for beginners, it is also very durable, and capable of providing high-quality sound even for professional applications. The drum set even comes with an easy to follow user manual to help out those who are just getting started on their drum playing. Beyond that, the manufacturer has also offered some color variations to cater to different design tastes.

2Best Choice Products Drum Set with 5 Pieces

amazon buttonThis drum set has proven itself a worthy contender for the top position in the market through many positive customer reviews. The drum is made of very high-quality materials, and it has been specially designed to provide an easy playing experience. For instance, the pedals are chain driven, which makes playing the drums a lot easier. In fact, this drum is appropriate for both kids and adults.

1Gammon Percussion Full Size Cymbals Drum Set

amazon buttonIf you want to take home only the best drum set the market has to offer, this is the model you need to buy. This set has everything, including accessories such as Crash cymbals to help you play professionally, high-quality drumsticks, and the type of construction that is bound to provide you with long-lasting durability. It is for all these amazing benefits that this drum set is considered one of the best money can buy and understandably so.