Top 10 Best DVI Cables of 2017 – Reviews


You might not think that purchasing a DVI cable takes a lot of knowledge but give the sheer number of options available nowadays, you definitely should have a good idea of what to look for before buying one. For many computers nowadays, DVI cables are almost indispensable, especially if you’re looking to get the most out of your monitor or if it’s a monitor that requires a perfect signal transfer. After taking into consideration everything the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best DVI cables money can buy for you to look at.

Best DVI Cables Reviews 2017

10Efor City 349335

amazon buttonIf productivity is what you’re looking for in a DVI cable, the Insten 349335 6-Feet Dual Male M/M DVI-D to DVI-D Video Cable is just what you need. It is great for connections between PCs and flat panel displays such as projectors, LCD TVs, LED TVs, and more. Transmission speeds reach a very impressive 9.9 GB per second at a resolution of about 2048x1536p. With a length of 6-feet, the cable is great for establishing connections even from a distance.

9Dynex DX-DVI2M

amazon buttonOffering high-quality video quality extremely quick transmission speeds, the Dynex DX-DVI2M digital interface cable is definitely a must have for anyone who connects their LCD monitor to their PC. The wires within are well protected and can deliver excellent performances for a number of years. The cables are lightweight and measure in at 2 meters or 6.5 feet which are ideal for connections between PCs and monitors of any kind.

8Insten 349335 6-Feet Dual Male M/M DVI Cable

amazon buttonOne of the standout features of the Insten 349335 DVI-D Digital Dual Link Cable is it is extremely useful 25 foot or 7.6-meter length which allows users to connect their PCs to their flat panel monitors easily without worrying about distance. The conductors allow for speedy transmissions that reach up to 9.9 GB per second and it delivers WQXGA images at 60 hertz approximately without any real issues.

7GearIT DVI to DVI Dual Link Adapter Cable

amazon buttonWith the GearIT DVI to DVI Dual Link Adapter Cable, you get the best of two worlds – performance and endurance. It can connect any DVI piece of equipment to a flat screen monitor which includes LCD TVs, projectors, HDTVs, and more. 3 foot long, convenient and durable, it comes with a special white sheath covering and gold plated connectors which ensure durability for years. With a transmission speed of 9.9 GB per second, this cable is definitely worth the price tag.

6C&E CNE24353 High-Resolution DVI Cable

amazon buttonThe C&E CNE24353 High-Resolution Gold 6-Feet DVI to DVI Cable is a great accessory that every PC user should own. The cables provide high-quality performances at the 2048x1536p resolution and an impressive 9.9 GB per second transmission speed. For a worry-free connection between DVI supported equipment and flat screen monitors, this cable is by far one of the best choices out there.

5Tripp Lite DVI Dual Link Cable

amazon buttonWhen you buy the Tripp Lite DVI Dual Link Cable, you always know you’re getting nothing short of the best possible quality. The cable is a DVI-D Dual Link, 20 foot, male-male one which comes with braided shielding for EMI and RFI protection. It offers transmission speed of about 9.9 GB per second at a very impressive 2560x1600p resolution. The copper contact points are gold plated for maximum conductivity.

4Cables Unlimited DVI DM to M Cable

amazon buttonOne of the biggest sellers in the DVI cables world is the Cables Unlimited DVI DM to M Cable. It is made to last with durable and high-performance materials that ensure safety for the user while maintaining its impressive working process. It is measured in at 10 feet and can connect any PC to a flat screen monitor of any kind. It is also great for transmitting HD quality content without a hitch. Furthermore, it offers strong, fast signals and comes with a kink-proof design.

3Dell DVI-to-DVI LCD Monitor Cable

amazon buttonDell is one of the leading computer manufacturers in the world and their DVI-to-DVI LCD Monitor Cable is one of the best available online. It works perfectly with LCD, LED, and projectors. The connectors are single-link with 18-pin male and the length of the cable is a very handy 6 feet. The conductors are made from copper to ensure high-speed transmissions can take place unhitched between virtually any supported devices out there.

2Cable Matters Gold Plated VGA Monitor Cable

amazon buttonThe Cable Matters Gold Plated VGA Monitor Cable is a top notch, premium quality cable that connects any VGA compatible computer to a monitor or a projector. Featuring molded connectors that offer strain relief, heavy-duty grip treads for plugging and unplugging devices with ease, and tight screws for a better more secure connection, this monitor cable offer optimum levels of performance. It also comes with a special foil and braids protection with integrated cores made of ferrite on the VGA wire that helps to eliminate noise, cross talking and protects against any interference that may be caused by electromagnetic and radio frequencies.

1BlueRigger DVI Male to DVI Male DVI Cable

amazon buttonWith the BlueRigger DVI Male to DVI Male DVI Cable, you can be rest assured to get the best performance at all times. Connect any DVI supported equipment to a flat screen monitor and enjoy high-quality images and video at a speed that no other DVI cable can provide. Its gold plated connectors are durable while the PVC coated outer layer protects the cable from EMI and RFI of any strength. Speaking of which, this cable’s transmission speeds can reach up to 4.95 GB per second with resolutions at 1080p. Not only that but the cable itself measures 15 feet and comes with a unique multi-purpose design, features one should always look for in a quality DVI cable.