Top 10 Best Electric Can Openers of 2017 – Reviews


Given how difficult it can be sometimes to get cans open, especially those with pop-up lids that sometimes get jammed, the importance of having a good can opener on hand cannot be denied. While traditional can openers can be very useful, those of us who either have limited dexterity or simply cannot be bothered to labor around a can would undoubtedly prefer an electric can opener.

They are specially designed devices that virtually anyone can operate, devices that are also extremely efficient regardless of what type of can you’re trying to open. Even so, not all electric can openers on the market are built to acceptable standards, which is why you should ponder the idea of buying one for a while before making any sort of purchase. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best electric can openers on the market today.

10Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener

amazon buttonDesigned to efficiently open virtually any type of can, this particular can opener from Oster features a sturdy stainless steel construction and hands-free capabilities. It also benefits from a power pierce cutting mechanism and a magnetic lid lifter along with an auto shutoff feature, a removable cutting blade, a retractable cord storage, a scissor-storage compartment, a built-in knife sharpener, and an integrated bottle opener for good measure.

9BLACK & DECKER Traditional Multi-Purpose Can Opener

amazon buttonThis multi-purpose can opener comes equipped with a power-pierce cutter that will easily cut through even the strongest of cans. Thanks to its swing-open door, it provides great accessibility for proper maintenance. Speaking of accessibility, this can opener is designed so that it can easily be installed under a cabinet or on a wall to save space. As for its features, it comes with a built-in bag cutter, a bottle opener, a knife sharpener, and a couple of other equally useful features.

8Oster 3147 Tall Can Opener

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this particular electric can opener was designed with tall cans in mind, but it can handle regular-sized cans just as well. Among its many features, we find a patented power pierce cutting mechanism aimed at processing virtually any type of cans and a built-in knife sharpener for versatility. At the same time, it features a magnetic lid lifter to help you remove lids with ease and an auto-shutoff mechanism.

7Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

amazon buttonThe CCo-50BKN from Cuisinart features a power cut blade and a press-and-release lever to make it easier for you to remove any standard-sized can. Thanks to a magnetic lid holder and a removable activation lever, it will also ease up the lid-removing process on any difficult can or jar. It also has to be said that this can opener is designed with an extra-wide base which prevents it from sliding or tipping at any point.

6Zyliss EasiCan Electric Can Opener

amazon buttonThis electric can opener from Zyliss features a very user-friendly one-touch start and stop, which most of you will find to be quite handy. It is also designed to work on virtually any type of can, cutting most cans open in just a few seconds. It also cuts from the side and doesn’t leave any sharp edges, a style many people seem to prefer. Last but not least, it uses two AA batteries to work, which is understandable given its compact size.

5Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener

amazon buttonEquipped with a removable, washable cutting unit, the 76380Z from Hamilton Beach is one of the most maneuverable electronic can openers on the market. It features a SureCut patented technology that opens cans accurately and without leaving any sharp edges behind that might cut you. Speaking of cuts, it also features a knife sharpener, a cord storage system, and an extra-tall design that allows it to process cans of any size.

4Handy Can Opener Automatic One Touch Electric Can Opener

amazon buttonThis portable electric can opener from Handy is one of the smallest out there, yet one of the fastest at the same time. This device is designed to spin around the can, cutting it open before automatically shutting down. This ensures that you won’t have to deal with the actual opening process which can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. Furthermore, this can opener cuts safely from the side of the can, thus leaving no sharp edges behind.

3Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Extra-Tall Can Opener

amazon buttonThanks to its tall design, this capable can opener can handle cans of any size with ease, especially extra tall cans that most electric can openers cannot handle. Designed for convenience above all else, this electric can opener is very easy to operate. At the same time, its cutting lever can be removed with ease for cleanup, a detachable cutting lever that you will technically be able to replace at a later time if you see fit.

2West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener

amazon buttonSlim and easy to operate, the 77203 electric can opener from West Bend is designed to accommodate tall cans just as well as small ones. It also features a knife sharpener, a bottle opener, a built-in cord storage, and an automatic shut-off system for added safety. Furthermore, this tall, heavy-duty can opener benefits from a metallic construction that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. Also, we should point out that this can opener features dishwasher-safe cutting accessories.

1Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Can Opener

amazon buttonHamilton Beach’s 76606Z Smooth Touch Can Opener is among the most popular electric can openers on the market and it’s easy to see why. It features a side-cutting system that removes the top of the can, leaving a smooth edge behind. Due to its large ergonomic lever, you won’t have any real difficulties operating the device, while it’s aesthetically pleasing design will help it fit into any kitchen design. Last but not least, this particular can opener was designed to accommodate cans of any size, including pop-top cans that most can openers cannot handle.